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Ageless Fashion

This week’s style and beauty advice is written by MOXIE! member and lifestyle blogger, Nena Ivon. Nena shares her thoughts on the “age issue” in fashion and classic looks at any price point. Enjoy her style wisdom, my darlings.

Sleek, Sophisticated & Stylish Not Dated, Frumpy & Dumpy

When I thought about writing an article on fashion after 50, all I could think was, “Aren’t we all over the ‘age issue’?”

In my mind’s eye, age is just a number. But I know what you must be saying, “Oh sure, Nena that is easy to say, but it’s not easy to live!”

However, since the ‘age issue’ is a huge one, we are seeing zillions of articles and books on the topic. I personally love Ari Seth Cohen’s, Advanced Style books and film. I adore the drama of those featured. Then, of course, we should always think Iris Apfel! If you don’t know her, she is a fashion icon, successful businesswoman and interior designer. There is a great documentary on her that you must watch.

Let Iris Apfel aspire us all to think and remember that boring is boring!

Fashion & Style As We Age

What do we need to change in our fashion choices as we age?

Do we really need to change anything? Well, to a degree, yes we do!

With classic pieces, which are always my way to dress, you can make major changes to your look in several ways. This may include adding new accessories or updating your hairstyle and makeup. There is nothing more aging than trying to look 20 when you are 60. The current trend–thank heaven–is letting your hair go grey, which I love.

However, there are so many challenges that we face in this process and most of us aren’t models like Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Remember that as we age, our makeup also evolves and becomes a bit more subtle but still evocative, enhancing and fun. I recommend seeking professional advice for both your hair and makeup. And always try new things. It pays to be adventurous!

Ageless Fashion

I have been having fun doing an experiment with all the September issues of fashion magazines.

I’ve been putting an older face over each ad. Do you know what? Most of the looks for fall are ageless!

I find so many women settle for what they think they should wear as they age, but I’m here to tell you: stop it right now!

Of course, I’m not saying that one should look like they are trying to be their daughter or granddaughter. Instead, be a developed, best version of yourself. When did looking dowdy become a statement? Always update, update, update!

Classic Looks For Every Wardrobe

How should you update your wardrobe you might be asking?

Here are some looks that are classic and available at all price points. These items should be in every wardrobe. As well, you can add to them by including a new seasonal trend if you so desire:

  1. A well-cut blazer: black, grey flannel and camel.
  2. Classic skirt: can be a pencil, flare, pleated or whatever works for your figure type. The best length for most is just covering the knee (Chanel liked this length; she was not fond of knees).
  3. A fabulous black leather jacket.
  4. The best-fitting jean you can find.
  5. A classic trench coat: and who says it has to be tan? This is a great place to wear color!
  6. A dramatic white shirt: this is an addition to your collection of basic white shirts. There is nothing more flattering around your face than white.
  7. A little black dress: this is always a must. Buy the best you can afford.
  8. Classic cut grey flannel trousers: think Katherine Hepburn!
  9. La Smoking ala Yves Saint Laurent: this is a black tailored tuxedo with a satin side stripe, worn with a white ruffled shirt. Nothing is more classic nor more timeless.
  10. An easy shirtdress.
  11. Something in an animal print: this can be as subtle as a shoe. It is always classic and always new.
  12. Try a pattern on a pattern: Remember to use the same tones, not clashing colors.

Must-Have Accessories

A selection of must-have accessories includes scarves, handbags, and signature jewelry. Take a look within your own closet and see what new trends you need to add! Additional accessories that can spice up an outfit include:

  1. Boots: both tall and booties
  2. A proper bra: this must be fitted by a professional. A good bra makes all the difference in the fit of your clothes.

Regarding shoes, you don’t have to wear only stilettos. Wear whatever heel height works for you. Simply remember to adjust your skirt and pant lengths accordingly after you make your footwear choice.

And finally, my last tips: If you are able, work with a fabulous personal shopper and get an alteration person. Alternations often make a great deal of difference in the look and fit of your clothes. Sometimes it’s all about a small, personal touch.

What are your must-have classic wardrobe items? Join the conversation below or on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. Really enjoyed Nena’s style suggestions. I would love to see her add looks and hairstyles (including color)that make a 60 year old attempting to look too young. I’m pretty sure I know some of those things but examples would be great!
    Is coloring your hair such a bad idea? I still color mine at 68 and wonder if this really has to change or stick with what you are happy with. I realize going gray is in my near future and feel uncomfortable with the idea.

    Thank you for any help or feedback from readers.

    1. Thank you so for your comments Susan.
      If I’m invited to do another guest post I can delve deeper into color, silhouette, etc. Of course, you can keep coloring your hair, nothing more important than being happy with oneself, perhaps ask your hair stylist how to incorporate some shading if you aren’t already doing that and don’t be afraid of going grey…many women are finding it empowering. I’m loving my natural platinum blond streaks. Makeup has to be adjusted.

  2. I’m still coloring my hair at 66. It is heavily highlight to a very light shade in order to extend the time between touch ups. It works well for me (brightens my face) and I get many compliments on the color. I’m not ready for gray yet.

    1. I feel very strongly that everyone should do what they are comfortable with….don’t be afraid of grey…it will be stunning!

  3. Great read!! I’m 54 and have little clue as to what I “should wear,” because I don’t pay a lot of attention to the lastest dad’s or trends. For years now I’ve been sorting my own look, which is usually colorful, comfortable clothes that I like; some items that are a bit offbeat ( unique, like me), plus I’ve got most of the “fashion Staples” Neva lists. Cheers to all you well dressed women 50 plus!!!

    1. You are a free spirit who dances to her own drummer. I am too. It feels good and it feels right. Warmly, Honey

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