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Weekend Musings: Bold Fashion, New Inventions, High School Reunions & Much More!

The Weeks Are Flying By!

My readers, can you believe we’re already in October? Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. But before we start putting up our Christmas lights, let’s enjoy this beautiful fall weather. I just love fall in the midwest, and I also love sweater season. I hope you are enjoying a nice cup of something warm as you read this. Unless you are in a hot place, of course!

How To Create Water

I came across this invention on and had to share it. Now you can make drinking water out of sunlight and air! Yes, darlings, sunlight, and air!

An Arizona State University professor last week won the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT prize for inventing “a hydropanel that extracts drinking water from sunlight and air,” said Hayley Ringle at the Phoenix Business Journal

This invention could mean a lot for our future, and the future of clean water for those in need. How wonderful!

Learn more about the invention HERE.

Should You Attend Your High School Reunion?

On Monday, the lovely Mitzi Beach joined us back on the blog. Last time she wrote a wonderful and very popular article on 7 tips to downsize your home. Now darlings, Mitzi tackles on whether or not you should attend your high school reunion.

I loved this topic very much and I know of a lot of you did too. Sometimes facing our past can be hard, but oftentimes it is worth it.

Make sure you read all of Mitzi’s wonderful article HERE.

Dress Bolder As You Get Older 

I loved this slideshow from AARP on dressing bolder as you get older. 

You all know that I love fashion. However, I think that as we get older, sometimes we might be afraid to go for the look we want. But just as this article shows–you can certainly go bolder.

Let your confidence and beauty shine, my darlings! 

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