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When Serendipity Calls, Always Answer


We are leaving tomorrow to fly to Florida to meet our new pooch and his breeder. I am over the top excited, darlings, and am genuinely feeling an abundance of love for our little Sumo boy. And, I am just as happy to meet the woman who has been by my side throughout the last two months, sending me text messages and videos as the babies, nine of them, grew from tiny infants that could hardly walk to romping little fur babies that run around, nonstop.

Here is our story, told through the back and forth text messages between us. And, in her words, how she described our new fur baby, the newest member of our household and our building because everyone who loved Orchid is looking forward to enjoying our new little darling.

A Chance Meeting

Our story began on an American Airline’s flight with over 200 people aboard from New York to my beautiful Chicago. By a stroke of serendipity, good luck, we were seated next to a couple who had just left the home of their close friend, who happened to rescue Wheaton Terriers!

Of course, Mr. Talkative, my ultimate concierge, began a conversation with the man seated next to him. I naturally was typing away on my computer, happy as a lark in spring, that he was engaged in conversation, not knowing it concerned Orchid and their dog, who had also just passed away. This conversation took place before the flight lifted off into the sky.

By the time we took off, I had engaged in conversation when the gentleman’s wife asked me what kind of pooch we had. When I said we lost our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, I could see a surprised look come over her face. She could hardly wait to tell me they had just left her close friend’s home who loved and owned rescued Wheaton’s. I then told her I could not find a pooch. This led to her picking up her cell phone to call Sue, who ended up being a guiding light.

Sandy Russo and I bonded almost immediately. This lovely woman is the owner of Sage Wheaton in Coral Springs, Florida. We are kindred spirits, not business acquaintances.

Some of Our Texts Back and Forth

“I am happy we connected. I will keep new photos and videos coming. Don’t hesitate to phone me. Many blessings” ~Sandy

“We are laughing!!!! What fun watching the videos of the babies.” ~Honey

“Please choose a happy, waggy-tail handsome lover with a lovable face for us. We r telling our family and friends, and they are so happy for us. Everyone loved Orchid. Now they r thinking of names and ready to love our new pooch.” ~Honey

“Love muffin on the way.” ~Sandy

“I have narrowed it down to three. Have to wait for the show home to choose (a home where the owners allow me to show the dog).” ~Sandy

“Good Morning, Susan. I have a puppy in mind for you. He is a show quality puppy, so I can’t say definitely that he’s yours. Although he is show quality, I am not sure he has the attitude for showing. He is very laid back and just a love muffin. When the other boys are roughhousing, he is observing. I love him to pieces.” ~Sandy

“I am an observer.” ~Honey

“Then if he goes home with you, the bond will be amazing… U will read each other’s mind.” ~Sandy

“Your baby is the one I wanted all along. He is just the sweetest boy. My husband has already fallen in love with him. His registered name will be Sages, Serendipitous Blessing.” ~Sandy

“I love the word serendipity. It is one of my favorite words.” ~Honey

“I liked that because that’s how we met, and I believe in fate. In fact, I believe that everything happens as it should if u trust in the universe.” ~Sandy

“My best luck has been serendipitous.” ~Honey

“Did you test for Degenerative Myelopathy, the disease that killed my delicious Orchid?” ~Honey

“The parents were tested. We do not have DM in our line.” ~Sandy

Why Our New Pup is Already the Perfect Fit

“Tell me about him.” ~Honey

“I believe he has a very balanced personality. He plays well with the pack and yet he is very happy to sit on your lap and cuddle. As I said before, he is the observer. This particular pup was more laid back than the other puppies but very social when we had guests. He is very willing to do whatever it is that you ask him to do, be active or be quiet. To be honest, he is my husband’s favorite.” ~Sandy

“He sounds like Orchid. She loved people and went with the flow.” ~Honey

“I do believe this baby boy was meant to be. There is something magical about him. He is just an amazing little man. He does not have the ego to be a show dog but certainly has the body. If we were not showing dogs, we would have kept him. We have fallen so deeply in love with him. I knew there was something special about him at just three days old. I’m extremely intuitive.” ~Sandy

“I love every word you wrote.” ~Honey


True Serendipity

Of course, there were so many more back and forth texts discussing food, shots, names, trainers, travel, potty training and more. We corresponded for two months, so I feel a true bond with this woman. It was in the stars that we met… of that I am sure. You get what you wish for when you wish hard enough and then work hard enough to make your lovely happening come true. It is serendipity, darlings.

I will be living with two men, both Geminis. Gemini represents the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux, whose names are given to its two brightest stars! How lucky is that, darlings?!

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  1. I am so glad you are getting a newbie—not to replace Orchid, but to keep ever-present the memory of your beloved pet!
    I don’t know what ai would do w/o my precious doxie, Reese.

  2. I’ll be with you in spirit as you bring this new boy into your lives. I believe the stars and universe align to give us just what we need in the exact moment. This was all meant to be and I’m happy to have been a small part in the “find the Wheaten” journey. Little Sumo will be your newest star to brighten each day of your lives.
    Love you two to the moon and back – and baby Wheaten makes Three.

    1. You were my guiding star! I followed your lead and it led me to where I belonged. I am indebted to you for helping bring happiness back into our lives and I am grateful you reached out to help me. I changed our little sumo boy’s name to, America. I am going to write a story of how this happened. Again, happenstance. Please keep in touch. I will always answer you. Promise. 🙂 Warmly, Hone

  3. Hooray! Thrilling! Exciting! Things like this do not just happen by chance. This is simply meant to be. Enjoy and love, love, love. 💖🙋🏻💖

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