My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

Weekend Musings: Good News, 30-Minute Meals & More!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Well, we are almost done with May, darlings… I cannot believe it. I hope you all are staying safe, happy, and healthy.

During trying times, we must keep our heads up and we must stay positive. With a positive attitude and a little bit of Moxie, life will continue on.

Now, on to some Weekend Musings!

Some Good News!

A few weeks ago I shared “Some Good News” with John Krasinski. I thought I would share one of his newest episodes with you because it’s just so wonderful. We don’t always want bad news circulating in our lives, it’s always good to remember and be grateful for what is GOOD.

I hope this brings a smile to your face, just as it brought a smile to mine!

More 30-Minute Meals

Still looking for great 30-minute meals to make during self-quarantine? This delicious Shephard’s Pie is by the darling, Rachael Ray and looks absolutely delicious… and easy!

During a time when we need comfort, comfort food is the way to go! Don’t you think?


A Women Over 50: A Life Unleashed

This video is a great reminder that life after 50+ doesn’t have to change in the way you think. I just love her attitude. I am smiling!

Enjoy, Darlings!

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