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The Buzz: Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™

The Buzz: Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ (CSBSD™) is a day that is near and dear to my heart, darlings. It is a nationwide event that will be held on June 5

As many of you know, I am a cancer survivor myself. This is a day when those in the beauty industry offer complimentary services to all men, women, and children cancer survivors, regardless of their type of cancer or when they were diagnosed. And best yet, it is celebrated in all 50 states!

Another reason this day is so special is that all cancer survivors are invited to participate. For many, this day is the only time during the year that they receive a little personal kindness, warm support, and tender pampering.

Will you show your support?

Even if you can’t make it, Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day is a wonderful day to just show a little kindness for those around you.

Remember, we all fight battles that no one even knows about. Kindness can’t fix them all, but it is a great start!

National Bubba Day

June 2 is also National Bubba Day! For those of you who have never heard of this national holiday, it is observed across the United States as a day to recognize those who we affectionally refer to as “Bubba” throughout the year. This is often times a brother, friend, or even grandparent! The term “Bubba” is used as a term of endearment.

Do your grands ever refer to you as “Bubba?”

The Week in Review

An Opportunity That Changed My Life

I hope you all had an extraordinary Memorial Day! Over the long weekend, Honolulu, where I lived for over ten years, flashed into my mind.

I saw myself on a skiff riding out in calm seas to the Arizona Memorial with family or friends. I envisioned the surprise attack on our ships in Pearl Harbor. Nineteen ships were destroyed and 2,000 of our American sailors lost their lives.

I also saw myself riding in the same skiff with the author, speaker, and Holocaust survivor, Gerta Klein. Her words will be embedded forever in my mind… Find out what they were. 

Life Without Guilt

After spending some time in Palm Springs, California, I am back in my beautiful Chicago. I feel a calmness as I gaze straight ahead and see Lake Michigan out of the windows in our apartment in the sky. Its magnificence takes my breath away.

I purposely turn my head to the right to look at the city skyscape, hundreds of buildings aglow in the early morning sun. Feeling the city’s energy, I walk around our condo high in the sky on the 71st floor and smile as I touch my grandmother’s Chinese bowl holding a white Orchid.

I stop and smile at my collection of turtles that mean long life in the Chinese culture and feel nostalgic as I gaze at the last photo taken of Orchid, Shelly and me.

“What a difference a woman’s environment can make,” I think to myself.

I do not feel a kinship to Palm Springs, California, my home away from home. Unfortunately, I have had this feeling for a long time, years to be exact. I have to fight to be ‘me’ in California. In Chicago, I am ‘me.’

So what about this seemingly perfect scenario has me filled with guilt? And how do I manage it? Find out in this week’s story…

How to Survive Traveling

I am a well-seasoned traveler. My husband and I have covered the world, from Antarctica, through the entire Middle East, save Yemen, throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe.

We have ridden camels in the Sahara, climbed glaciers in Antarctica, lived in an elephant camp in Botswana, prayed at the Western Wall in Israel, visited Normandy to honor our American troops, had the best wine and champagne in Paris, and on and on darlings… and all without incident. Why? 

Because I am prepared to protect my husband and myself in case of danger. Are you?

If you answered no, read this week’s story about my tried and true advice on being prepared for the worst while traveling the country and abroad.

How I Survived the Loss of My Husband

My first experience with death and mourning occurred with the untimely death of my late husband, Michael.

Losing my soulmate was debilitating. I can best describe myself as shattered and shocked.

One day I was young, in my forties with two precious daughters living near the sea, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Life in the Islands with Michael, also in his forties, was a romantic adventure. The word “survive” was not part of my vocabulary.

It is now 20 years later. I survived this loss and yes, I can even say I am now thriving. The lesson is this: With fortitude and one step forward at a time, you too can survive and thrive again. Here’s how… Read the story.

Positivity & A New Pair of Shoes

This week, I was in my closet trying to decide on a pair of tennis shoes. I noticed my black patent leather ones and I had a heartwarming flashback of the day I bought them three years ago.

After choosing a different pair, I knew I wanted to share my story with you. It is a keeper and I thought you would feel as I did after you finished reading it. I was excited to sit down at my computer and share.

It all started with a broken ankle and a saleswoman I had never met… Read the story!

It’s My Turn to Hear From You!

I hope you enjoyed the week in review. I cherish you, my dear readers, and I welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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