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The Buzz: How Will You Leave Your Mark?

Leave Your Mark

As I begin this holiday weekend, my mind is racing with thoughts of gratitude for all the brave men and women who have not only served our country but who have died in the fight for our freedom.

It is easy to forget that freedom isn’t free and that the protection these heroes provide for each of us is the ultimate sacrifice. Most of these men and women choose to make our lives better without even having met us… what an incredible gift.

It got me thinking about what sacrifices we can make on a daily basis, large or small, to make each other’s lives a better place. Can you pay for the groceries for the person behind you in line? Are you able to pick up some flowers for your neighbor and drop them off? What about sharing a smile with a stranger on the street?

There are so many ways to make a difference and to honor those who risk their lives every day for this great nation. How will you leave your mark? 

I would love to hear your ideas, darlings, so please comment below with your thoughts! 

The Week in Review

My Secret To Walking On The Sunny Side Of The Street

I know it is hard for some of you, darlings, to walk on the sunny side of the street because life is not always a bowl of cherries. It is complicated. I am fully aware that some women handle adversity better than others. We are all fragile at certain times for different reasons.

I walk on the sunny side of the street because I am a pragmatist — a pragmatist with a pinch of idealism. A pragmatist is a person who is sensible and realistic in their approach to life’s situations. The combination of traits enables me to walk on the sunny side of the street. How do I do this?

First of all, I do not… see what I mean when you read the story!

The Top 3 Qualities to Look For If You Want a Relationship After 50

This week, Honey Good Contributor, Lisa Copeland, shared that she’s had women share with her that they knew within five minutes whether or not the man they just met was “the one.”

Here’s what she had to say about that… 

There is NO WAY you know this about a man within 5 minutes!

What you do know is whether or not you have a hormonal connection that we call chemistry. Chemistry feels good and that’s why we use it as the number one factor for identifying the right one.

Both men and women put way too much value on chemistry and just because you’re initially attracted to someone doesn’t mean they’re a good partner for you.

So what qualities do make someone a good partner? Read the story!

The Best Memorial Day Travel Tips

I have my personal packing routine down to a science. Do you?

I love to travel but I KNOW that for some of you, packing is the worst part about going somewhere new. Well, it does not have to be! Here’s why…

This week I shared my tried and true packing tips. And they are life-changing. Trust me! So before you jet set… read the story!

Plus, in case you missed it, check out the Facebook Live event I held this week, where I answered your questions and talked about packing, traveling, and looking chic on the go… with YOU!

Jet-Setter Style: How to Master Airport Chic

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and I trust some of you are traveling somewhere fabulous.

However, if you are flying to your stunning destination, it is easy to arrive looking — and feeling — less than stunning yourself. You know the look: The puffy-eyed, flat-haired, dry-skinned mess that looks back at you in the mirror after a long flight.

A few key accessories are all you need to get that fresh-faced look anywhere you go. You can satisfy your wanderlust while looking and feeling wander-ful. Here’s how… Read the story!

Turning Empty Nesters Into Full Lifers

What do you think of the term “empty nester?”

It’s an often used term that, according to Google means, “a parent whose children have grown up and left home.”

No doubt you’ve heard the term but have you heard that having an empty nest can be a thing to celebrate? It’s so very true!

And that’s one of the reasons this week I was excited to share that I’ve become an ambassador for… Read the story!

Learning to Laugh At Yourself Over a Little Spilled Gas

This week on, I shared a story that I always tell my grands when I want to teach them the meaning of true grit or sticking with something until the end. I also use it as a lesson when I want them to value genuine kindness.

In fact, I’ve found that stories can be the best way to keep your child or grandchild engaged, so give it a try!

The story happened like this…

It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny day. I was singing to myself, “Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day! I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way!”

I was in a carefree mood, but little did I know… Read the story to find out what happened next!

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