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Weekend Musings: Women of Substance, Meals & More!

Today we talk women of substance, owning your essence, simple meals, plus much more!

We Will Get Through This Together

Darling, the world can be a scary place. I know these last few months have been hard on us, but I believe we will start seeing some light soon.

If you are struggling, I would love for you to come and join our GRANDwomen with Moxie Facebook Group – Where Loneliness Disappears.

We have just passed over 1,000 members from all over the world. These women are truly women of substance and they are waiting to connect with more GRANDwomen. I hope to see you there!

Now, on to some Weekend Musings…

Women of Substance

I posted this video of Barabara Walters on my GRANDwomen with Moxie Facebook Group, but I also wanted to share it here.

I recently decided I wanted to share different women of substance, and one the first that came to mind was Barabara Walters.

Years ago, I met Barbara Walters at a restaurant in New York. She noticed me and called me over to her table. She asked me to bend down and paid me a compliment. I returned one I told her… “You are a woman of substance.”

This video is fascinating and tells you all about her story. Her life and passion are what makes her a woman of substance.

Whom do you find are women of substance?

Gordon’s Quick & Simple Recipes

So many of you loved the recipes I posted the last few weeks, so I decided to show another one that I found. Gordon Ramsey is a brilliant chef, and I will definitely try anything that he makes. Especially if it’s simple and not very expensive (but tastes expensive!).

Here is a video of Gordon Ramsey making Quick and simple recipes for you to follow and try! Enjoy.

You Should Own Your Essence

Darlings, your essence is everything you stand for. Your essence is your visibility. Own who you are! It’s also what makes women of substance.


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