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Weekend Musings: Golden Girl Friends

Golden Girls

(Image via TheFrisky.com)

Remember The Golden Girls, darlings? I know you do! All week, I’ve been thinking about friendship and how much it matters to us in our “golden” years. The Golden Girls were the type of girlfriends we all love to have: Honest, loyal and… hilarious.

Did you have a favorite? 

I admired certain characteristics in each of The Golden Girls.  Rose’s optimism was inspiring,  Dorothy’s level-headedness and sound advice, Blanche’s confidence, and, of course, Sophia’s humor and brutal honesty.

I discovered this fun article on a website called The Frisky that details what your favorite Golden Girl says about you.

Read it here.

(A few of my favorite moments from The Golden Girls via Southern Living.) 

And speaking of Golden…

The Oscars are almost upon us and as many of you know, Shelly and I are avid movie watchers. Do you have an opinion on which actors, actresses or films will win the coveted golden statue?

As I mentioned last week,  I adore the website, Peneflix.com and I use it all the time before Shelly and I choose which films to watch. I give the site 5 stars! Peneflix shares excellent reviews of films, including the categories of Foreign, Hollywood, and Bollywood. I shared Peneflix’ Oscar picks in one of last week’s most-read stories on HoneyGood.com.  Do you agree with their picks? Tomorrow we will find out who wins and who gets to say, “It was an honor just to be nominated.” 🙂

Read the story here.

Golden Girls

And speaking of Girls…

I am beyond happily married to my best friend and ultimate concierge, Sheldon Good. And yet, my life would be incomplete without my girlfriends. Why are girlfriends such an essential ingredient in the recipe to a happy, relevant, and vibrant life after 50?

I have found that if tell Shelly my problems, he will try to solve them. Because he cares so deeply. But, often, all I need is a shoulder to cry on rather than a big arm to fix things for me. This is where some of my best girlfriends fill a void in my life that perhaps my ultimate concierge is not naturally designed to fill. Do you know what I mean, darlings?

If I have something I want to talk through, I can do so with my girlfriends. They won’t solve problems for me unless I ask them to, and they’re more than happy to delve into the details of any situation… even repeatedly if I so desire. Honestly, the best way to solve a problem is often just to talk through it and, as I like to say, live into the answer.

This is the reason I am so passionate about MOXIE! our new private network for women over 50 to connect and forge long-lasting friendships. Women need women.  Of this, I am certain.

With that said, I invite you to join MOXIE! now. It is absolutely free and I urge you to share this network with girlfriends you already have as well as using this private space to find new girlfriends and explore new interests.

Bemoxienow.com is a social network where you will make new friends through joining groups. This online community is a home where you will learn and explore new ideas, share interests, ask for help with challenges, and experience joy in connecting with others. Through multifaceted conversations, you will flourish and become better after 50. Please join me by registering and let’s have conversations that matter!

Happy Saturday, darlings. Stay golden.

Who’s your favorite Golden Girl? Which film do you hope wins an Oscar? How do you maintain your friendships at this stage in our lives? I would so love to hear from you either on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.


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February 23, 2019

Passages After 50

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  1. Starr Hedrick says:

    We call ourselves the Golden Girls- We are three widows in our 70s and good friends. . We travel together, play cards (domestic and casino) dine, see plays and movies. Even had a pj party and exchanged Christmas socks. We are frequently asked -“where are the Golden Girls going next?” Very thankful.

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