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The Buzz: Use It or Lose It

Use It or Lose It

You’re probably familiar with the advice, “use it or lose it!” This can apply not only to our physical health but our mental health as well. After all, our brains are muscles, darlings!

But are you taking heed?

As you all know, I am a very busy woman, and in turn, I have to be pretty active throughout my day! So I thought I was following that advice beautifully. I may not always be able to squeeze a workout in or go to the gym, but I am always running around and up to something! Whether I am working with my honey bees, up and shopping around town, playing with my grandkids or exercising my writing muscles, I thought I was getting at least the minimum dose of daily physical activity.

However, as many of you probably have, I’ve noticed I’m not as strong as I was just a few years ago. This got me thinking, am I taking advantages of all the health benefits regular physical activity can have on my longevity? I came to the conclusion that, as with most things in our lives, there’s always room for improvement! And even though regular physical activity or exercise may not look like it did when we were younger, it can still have the same incredible benefits for helping to prevent muscle loss!

Today, I’m seeking YOUR advice!

What does physical activity look like in your life today? How do you make a conscious effort to incorporate it into your daily life? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Use It or Lose It

The Week in Review

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I quickly sat down, with pen and paper, and wrote down a list of eight words that just may surprise you. Take a peek at what I wrote and the surprising reason that it matters to you, as well, in one of this week’s stories. Read it here.

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Do you ever get tired of trying to keep up with the latest styles each season? Well luckily, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to! In fact, I am a true believer that in this season of our lives, it’s not always about keeping up with the latest trends, but rather, knowing ourselves and what we like and feel confident in.

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Fall Denim Trends For Women Over 50

We’ve discussed before the importance of taking trends with a grain of salt. After all, we should be able to love and enjoy new styles without becoming a slave to them. Don’t you agree?

However, with that being said, denim is one trend I can never pass up! With the ability to dress it up or down, it’s always a great staple to have around. This week, I shared how to style denim the “Honey” way, plus some great pairs that will be in popular demand as fall fashion takes over! Read the story!

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However, in one of this week’s stories, I relayed why it may not be necessary! Because while we may not be able to win the aging game, no matter what lengths we go to, we can learn to be comfortable in our skin. Find out how… Read the story!

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  1. I am 67 and I work full time, try to walk everyday in the mornings and lunch and since March I have been going twice a week to a Fitness class. There are days that i don’t get to do all the walking because I am so busy at work. Sometimes I feel that I have over extened myself but I feel that i need the exercise to try to stay healthy. It is really hard on some days to fit everything in. The weekends I am exhausted. LOL But at my age I feel that I need to keep going and I can see each year that I am slowing down.

    1. Keep up the good work. You are doing the best you can. Yes, you do have to keep working out and it is great you are working. Warmly, Honey

  2. Honey,

    For several years I worked with a personal trainer, but found I was getting injured. The single best thing I have done is to get a fitbit and walk 10,000 steps a day. I found myself making simple adjustments to increase my steps daily. I am now considering a yoga class and adding some simple exercises at home. I took yoga years ago. It’s a matter of finding the right class….

  3. Christmas 2016 I received a Fitbit Charge 2. In January I started using it to track my daily activities. I was shocked at how little activity was recorded. Since then I try to walk 5 miles daily and have lost 30 pounds. Some days are hard but the Fitbit nags me to get up and walk!

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