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– Warmly, Honey

Plant Your Garden With Different Friends… Here’s Why!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Sunday was my birthday. I am a Sunday Child… meaning I was born on a Sunday.

I have always been glad. I don’t know exactly why… I think it is a combination of having ‘sun’ as part of the word, and Sunday being the definition of a Sunday Child in the nursery rhyme, Monday’s Child: “And the child who is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.”

I mention this because I woke up on my birthday to a torrential downpour that did not subside. It was so intense there were warning sirens. I was terribly disappointed but made myself think, “La De Da… I am going to pretend the sun is shining and I am going to celebrate because it is my birthday and my special day. And, guess what… it was a day of celebrating friendship and love; it was a day of togetherness with my Ultimate Concierge who was able, even with the Pandemic, to send me gorgeous roses and a card that read, “Thank you for a delightful life.” For 29 years he has sent me flowers on my birthday with a handwritten note, and for some reason, I think it was the word, delightful, this short note touched me like non-other.

Hearing From the Ones I Love

I heard from my daughter, my grands, my mom and brother, my daughter-in-law Jami, my sisters-in-law, and many friends. And last but not least I heard from you and my Honey Bees. My birthday was inclusive even in these days of the COVID-19 Pandemic. And, I am grateful.

My first call and FaceTime of the day was from my daughter, Jenny, and my son-in-law, Bruce. They were still in bed and so were we, after all, it was Sunday! And, then the unexpected happened and that is the theme of this story.

The Significant Value of Planting Your Garden With Friendships

After we hung up I opened my email and there was an unexpected birthday message from an acquaintance/friend of mine. You know Darlings, how I mention three categories of friendships; best friends, friends, and acquaintances. Acquaintances are the low hanging fruit but important because they usually add spice to your life and who knows… they have the potential to become close friends.

I have often written about the significant value of friendship. I have expressed how much I enjoy the camaraderie of women friends and if time permitted I would fill it with girlfriends. This is a perfect time in your life to commit yourself to your girlfriends because many of you have the time. And, you are at the stage of life to trust your instincts.

I am such a strong proponent of groups and my dream would be to set up groups for women all over the USA. It is a dream but it explains my feelings.

I have copied and pasted three birthday wishes, the first I received in an email and the other two by text message so I could show you the value of girlfriends and the importance of having a diversification of women friends. Each brought me a great amount of joy on my birthday. I also copied and pasted my responses (no easy feat for me) to show you how I expressed my gratitude and appreciation for their friendship.

Three Categories of Friendships

Lilo is an acquaintance girlfriend. After hearing from my daughter, Jenny, I opened my emails and Lilo’s birthday wish was my first. It was unexpected and made me very happy.

From Lilo:




Have a special Birthday Susie.


– Lilo



My Response:

Dear Lilo,

Thank you for remembering my birthday. How unexpected and thoughtful.
Your birthday email made me happy and sad.
Happy because you remembered me with your birthday message and sad because before I became so involved with Honey Good I remembered my friends with such pleasure in my heart that I was probably happier than they were! Now I am lucky if I remember my manicure appointment.
Thank you for remembering to ‘remember.’ I am smiling.
Susan 👠👠👠👠👠🌸

My Right & Left Hand

This is from Ines. Ines is my right and left hand, sometimes the right and left side of my brain at Honey Good; but most importantly… my friend.

From Ines Grzeslo:

Celebrate in the best way possible with YOUR loves (Shelly, America & messages from your loving family members to include a call with your mom).

In the movie Jerry McGuire, there is a line, “You had me at hello”. That is how my dedication and affection is for you… we have our moments of emotional exchange (😜😉)… but these exchanges come from a place where I feel is out of a desire to make one another better… “You had me at hello” reinforces my commitment to you regardless of how we are connected 💜💜🤗

Yes, meaning… I loved you from go… LOL!

My Response:

I know! Feeling mutual! LOLLL

A Best Girlfriend

This birthday message came from Lori. She is a best girlfriend.

From Lori:

Happy Birthday, Cake Day!!!