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The Buzz: Read On!

The Buzz: Read On!

Do you adore books? I do!

In fact, it seems there is no problem reading can’t solve… Need more knowledge on a subject? Read! Are you in a rut? Let reading take you away to a far-off place! Do your Grands ever complain they’re bored? Take them on an adventure to the library!

See what I mean? 

And speaking of Grands, with all the technology available today, doesn’t it seem as though kids don’t read nearly as much as they used to? Let’s change that! Today, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why reading early is crucial to development later on in life, so the next time your Grands ask why reading is even important at all, you’ll know exactly what to tell them!

  1. Imagination. Reading exposes you to many wonderful things, which helps your imagination when it comes to creating and thinking about new things. Books can take you anywhere!
  2. Focus and concentration. By sitting and reading, you inevitably train your mind and body to slow down and relax. This, in turn, allows you to focus on other activities because your brain is used to doing it.
  3. Memory. Your brain is a muscle, and just like any other muscle in your body, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes! When you read, you are using the part of your brain that helps with long-term memory.
  4. Communication. Reading with your Grands helps build a bond and opens lines of communication. As they get older, these connections will help them feel comfortable talking to you about other happenings going on in their lives. So start now!
  5. Entertainment. Simply put, reading is some of the cheapest entertainment you can get!
  6. Bonding. Reading to your Grands is just another way to show them you love them.
  7. Language Development. Children learn to talk by hearing a wide variety of words. Therefore, the more they hear, the more likely they are to talk and understand.

What’s your favorite book?

The Week in Review

Being a Good Listener

Recently, someone told me a beautiful story about a quiet retreat on a lake just outside of Chicago. I was completely taken by the emotion he put into telling the story that I commented on it once he had finished.

Listening can sometimes be lost on us today as it’s much easier to not think before we speak. But receiving a message and truly understanding what is being said to you before you respond is so important.

This week, I shared some steps you can take to become a better listener and to make the most of all the conversations you have… Read the story!

It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Vacation

When it comes to retirement, there’s a lot to think about… But imagine how much there’d be to think about if you were to retire at age 38!

Well, that’s exactly what Honey Good Contributor, Akaisha Kaderli, did, and this week, she shared the greatest lessons she’s learned in the last few decades, including why you should think about your retirement as a lifestyle rather than a vacation.

In case you missed them… Read the story!

Why Women Bully Friends

It’s not long that I go without mentioning that my Ultimate Concierge, Shelly, is also my best friend. Well, this week, darlings, I let you in on a little secret… he is also my best girlfriend!

Recently, when I mentioned to him that women bullying their friends was more of a pressing issue than it used to be, he had something very wise to say in response. Find out what it was… Read the story!

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50

Have you noticed your eyes are a little trickier to apply makeup to than they used to be? That is no fault of your own, darlings, it just happens as we age!

Luckily, this week on the blog, I rounded up some tricks of the trade to help you get those beautiful eyes of yours looking better and brighter than ever before… and in just minutes!

If you missed it, you’ll have to “see” it to believe it… Read the story!

How to Create a Chic Workspace

Do you find that you’re happier and more productive when your workspace is not only clean and tidy but also reflects your personality? I know I do!

That’s why this week, I let you all in on my secrets when it came to designing my home office space that I work and write from every day! It may not always be easy to get a space right, but once you do, you’ll know it.

Plus, check out some office spaces that inspired me while working on the story!

How to Survive a Suicide in Your Family

It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but raising suicide awareness is also important to my family and me, so this week, I shared our story.

My husband’s son, Steven, committed suicide, and while the thought of that can still be unbearable, the time has helped our family heal.

Find out how you, too, can be a survivor in this seemingly impossible situation… Read the story.

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August 11, 2018


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