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The Buzz: What Are You Seeking?

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“What you seek is seeking you.” ~Rumi

I heard this profound quote this week, and it stopped me in my tracks. It was such a simple statement but made me really wonder, “what am I seeking after all?” What are any of us seeking?

Life moves at such a fast pace these days and things are everchanging. This can inevitably leave us always chasing more than we have. On an everyday basis, many of us seek love, happiness, and joy, but why do these things never seem to add up to enough? Well today, I vow to shift my mindset.

After making this realization, I plan to start seeking more simplicity, quiet time, and peace. Because sometimes what we already have is all we need.

I encourage you to do the same! After all, if what we seek is seeking us, won’t love, good health, and a positive mindset always be enough?

So what is it? What are you seeking?

The Week in Review

How I Got “Lucky” on Friday the 13th

What does it take to get lucky? And what if I told you that I believe I have the power to align the stars, as they say… and you do, too.

This week, I shared how I have learned to make my own luck, as well as a little vignette that will inspire you to do the same. Plus, there was BIG news about a new puppy on the horizon.

Read all about it here!

Teaching Grandchildren How to Choose A Group of Friends

Every child wants to have friends and be part of a group… our Grands are no exception!

As wise women over 50, we should play a role in educating our Grands on the principles of friendship, so they can choose the right friend groups and avoid poor role models. Don’t you agree?

Teaching through storytelling is my manner of imparting an important lesson or message. In fact, I choose to tell a story about an olive tree, using the tree as a symbol and guide of what characteristics to look for in a group.

I’d love to share it with you again today… Read the story!

A Trip to Versailles, The Loire Valley, Monet’s Garden & Normandy With the Grands

A few of our Grands have recently graduated from college, and my ultimate concierge and I thought it would be nice (and educational) if we could take them on a special family trip!

So for the last two months, I have been planning out every detail of our trip, and this week, I shared the itinerary with all of you! Have you been to any of the places we’re going? Find out!

Read the story!

How to Feel Visible & Vibrant After 50 in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve heard it far too many times, darlings… “I feel invisible!”

And even as women over 50, it’s not always age that plays the biggest role in this pain. So I say it’s time to kick this feeling to the curb for all! But how, you ask? In this story, I shared 5 easy steps that you can take today!

I see you for exactly how valuable a human being you have bloomed into. Now, let’s make sure YOU see you too. Read the story!

Sizzling Summer Sales

Summer may be the season known for days spent on the beach and lazy afternoons reading your favorite book, but it’s also a magnificent time for… shopping sales!

This week, I rounded up some fabulous finds, including sandals, bags, hats, and dresses, all on sale and all available with just the click of a mouse. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

Click here to read the story and happy shopping!

Hiring an Interior Decorator

Are you looking to redo a room or an entire area in your home? After all, change can be a good thing!

I personally believe in the wisdom of hiring an interior designer. They will give you a professional assessment of your needs, help you budget and plan, and be a liaison between you and a myriad of vendors.

Of course, everyone wants to end up with a “wow home,” so this week I shared a few of my tips to guide you through the process. I know these steps are important because of my personal experiences! Read the story!

Tell Me About Your Week!

What highs and lows made up your week? Did anything exciting happen? I’d love to hear about it. Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Since my husband is between jobs, we have been taking advantage of this free time to take some road trips in the Midwest. The month started with a wedding in Ohio, then a couple days in Chicago. Then to a lake in Michigan with 35 friends from Chicago for the 4th. A tradition that started 32 years ago. Just got back from spending a week in the UP of Michigan visiting my in laws also on a lake. We had beautiful weather! We did morning walks around the lake. So lovely and relaxing!

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