My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

The Serious Problem of Living in Elsewhere

Living in Chicago aka Elsewhere

I am beginning to miss a normal lifestyle. Life is bland in Elsewhere (current America). I am noticing a change in my personality because I can’t do what comes naturally! I wear a mask and think of the Lone Ranger. I have my temperature taken at restaurants, my hair salon, and at Neiman’s! My curiosity and my joy of learning has turned to podcasts, YouTube, and newsletters instead of museums, theatre, travel, and outdoor activities. My social life consists of Zoom meetups.

Naturally, I am feeling stifled. Oh, I forgot to mention I shop for everything online, primarily on Amazon. Life in Elsewhere has disrupted the natural flow of life.

A Normal Day in Elsewhere

Today, a normal day in Elsewhere, I read the National Geographic Newsletter. Here I learned about life, traveled around the world, and learned the truth about Magellan! I also signed up for private Yoga classes on Zoom. Darling, I have never taken Yoga but know it is a necessity in order for me to retain my emotional sanity and my health. So, I ordered four yoga products and listened to a podcast by my teacher who was taught by a very important Yoga Master. I will give you more information as I progress. This is me opening the door to a new challenge that I feel will be worthwhile and greatly impact my life.

After I read, I made lunch for my Ultimate Concierge. Then, I walked America, straightened out our storage room (which made me feel good) and we went out for dinner with friends.

As well, I spoke to our granddaughter, Skylar, and grandson, Scott, and my daughter-in-law, Jami. I text others. Every day I speak to some of the Grands and my family.

My day would have been just fine if I had not spent the past 180 plus days doing more or less of the same.

Lastly, I always watch the evening news and I take everything in. Let’s discuss Ms. Pelosi and how some newscasters are describing her as Maria Antoinette, “Let them eat cake,” and others are mentioning she pretends she is Queen Elizabeth because of the way she copies the Queen of England’s regal hand movement to her subjects! I laugh at the suggestion.

My Day at the Hair Salon & A Lesson

My only in-person meetup during the day is going to Colette’s Hair Salon for a wash and blow-dry and manicure. I look forward to the outing because it is an opportunity to interact with other women. Unlike Nancy Pelosi, I wear my mask at Colette’s Hair Salon, even while I am having my hair washed! Everyone at Colette’s wears a mask.

Of course, I want to mention what I took away from the Nancy Pelosi hair salon incident. I observed and listened to both women speak.

Ms. Pelosi wants for nothing. She lives like a Queen, though hardly reveres her subjects! As I listened to her speak, I watch a shallow woman with little depth of character; a woman who made a mistake yet is unable to apologize. Instead, she places the blame on one of her subjects even though she was caught red-handed not wearing her mask.

She also displayed a lack of empathy and compassion for the young single mother whose beauty shop she visited. The young woman, through no fault of her own, is drowning in debt while trying to support her two young children. Instead, Ms. Pelosi attacked her in a bullish fashion.

The moral of the story is: when offering a sincere apology, show regret. Speak of this to your adult children and grandchildren. Tell it in story form so they can understand.

Evenings in Elsewhere

Most evenings are spent at home with my Ultimate Concierge and America. We dine out a few nights a week at outdoor restaurants with friends and family. I so enjoy my evenings at home and my evenings out are a necessity because people need people! Lacking human contact is abnormal and I am grateful for social stimulation. Seeing the waiters we know, sharing conversation with friends, and conversing with the person taking my temperature! Only in Elsewhere. One day I had my temperature taken three times!

I must smile living in Elsewhere

What Makes a Good Life

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on what makes me a happy and content woman. I realize I am not myself because I don’t feel alive. My life in Elsewhere is calm and serene; except for the police cars, fire engines, and ambulances 24/7. It is purposeful because I work. It is meaningful because I love my family, the Honey Bees at Honey Good, Michelle my helper, my Ultimate Concierge, and America. Is it enough?

In my opinion, a good life must be varied. It must be interesting, it must have adventure and it must be filled with all kinds of surprising experiences. Darling, life must be psychologically rich!

That is what is missing in Elsewhere. Life is no longer rich! It is not normal I am feeling its effects. So, I say, “Hurry back real world, I can hardly wait to take a big bite of life.”

I am already planning and I have not looked ahead in months! Often I think about travel. I want to go to Rwanda to see the Silver Back Gorillas and then on to Tanzania to watch the animals run and then to Kenya. Oh my Gosh, my little heart is racing just thinking about what will be.

