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The Buzz: Could you eat like an Olympian?

Here at HoneyGood.com I had a very busy week as per usual. I am sure you all did as well, but the busy week didn’t stop me from putting together the most interesting news of the week!

This week I shared that sunscreen was part of my daily morning makeup routine( if you missed it you can read that story here)  and that I think it is really important for older women to make this part of their regular routine. Luckily this was the same week that Elle put together a list of their favorite sunscreens. Their list actually includes the brand I use! You can read their recommendations by clicking here.

The SAG awards were last week and it was a parade of beautiful gowns on the red carpet. However, there was one story that should have been fun and happy that turned a little sour. Taryn Manning, who stars in Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” was on the red carpet in a $200 dress. Isn’t that great?! That is so accessible to women who may need a fancy gown for the evening. The gown itself is sold at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. However, Manning herself wasn’t happy about it when she learned of the gown’s price tag. She claims to have wanted to be in couture. Well la-di-da. She looked stunning anyway and she issued an apology trying to explain herself, but she came across VERY snobby. You can read all about the drama here.

The Olympics are creeping back into the news and I am ready for it! This week Women’s Health sat down and looked at what figure skater Ashley Wagner eats in a day. Now I know that Wagner has to burn a lot more energy than we do while she’s training, but she also had some pretty good ideas for breakfast and snacks that keep you full and fuel you throughout the day. For breakfast, she eats a waffle with peanut butter and honey and for snacks, she does veggies and hummus. A lot of her diet is about convenience and as busy women we think you might enjoy her tips. You can read her whole daily food routine here.

I hope all of you are taking EXTRA precautions during this flu season. According to the AARP, it is the worst flu season since 2009 and the country is seeing much higher rates of hospitalization for baby boomers than it has in years past. Take your illness seriously, recognize warning signs and do everything you can to rest! Read about how this year’s flu is a little different here.


January 27, 2018


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