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Honey’s Favorite Things & Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Honey's Favorite Things & Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021

Valentine’s Day or Self-Care Day!

We are coming up on February, the month of love! Now love comes in many different forms. It comes in hugs, kisses, thank you cards, and letters to pen pals. It comes in phone calls to friends and family, in a fresh bouquet of flowers, or cuddles from your pooch or beloved pet. And, it also comes in gifts both large and small.

This Valentine’s Day, no matter if you have a partner, you are a widower, or you live alone with your pet or with roommates, I hope you take time to celebrate love. Both the love for others and love for yourself.

Here is a list of a few of my favorite things this month, and gifts to give both yourself and your loved ones now, or for Valentine’s Day. Happy shopping! I love you all.

Self-Care and Beauty Items

Tom Ford Fabulous Red Lipstick: Tom Ford’s red lipstick is a gorgeous color red that pops and brings a smile to my face once applied. It lifts my spirits and will lift yours because of the vibrancy, feel-good texture, and uplifting feeling after applied. Tom Ford is my favorite go-to brand for lipstick.





LA MER The Concentrate: I love the feel of this LA MER product. When I apply this concentrate on my face, I have the feeling I have given my skin the gift of nourishment. So, give you or your loved one the same gift this Valentine’s Day!







The Milk + Honey Pink Clay Masque: How can I resist! The honey bee collects nectar, the drink of the Gods in Roman and Greek mythology. This mask encourages my skin to look and feel vibrant. And… it’s pink!






Mauli Rituals – Tension Release Massage Dome & Serum Set: Ayurvedic medicine is all the rage, and this Mauli Rituals’ ‘Tension Release’ massager is a great tool to have at home. It offers healing therapy at home or while traveling. It’s designed to help improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation around the face and neck, while soothing tension and reducing the appearance of puffiness. Have a spa day at home or give it to one of your grandchildren!


Cleverfy Shower Steamers: These little steamers were super popular during the last holiday gift guide. I knew you would love this product… and I was right! A gift for you and those you hold dear. Relax and breathe deep!





Everlasting Comfort Seat CushionAs a writer, I sit many hours a day. I pride myself on being good to the ‘me in me.’ Sitting on my Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion is very comfortable and gives protection against impact. Trust me, your butt will thank you! It’s also great for airplanes and travel.



IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow: I bought this for a friend who suffers from migraine headaches. She told me after using this mask she loved me like a sister. So, if you struggle with eyestrain or headaches, try this. Or, just use it to relax and take care. 



Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin: This pillowcase is smooth to the touch and feminine to the eye and does what it says. I endorse it. It’s perfect! And, why not… the word Satin is derived from a French word. 





Baccarat Rouge 540: I know, it is expensive. However, I splurge on this product. But, why not give me the gift of a delicious fragrance that gives me my distinctive scent? Finding my scent took me literally months as I tried sample after sample of products. I have done your homework for you. Give yourself the gift of a spritz each day! I enforce Baccarat Rouge 540 over all other scents.





Order a Bouquet with ProFlowers: After my family, my greatest love and delight is nature. Sending a bouquet of flowers is never a burden with this company. It is a joy to do business with them and a joy to send for special occasions. Try this company for service, design, and the perfection of their large varieties of flowers.






sSnooze Weighted Blanket: Have you heard of a weighted blanket? They are all the rage for people who have trouble sleeping and anxiety. This blanket will make you feel like you’re being hugged while you sleep or rest. This one is about 15lbs and great for yourself or a dear friend. 



Fitness & More

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium Extra Thick Non-Slip: To do yoga or any floor exercises, you need a nice thick mat. It must also be non-slip. Gaiam makes some of the best yoga products, so take advantage of their lovely colors and designs. They are also affordable! 



Gaiam Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow: Add a matching bolster to your yoga gear, You will want one of these! Use it for yoga or meditation. This will lift you off the ground, and also protect your tailbone. This is an essential buy.



Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block: You must also get these great Yoga Blocks. They are essential in Yoga. They  help you get into many of the yoga poses and will support and strengthen your body!





Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands: If you have just started out with yoga, or have issues with flexibility,  yoga straps are a must, darling! These are very affordable and come in 15 different colors and many different sizes. I have four bands. 






Authentic Hand Woven Mexican Yoga Blanket: As many of you know, I have recently begun to do Yoga twice a week. I have 4 yoga blankets at the request of my yoga instructor, each in a different color scheme. They are beautiful. I also use my lovely blankets to keep my Ultimate Concierge and I warm and cozy while we watch a series on one of the networks.





ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner: You MUST keep your yoga mat clean, darling; especially if you sweat a lot when you work out. This Yoga mat detox will keep your beloved mat clean and smelling fresh. And, it comes with a great little rag for you to use. 






Cedar Elements Cedar Shoe Trees: I have bunions on my feet, so shoe trees are essential for me. I love to use them on my high heels, but, they will work on any shoe! These are made of cedar, so they will also help keep your shoes fresh.




Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray & Foot Odor Eliminator: I love using shoe deodorizer and spray on all of my shoes. Nobody likes stinky feet. This will also help your favorite shoes last longer and your toes will be happy too! And, the spray is all-natural with the scent of lemon and eucalyptus, which is very calming. 




Home Products + Organizing Tools

Over Door Bathroom Hair Care & Hot Styling Tool Organizer: Truth be told, my bath has not been updated since the building I live in was built several years ago. My storage space is old-fashion so I improvise. I love this product because it is hidden behind the door and I no longer have to bend down to pull out products with cords that frustrated me to the nines. Therefore, I found a way to have a win-win situation! 






Broom Holder Wall Mount and Garden Tool Organizer: This broom holder is a must for me because I love organization and neatness. The more organized I am, the more content I feel. Eight products on this organizer have found a home. And, I have found peace!





Katzco Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers: Katzco Furniture Repair Kit does repair furniture that has suffered from the damage of a vacuum cleaner or the natural wear and tear of use. These colored pencils give me instant gratification because I want my furniture to always ‘look its best!’ And, the price is right.






A Luxe-Looking Aluminum Mouse Pad: I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and saw my new Aluminum Mouse Pad. I chose white with silver because I place my pad on my white desk next to my Apple desktop computer. It is added attraction and I give it a 5-star rating for quality, beauty, and usability. You will thank me! A great gift, too.

Fashion and Jewelry

Ippolita Small Wavy Disc Modern Snowman Earrings: My favorite earring jewelry designer. Ippolita is my go-to earring because of its quality, design and they are as light as a feather on my pierced ears. Oh, darling, they are feminine and glam-or-ous!  I have visited Ippolita’s work studio in NY and saw her loose stones and watched her jewelry craftsman. Ippolita earrings are for all women of all ages and are a ‘keeper.’



Adina Reyter Pave Folded Heart Pendant Necklace: Hearts are hearts! Big, small, and in different styles, every woman loves the symbol of a heart. I love this necklace because it lets the symbol of the heart speak for itself.







Only Hearts Organic Cotton Face Masks 2-Pack: I have heard so much chatter about the type of mask we should wear. I know you have, too. Since no one knows the answer, I decided to try an organic mask because psychologically, it makes me feel protected. You can’t go wrong on organic! Right? As well, look at these cute hearts. Great for the month of Love and Valentine’s Day!


Lululemon Sherpa Weave Pom Beanie: I love the color pink on women, children, and men! I love Lululemon! The color can be worn with any color. A home run! Home runs happen so seldom and I am smiling!






Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Enamel Return To Heart Tag Charm Bracelet Blue: A Tiffany product and the symbol of the heart are winners. Give yourself a gift or to your daughter or Granddaughter. Trust me, they will love and wear it, forever.




Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Elsa Peretti Open Heart Earrings: Elsa Peretti’s Brand is 5-star. I collect Elsa Peretti. She is the jewelry designer for Tiffany by her choice. Two 5-star brands belong side by side. I own pairs of her earrings, her crystal candlesticks, and other home designed products; a favorite broach, and an out of this world small silver handbag. Darling, I can go on and on. I support you starting a collection of Elsa’s products starting with these earrings. And, I endorse her brand and feel proud that my taste level is on a par with hers!


David Yurman Exotic Stone Cufflinks With Pietersite: A gift for your guy! Another designer who has proven worthy of my endorsement. Darling, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Get these for your partner, they will thank you.


Paul Smith Men’s Burgundy ‘Bee Floral’ Silk Tie: A tie for your guy! The bee dates back centuries as a popular symbol. She is found in carvings, on crests, and in the designs of old world carpets. Now it is time to put it around the neck of someone you care for. Valentine’s Day, or every day!






For more perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts and Everyday Buys, Visit my Shop! You don’t need to go to the mall to shop till you drop. BROWSE HERE!

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