I am daydreaming and it feels so good to live a psychologically rich life in my thoughts.

I realize my thoughts and views may be different than yours, that’s why I love America. I am open to discussion, as always. Please let me know your honest thoughts and feelings in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. Honey
    This is one of your best blogs ever.
    With your warmth, honesty and insight, you capture what so many of us are doing or not doing, and what we’re missing and feeling.
    You are truly an inspiration, a source of comfort and hope.
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you dear Laura. I am overwhelmed with your kind words.You make ME feel worthwhile. Hang in there. We should all aspire for what we want out of life.Make yourself a list. I do. Warmly, Honey

  2. I so agree with you Honey, I want life and America back!! This has been the most difficult year of my life. My sweet Brother always reminds me when we have our phone chats…things could always be worse. I know that is true but in my opinion its pretty rough right now. I miss family and friends. Even walking in a grocery to shop, ( I order online.) I also agree with you about Nancy Pelosi, I pray often that people mask up and flood the polls this November. The Democrats blame game and lies have to end. I sure don’t want to live in a socialist country things are tough enough. Our President has done a great job in my opinion, while dodging their bullets every step of the way. Poor Joe just needs to stay home and rest. I can’t believe his family is allowing him to run for office. He apparently has a problem. Stay safe & well. I always read every word you have to say!

    1. Forgetting politics and just discussing a husband- wife relationship, I would protect my husband at all cost. I mentioned this to my ultimate concierge: “How can a wife allow this!” It is almost unkind. The stress on the man must be over the top. My ultimate concierge and I are voting at the poll. We are wearing out masks. We are staying close to home. Life in Elsewhere leaves much to be desired. Hopefully, there will be a vaccine that will work. Take care. Warmly, Honey

  3. My husband just yesterday commented on what is missing in our Elsewhere. We moved three years ago from the leafy suburb of Larchmont, NY to Manhattan’s Upper East Side to be near museums, galleries, theater and evening events and yet our routine has become well, routine. We have yet to join a Shul, either. And just yesterday, we were sitting on our terrace, analyzing which of our friends would present the most risk to us; all of that conversation causing feelings of keeping them all at arm’s length.

    We both wear masks religiously. Nothing surprises me about Mrs. Pelosi.

    1. Hi Lisa, Oh how I miss NY. I feel so sad about your Big Apple. Our Chicago is not much better. But when life stops in Hew York you know you are living in Elsewhere! Maybe one day we will meet. We used to be in NY quite often. We stay at the Regency.Eventually our lives will hopefully get back to normal.We belong to a Synagogue but it is closed for the holiday!!! Hurry vaccine, hurry.. Happy New Year. Warmly, Honey

  4. Know that you are not alone with ALL these thoughts you have expressed. In my case, my freedom was taken for granted. I didn’t realize that because I had never experienced life without it. The truth about many people who put on false attitudes have been made obvious and that is a good thing!!! Enjoy sweet “America” and your precious concierge as we wait for the Land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE to return🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Yes, we have taken our freedom for granted but in our hearts we appreciate and know we have been lucky to live in the USA. I want to say our lucky and I hope I will be able to continue to ‘be lucky’ for the rest of my life and yours and our families. Warmly, Honey

  5. Hello Honey! I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Yes…I think we are all ready for a normal life again! I am so beyond ready to stop wearing a mask. I do pray this has taught us to be kinder, more patient and loving. I never thought 2020 would’ve been quite like this! I pray for our country and that our government can get their act together. Work “for the people” again and not themselves. We need to refocus in every area of our lives.
    I’ve been ordering online as well. I miss just browsing the shops and talking to people. Just to enjoy the simple things. I wonder how we would’ve gotten through this pandemic without the internet? It’s been both a blessing and a curse.
    Well, we have 2021 to look forward to! Pray it will more than make up for this year. lol Wishing you a blessed weekend! 😘

    1. I know you are already a kind person. I can tell.And, yes we certainly do have 2021 to look forward too. Wishing you a blessed life. Warmly, Honey

  6. I’m surprised that you are voicing your political opinions here because I thought that you refrained from commenting on religion or politics. Yours was one place where I could go to escape the problems all around us.

    Might I add that Ms. Pelosi wants to give working men and women $600.per week to help them and those on her right do not . I’m sure many hard worrking hair stylists would appreciate this money.

