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Weekend Musings: Seeing Gold!

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Oscar! Who will win?

Did you know that voting for the 91st Academy Awards ends in just days? According to The New York Times, 8,200 movie industry insiders will vote for the pictures, actors and actresses, and other talents who have the chance to receive the coveted gold statue on February 24, 2019.

So, today, I’m sharing just a quick peek at some of the Oscar favorites. Have you seen them? Do you have your own predictions for 2019’s Oscar winners?

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I adore the website, and I use it all the time before Shelly and I choose which films to watch. I give the site 5 stars! Peneflix shares excellent reviews of films, including the categories of Foreign, Hollywood, and Bollywood. Here is their take on this year’s possible Oscar winners…

bradley cooper and laday gaga

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The Duet To Watch

Our friends at Peneflix predict that “SHALLOW,” from A Star Is Born will win the Oscar for the best original song this year.  And the good news is, I predict that if you watch the Oscars this year, you’ll be treated to a live performance of the song by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. (Ok, it’s not really a prediction since it’s officially slated to be part of the broadcast.) 

Interestingly, Cooper recently shared that he won’t be performing as country singer Jackson Maine, declaring on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, “Oh, Jackson’s gone.”

Read the story here.

The Best Oscar Dresses Ever

There’s more to the Oscars than fashion but I must admit, I do love the fashion, too. What better example is there than the red carpets at the Academy Awards to prove the power of a woman in a gorgeous gown? When the right woman finds the right dress and wears it with confidence, it can make an impression that is legendary.

On that note, I am sharing this round-up, via Vogue, of some of the most stunning styles ever worn on the red carpet from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, from Emma Stone to Kate Winslet.

Read the story here.

oscar party ideas

Throw An Award-Winning Party

If all this talk of Oscars has you considering invite over a few friends and throwing an award-winning party of your own, I have found a great resource for some quick and easy Oscar party ideas via Food Network.

From what to serve to how to serve it — think old fashioned candy and roses in popcorn boxes for decor– it doesn’t take much effort to whip up a star-studded soiree of your own.

Read the story here.

Have you seen these Oscar favorites? Who do you predict will win? I would so love to hear from you either on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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