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How To Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Keeping your inner child alive often depends on your quality of life. Despite your best efforts and most positive thinking, the quality of your life can be upset and turn on a dime. A health issue or financial loss may prevent you from seeing or feeling the wonders around you. However, for those of you who have everyday solvable problems (what I call ‘grey’ problems) – the aches and pains, the worries and disappointments, and the frustrations – you have absolute control over how to keep your inner child alive.

But how many of you do? And how many of you know how to?

Make the Choice

The way you choose to live your life throughout the 365 days of the calendar year, depends on you. If you do not invest in positivity and playfulness every once in a while, you will have no return on the growth of your inner child.

For many reasons, your inner child remains latent most of the time. Naturally, as we get older we are all busy people that tend to be in the moment with our thoughts. This makes most of us grow up and become serious because our thoughts and everyday activities become more serious. Also, our inhibitions take hold, preventing us from using our inner child.

The old adage, “older we get, the wiser we become,” is a truism. I attribute my later growth in life to my writing and my mistakes. They became my two greatest teachers. It is uncanny that after reading some literature on how to keep your inner child alive, I found that have been adhering to the principles without realizing it. My curiosity educated me. Curiosity is one of the main principles to activating your inner child.

Be curious, darling.

The Sage’s Advice On How To Keep Your Inner Child Alive

1. Don’t stay angry.

Grandchildren don’t know the word grudge; adults do. If you often carry a grudge, stop! Keep your inner child alive by letting go of the grudges that build up inside you.

2. Stay curious.

Many older adults let their curiosity die. They are afraid to ask questions for fear that they won’t be viewed as the ‘wise adult’. I can attest that a curious person is a happier person. A person who never stops learning has a far more fulfilling life. Grandchildren have no fear of asking questions and are extremely curious. Let your curiosity run wild!

3. Never quit.

A grandchild falls hundreds of times before he or she feels the satisfaction of walking. Don’t allow yourself to quit, especially when it is related to your dreams, your purpose, your ambitions, and your relationships. This will keep your inner child alive and well.

4. Try everything.

Children try everything. Adults think, “What will people say?” Please don’t be afraid of being judged. If you like golf, but you are awful at it, don’t stop enjoying what gives you pleasure. Just make sure you get to your ball quickly so you don’t hold up others. Don’t let the ‘you in you’ hold you back.

5. Have fun!

I think your inner child is an asset that adds spice to our adult lives. We live in a material world where we are enamored with big everything. I’m not. I am thrilled to take a walk with my dog, or walk alone on the beach and watch the ever-changing sea. That is the inner child in me. The continued innocence in me. The happy me.

Think about what gives you that happy and fun feeling. Engage in what makes you happy, and stay away from what does not feed your soul. Enjoy your true power; not what others expect.

To keep your inner child alive you have to be you, and have fun. Don’t shroud yourself in fake garb.

Simply Be

Sitting in my apartment in the sky in Chicago, my laptop in hand and America lying by my side, I am surrounded by love and I’m in a state of euphoria. To simply be is who I am. I know I am a complex woman and worldly, but maybe that is why I know the importance of blocking out time to simply be. I advise every woman over 50 to take her time to smell the flowers, and simply be.

Imagining the Months of the Year From My Inner Child

To help find your inner child, I recommend imagining the months of the year from the perspective of your inner child. Darling, I hope you will try it too! Here is mine:


January welcomes in the New Year. Let’s be enchanted by the month of January because it is the time to look forward with a fresh perspective and new convictions, spunk, and spirit with our inner child alive knowing that age is just a number.


February is the month of grateful hearts. Love February because you love to love. It is the time to show appreciation and thankfulness to others for loving you. To experience love is one’s greatest gift. Love, cupids, and especially caring for others will keep your inner child alive.


March is the last hurrah of winter and brings the rains and springtime our way. There is nothing greater to keep one’s inner child alive. In order to receive, you have to give – so give in to the slush and the puddles, the bare limbs on the trees and look forward to spring on its way! This is the month to let yourself know who you are.


April is the month spirits start to soar. Keep your inner child alive by watching the birds soaring in the sky. Your spirits should soar as the grass turns green, the brown branches on the trees sprout buds, people of all ages walk down the street with smiles on their faces and the colors of spring fashion covering their bodies. Spring is just the start to having summertime fun, so let your inner child shine.


May is the month smiles deepen and laughter increases. The rain stops. The sun shines brighter, and the sun rises early in the East. May is the month of the sweet-smelling lily. The windows in homes begin to stay open as the fresh air of spring floods in. This will keep your inner child alive with the positivity and hope that spring brings.


June is bursting out all over. This is the month of having fun! Tree branches are full of bright green leaves, and the flowers are popping up all over. The air is deliciously warm, and the boats are back in the harbor. The lake is calm and people are gay at heart. Spending time entertaining your grands will keep your inner child alive. Seeing youngsters live a life full of curiosity and wonder benefits all who watch.


July is the month of curiosity or as I call it ‘on the go’. We cruise, we fly off with family to exciting ports, we sail, we go fishing, we attend outdoor concerts and picnics, and visit the national parks. The weather is glorious and keeps us on the go, allowing us to dream of childhood memories to keep our inner child alive.


August is the summer month of reflections and memories. We begin to slow down toward the middle of August and reflect. The memories of the summer and the newness of the approaching fall seem to conflict with one another. We want summer to last but look forward to what lays ahead for fall.


September is the month to be true to yourself. It is the month to set goals. To organize, clean house, decide on your passions, and add to your wardrobe. It is the ‘mentally busy month’ of the year. And, the perfect time to begin to look for a fulling new purpose. Let your imagination lead the way.


October is the month of quiet corners and the first full moon of the season. Goals are in action, kids are back in school and this is truly the turning of the season. The turning of my thoughts towards winter and the month to simply be.


November is the month of gratitude. We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks with family and friends and feel love for our country and its traditions. This is the month to show our pride and tell stories of America to our grands.


December is the month of customs, ceremony, celebration, and joy. A month to celebrate from beginning to end. The happiest month of the year because we give love, charity, and gifts galore. Write out your cards with your inner child beaming with joy.

Darling, have fun and enjoy. Have you found your inner child? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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April 13, 2021


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