    And last, Ms.Pelosi may not be “every woman”, but respectfully either are you. You often write about fabulous trips, a second home, expensive jewelry, designer clothes and handbags. And that is all fine, and I’m sure you and your husband have worked hard to have these things, but your lifestyle is far from the average womans. You also don’t appear to want for anything, and I feel that your criticism of Ms. Pelosi is mean spirited and particularly harsh.

    Women in top positions are held to higher standards even sometimes by other women .

    Thank you for reading my comments.

    1. I appreciate hearing your feelings and I respect your honesty.I was not talking about politics. I was talking about a person’s character. We all make mistakes …rich or poor, sick or healthy, Democrats, Republican, young and old. Mrs.Pelosi should have just told the truth. Period.To stand up and be able to say “I made a mistake and I do apologize would have been like a breath of fresh air. I felt badly for the young mother with two babies and a business owner who is suffering financially and emotionally. I was trying to make a point about her also. She did not sit back out of fear. She protected her name and reputation. I applaud that.That was my point…the truth works in your favor and so does your strength of character to stand up for yourself. Like you did with me. As far as having the ware with all financially, I am a fortunate woman. I am grateful. But I bleed like you bleed. I have problems like you have problems. My new handbag does not make me healthy. I have had Cancer three times. My trip with my husband to Europe will not bring back my husband’s son who committed suicide.Money is the frosting on the cake. The cake is …life. I hope you respect my feelings as I respect yours. Have a lovely week ahead. Warmly, Honey

  7. Hello!
    Considering everything right now I would be happy with your life! I have only been grocery shopping and to medical appointments in the last six months. I’m just not ready for outdoor restaurants or shopping in the stores right now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not longing to do these things. I need to do something new and different or I may lose it! Just getting my hair cut would be wonderful but the salons are not open yet where I live. I miss traveling, visiting with friends and family, eating out, movies, etc.

    As far as Diane Pelosi, her mistake was going to a salon when they were not operating. From the reporting that I have heard, she had a mask on but it was around her neck during her walk back to the chair after the wash. I can understand her pulling the mask down during the shampoo so I don’t fault her. She probably felt comfortable enough, right or wrong, to not pull it back up since no one else was in the salon besides her mask-wearing stylist. We don’t know if she put it back on for the haircut or not. I admire Ms. Pelosi as so many of us do, as a strong and capable woman. Oh, and what about Donald Trump? He refuses to wear a mask period. And therefore we have this pandemic.

    1. My story was not political I would have felt the same way if she was a Republican. My story was about two women: one much older than the other and their conduct.And, losing it, as you say, in Elsewhere. I am a story teller. It was the news of the day and I tried to show that lying who ever you are is wrong. Take your licks and be respected. And, the importance of honoring yourself, as the young woman with two babies going bankrupt did. She defended her character letting the chips fall where they may. Two important values to pass on to your adult children, your grandchildren and tuck away in your pocket.I hope you have a nice week and can look at my story in a different light though I respect your feelings. That is one of the great things about being an American. We have freedom of speech. Warmly, Honey

  8. Thank you for putting into words all that we are feeling and living through. I greatly appreciate your observations of Ms Pelosi. It is shared by so many women who are afraid to express themselves during this time of unprecedented divide in our country. Please continue to share your thoughts, we need them.

    1. I will continue to share my thoughts. Thank you. I am so glad you understood my message about the two women.
      I spoke out because I would stand up and tell the truth, if I had been Ms.Polosi and not blame the owner of the beauty shop, a young mother with two babies going bankrupt and I would protect my reputation and speak out if I was the young woman. Silence is sometimes, golden depending on the situation. So is one’s voice and always one’s vote. I am smiling. Have a lovely week. Warmly, Honey

  9. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. I totally agree with you about Nancy P…….so sad. Elsewhere? I like that word for how we are currently living through this challenging time. I’m so ready to get back to my normal. Dreaming of our next chapter for 2021!

