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Weekend Musings: Feel-Good Movies, GRANDwomen & More!

Weekend Musings: Feel-Good Movies, GRANDwomen & More!

Making Loneliness Disappear

Happy April, Darlings! I hope you have been enjoying the taste of summer weather across the country this past week. We very much enjoyed it in the Midwest.

This week has been filled with so very many ups and downs, but guess what? I am still smiling! I am grateful that I have my health and my family has theirs as well.

Also, my new private Facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie…Where Loneliness Disappears, is doing very well. We are continuing with our virtual happy hour every Wednesday where so many women show up to talk and get to know each other. Together, we as women can, in fact, make loneliness disappear! I hope you will join us.

Now, on to Weekend Musings!

41 Feel-Good Movies to Watch

Glamour put together a wonderful list of 41 feel-good movies to watch when you need a smile. Sometimes, with everything going on in the world, it can be hard to be happy. So, with a little help from a good film, we can smile! (Even if it’s only for a few hours.)

Find their great list HERE


10 Minute Toned Arms!

Have you been looking for great workouts to do at home? If you want low-impact, fun workouts, try any of the workouts on fabulous50s!

This workout is just for your arms, but great for a quick workout that works, and for us ladies over 50!

Now let’s go and sweat a little!

Yoga for Vulnerability

Darling, during these uncertain times we can be feeling very scared and vulnerable. I know that this feeling sparks fear in many. But what if we leaned into feeling vulnerable?

This wonderful video by Yoga with Adriene is perfect for those days when we need to lean into our vulnerability and let it all go.

So, go someplace in your home where you feel safe, turn on this video, and get to work! I bet you will feel better afterward.

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

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