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Weekend Musings: Admirers, Ballet, Chicago & More!

It’s that time of the week, my darlings! I hope you all had a wonderful, joyous week and are getting all the rest and relaxation you need this weekend. Are you ready for some Weekend Musings?

Dancing Is For Boys Too

Last week on Good Morning America, anchor Lara Spencer mocked Prince George for taking ballet live on-air. Almost immediately, the dance and broadway community came to the defense of the little Prince. Soon, the hashtag #BoysDanceToo started trending all over social media. Several well-known dancers shared their experiences of dance and how their love for the activity caused bullying during their childhood.

Lara Spencer eventually responded, apologizing for her error both on social media and live on air. This was a teachable moment for many and inspired a ballet class to be held in Times Square for hundreds of people. It was truly beautiful!

Read all about this story HERE.

Is 70 the New 50?

This week on the blog, we featured a lovely contributor article written by Carolyn Baum. As an avid reader of Honey Good, Carolyn wrote all about turning 70 and how her life has changed course over the past few years.

Her article was a lovely read, which inspired several readers to share their thoughts on turning 70 and their lives up until this point.

A topic often expressed by our darlings is what to do in their our after children have gone off to college or we’ve retired. I think Caroyln gives us great ideas on how to live a new chapter of our lives.

If you haven’t read it yet, take five minutes and share in her experience. I do think you will enjoy it!

Read her darling blog HERE.

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