    1. You made my day with your last sentence. “Dreaming of our next chapter for 2021. Have a nice week even if it is in Elsewhere! Warmly, Honey

  10. You are SO lucky. I live in Cathedral City Ca. No manicures. No pedicures no hair
    salons. No going out to dinner

    1. OMG. I live in Rancho Mirage six months of the year. We have to meet! I did not know everything was closed in Catherdral City. We have riots and destruction in Chicago, boarded up shops and police on every corner, instead! But, everything is open in my once beautiful Chicago.Neither of us can have it all, in Elsewhere. Warmly, Honey

  11. As always a very thought provoking blog today, Honey. I agree without human contact or at least a variety of human contact it doesn’t feel like the real world. I went to my hair salon and beautician last week for a shampoo and manicure just to have some human contact, I have been seeing these girls for many years so know their policies regarding cleanliness and I was happy to attend their salons. It felt so good to do something different and shall I say normal.
    I started doing some yoga this morning to try and get some stretching as I have not been doing anything other than walking some days and decided while I was laying awake last night I am the only one who can take these steps to help my health and mind. I look forward to our friendship hour on Thursdays I get so much enjoyment meeting all the ladies with so many different and interesting lives and hobbies. Thankyou Honey for sharing your views on Elsewhere”

    1. We will start Yoga together! I have my first Zoom class this Wednesday. Did you think about signing up for a Zoom class. I decided to because I am not disciplined. In a class, I am committed.I think everyone is at the brink of craving ‘life as usual.’ I enjoy our group, too. And, I think the longer we are together we will continue to bond and become more open. Don’t you? I also get enjoyment out of meeting all the girls. See you Wed. on my side of the Pond. Thursday on your side!!! Warmly, Honey

  12. Oh my dear Honey , you are a very strong brilliant woman !! You encourage us all to be brave and put one foot in front of the other !! This to shall pass and life will come back alive !! Untill than we can hope we can dream and we can plan !!! This is what you have taught us to do !! Be brave !! I was young and now iam old but God has not forgotten us !! Blessings your way !😊

  13. If the only thing you have to critique Nancy P is on her visit to the hair salon, that’s really sad. Thats all you can muster up!
    Footage bought by your personal channel I imagine Fox news! The right-wing entertainment channel.

    Please look at your president and look at his dangerous, divisive, treacherous and insulting behavior he is guilty of every single day.
    Suckers and losers..seriously?! It brings tears to my eyes!

    1. If Nancy Pelosi was a Republican or an Independent I would have written the same blog. I discussed that day’s news event because it showed the character of two women. One is the most privileged woman in the United States and should be a role model to women of all ages who falsified a story and blamed a young mother with two young children going broke. The ‘older’ woman did ‘lacked self-esteem and character.’She should have apologized ( which would have held her in high regard to all women because we all err) and the ‘younger woman’ had the self esteem to speak out the truth to the world. I have NEVER in any of my blogs mentioned the President of the United States or mentioned my affiliation with any party. Am I proud to be an American? Yes. Do I find it abhorrent to see young people destroy innocent people’s property? Yes. Do I find it offensive to see the history of my Country smashed to the ground? Yes. Do I want law and order? Yes, because without it we will not have a society. Do I want my children and grandchildren to have freedom of speech and live in a democratic society, of course. I know you do also. I am an Independent voter and I vote for the party that has my values. Sometimes Democratic and sometimes Republican. Living in a democratic society allows you and I to express our feelings and still be friends. I hope we are. Take a deep breath and relax. Maybe you might like to take an on line Yoga class. You are stressed to the nines. We all are at this time. I am starting Yoga for the first time in my life next week. Breathe! Warmly, Honey

  14. I am sad. Politics have entered your writings and your comments😢. We get enough of that elsewhere. Your writings always bring a feeling of serenity…..until they turned political. Disappointed.

    1. I respect your feelings. Please respect mine. I am an independent voter. Honest. My article was due to be written when the news broke about hair salons. It is the only place I do go during the day in Chicago. All of our salons have been open all summer. My intent was to show character. One woman did not speak the truth, who is looked up to as a role model. The young woman going bankrupt with two babies did have the strength to set the record straight. The morale of my story is admit to not being perfect and apologize and be strong and speak out without fear. Follow your heart and do what is right…not what others want to hear. Times are not serene in Elsewhere at this time. I cannot stand violence. I cannot stand people losing their businesses due to the destruction of their property. I cannot stand Americans like us living in fear. I don’t care if they are Republicans or Democrats. They are thugs destroying our Country, our way of life and I am in shock that this could happen in the USA. I am sure you feel the same. I apologize if I upset you. I hope you will accept. Warmly, Honey

  15. It was so good to hear your comments about Joe Biden. I have said the same thing for awhile now. I don’t understand letting your husband enter such a vicious arena when clearly he is suffering from bouts of dementia (not a doctor but that terrible disease has stuck our family). I truly think it’s cruel. His lapse of thoughts make him the butt of ridicule and no one should endure that. Where is his family?! My opinion is not political but one of wanting kindness to be shown to all.

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