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Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Women In Your Life

Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Women In Your Life

As the mother of daughters, a grandmother, and a mother-in-law, believe me, I know females! A sentimental gift from me to “my girls” always wins over any expensive gift. My girls are sentimental and spiritual. They savor their gifts from me. I notice them are all over their homes; on their desks, shelves, and perfume trays. On the other side of the coin, I have their gifts placed front and center. These presents from each other are heartfelt and far outweigh pricey items.

Add to or Start a Collection

I started collections for my girls when they were young.  And, I choose collectibles based on their personalities. I have added a collectible to their growing collection with a special note on several Valentine’s Days over the years.

Family Keepsakes as Valentine’s Day Gifts

The last gift I gave to one of my daughters was a Waterford vase that I received from her grandmother on my first wedding anniversary. It sits on her piano. I wish I had taken a picture of her as she held the vase in her hands. Priceless. The vase is just one example of some of the keepsakes I’ve passed down. Doing this isn’t simply just re-gifting, it’s giving from the heart, and it’s giving memories. This ensures that family history will be passed down from child to child.

A Magic Want to Guide and Protect

I received my first magic wand as a gift from my daughter-in-law. It still sits on my desk, 23 years later! Nothing is better than giving a gift that will guard and protect your daughters and granddaughters. They are magical! Write them a note that this wand is meant to guard and protect them. There is an array of magic wants that you can find on Amazon. Pick the one you feel will fit your girl’s personality best.

A Heart

The heart expresses sentiment, love, affection, and passion. The heart will never go out of style. And, the more one has the merrier. We never get tired of receiving a heart from a loved one. I have my heart collections from daughters, grandsons, husbands, granddaughters, girlfriends, and daughters-in-law. You cannot go wrong with a crystal heart, a key ring with a heart, a poster with a heart and saying, or heart earrings. The list is endless. I have a crystal Baccarat heart collection. My hearts range from clear to lavender to red to yellow and blues and greens. They have all been gifts and as I look at each color I am reminded of the gift giver! For more heart-shaped jewelry and items, check out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Start a Spring Garden For Them

What is better than spending outdoor time with nature! If you have a daughter or daughter-in-law who loves to garden, gift her with new gardening gloves, gardening supplies, or even a check to start her next garden. Watching something grow is the ultimate gift. Explore items on Amazon as well!

A Fairy

For granddaughters, get them a beautiful fairy! It can be cloth, crystal, wood, silver, or gold. It can be a pin, inside a crystal ball, a painting, or a little fairy doll to hang on her dresser knob or that sits on her desk. I gave my granddaughter, Skylar, a fairy when she was six years old with a note. The note read: “This is your personal fairy from Honey. Find a special place for her in every bedroom you live in all of your life. She is magical and will guard and protect you!”

Her fairy sits on her desk in college!

A Beautiful Box

Boxes hold surprises. I cherish my boxes. Engrave a special meaning on the top of a box as a keepsake. Purchase a music box or a jewelry box. I have two special boxes from two special women in my life: a small round silver box with an inscription on the top from my dear French friend, Florence, and my grandmother’s ivory music box.

Enjoy Valentine Shopping for “your girls.” That is the best part.

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