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The Best Hair Dryer for Women Over 50: Honey’s Pick

The Best Hair Dryer for Women Over 50: Honey’s Pick Zuvi

The Best Hair Dryer for Women Over 50: Honey’s Approved Pick is the Zuvi Hairdryer

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I am a woman over 50 who knows what she wants, and this includes my haircare items! I knew after using the modern-age Zuvi Halo  hair dryer with LightCare technology that I had found the perfect dryer for myself and other women over 50. That might sound like hyperbole, but don’t just take my word for it. 

The Zuvi Halo  dryer was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2022. Allure Magazine gave it the Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award in 2022. After using my Zuvi Halo  dryer for two months I am giving an award to this brand. I can authentically state, “I am a Zuvi fan.”  

“My hair is now softer, fuller and shinier.” — Honey Good

In my opinion a woman’s hair is her crowing glory. When you have a bad hair day or days, it plays on your emotions. Your make-up can be applied perfectly, the choice of your outfit flattering, your nails manicured to perfection. But your crowning glory, your hair, when it is not in gorgeous condition you can easily slide into a funk. 

I know this sounds familiar because I am also that woman and I know that a shiny full head of hair attributes to a woman’s positive attitude. And, a woman’s attitude is her latitude. I am smiling.

Why a Hair Dryer(!) Should Be Part of Your Wellness Routine

The Best Hair Dryer for Women Over 50: Honey’s Pick

My Zuvi modern-age hair dryer is truly, I kid you not, perfection in all categories. So much so, I rarely visit my hairdresser.  And when I do, I take my Zuvi with me. I think hair salon owners should ask their hairdressers to purchase the Zuvi Halo .  

My hair is now softer, fuller and shinier. Why? Because the Zuvi goal is to leave moisture in your hair. And, I can authentically attest — it does!  Truth be told I wake up in the morning with my hair looking full and lush. I do not use  product on my hair before drying. 

I have small hands and this can be a huge problem when using your hair dryer. I find my Zuvi hair dryer easy to grip. 

The air coming out of the dryer feels cool, never hot as it dries my long hair in half the time!  

There are five controls on the Zuvi. 

  • Care Mode: This control optimizes your hair’s health while maintaining fast drying speeds.
  • Fast Mode: Optimizes for drying speed while leaving a woman’s hair healthy.
  • Soft Mode: Smooth the air flow and uses less light for women with sensitive scalps. 
  • Style Mode: For use ONLY with the styling accessories. 
  • Cool Mode:  Hold the mode button to trigger a burst of cool air.  

The Zuvi Styling Accessory Tips:

  • I love my new styling accessories, especially the diffuser that locks in my wavy hair and I now can actually create curls. It is suggested that you use the Fast Mode.
  • The styling concentrator straightens and shapes my hair and I use the  Style Mode button.
  • The gentle air attachment should be used by women with sensitive scalps on Fast Mode. 

When operating, the Zuvi has a quietness about it that puts me in a relaxed mood. I feel a sense of joy and contentment as I use my Zuvi and oh how important that is to incorporate mindfulness into a woman’s beauty routine

Today, I had lunch with a few friends who commented on the condition of my hair and my wavy hair style. I was eager to rave about my new Zuvi. I always share information about items I am passionate about. In my opinion the healthy condition and styling of a woman’s hair tells alot about them. That is why I am passionate about my Zuvi Halo. It takes care of my hair and I, like all women, love to be taken care of. Right, darling?  

Honey Good readers will always get the best deal on the Zuvi Halo! 

The Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer is 25% OFF during their Black Friday sale

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What Makes Zuvi Different?

The word Zuvi is a girl’s name and the meaning of the word is, “life.” How appropriate a name for the Zuvi Halo

You’re probably curious, “Honey, you’re really this excited about a hair dryer?” The answer is yes! Here’s a bit of what sets Zuvi apart. 

Traditional hair dryers use heat that adds to the breakage and damage to of a woman’s hair. Zuvi’s technology uses light to dry only the water droplets on the surface of a woman’s hair protecting the hair’s internal moisture for healthier hair in every way. 

If you’ve had trouble in the past and seek a glamorous shine and fullness to a healthier scalp and head of hair — you need a Zuvi!

You know how much I love nature and how it inspires me, well, it inspired the Zuvi Halo ! Think of yourself air drying your hair as you take a morning walk. Zuvi air-dries your hair as if you took a stroll outside, but at a faster rate.

The company took their inspiration from natural sunlight and wind and built it into their patented LightCare system. It avoids overheating your hair and scalp while preserving moisture that is essential to a glowing and healthy head of hair. 

Honey Good readers will always get the best deal on the Zuvi Halo! 

The Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer is 25% OFF during their Black Friday sale

Click Here to Shop the Zuvi Halo

Use my code “Honey5” for an extra 5% off

Save a total 30%, the best deal of the year is here!

Zuvi’s Technology Is Akin to Hair Magic



In the Zuvi hair lab the company created new ways to dry strands of hair that leaves the hair dry and styled but not frizzy and damaged. They were able to adjust heat levels and protect the inner cortex of the hair shaft leaving hair 109% more hydrated than when dried with other hairdryers. 

This product stops baking your hair by using a lower temperature and efficient drying. No woman wants a head of frizzy hair. The Zuvi leaves a woman’s hair 17% smoother than other dryers.

Every woman loves a shiny head of hair. Zuvi positioned LED lights and hi-res cameras to detect variations in light reflected off hair in a dark room. Their testing proved by using Zuvi Halo, a woman’s hair reflects more light ( 38% more shine) than overtired hair with other dryers.

And for those of you with colored hair Zuvi experimented and utilized a procedure that does not fade or dry out colored hair. Zuvi Halo locks in hair color 57% longer due to their LightCare technology.  

Hydrated hair means stronger hair. At the hair lab the staff designed a strength test that measures the moisture content and hair pliability. The result. Using a Zuvi Halo a woman’s hair strands are 9% stronger versus other dryers.

Why Zuvi Gets the Honey Good Seal of Approval: Best Green Hair Product of 2023

When you add the Zuvi Halo with patented LightCare technology to your list of hair products you are giving yourself a gift. A well-deserved gift. Remember, it is important to take care of yourself. You count.

Here are some stats that came from Zuvi’s lab testing:

  • Adds 109% internal moisture to each strand of hair
  • 38% shinier hair
  • 17% smoother hair
  • 57% longer color retention

The price of the Zuvi Halo dryer is $329.69 and includes free shipping and a 30 day return policy.  You will also receive a 2 year warranty and three attachments; 3 nozzles, one is a diffuser with your Zuvi Halo dryer. 

I love the diffuser attachment. It evenly disperses the airflow that reduces frizz and defines my hair’s natural pattern. it boosts the volume of my hair and gives it so much body that it looks voluptuous! 

To wrap it up, here are my favorite features:

  • Lightweight and easy for my small hands to grip
  • Leaves moisture intact with low heat
  • My hair is shinier and fuller after 2 months of use
  • This dryer is SO quiet
  • The technology is perfect for the unique texture of gray hair and for delicate dyed hair

I will end by saying, “I am Honey Good, the happy owner of the Zuvi Halo with LightCare technology.  I think the creators of Zumi Halo are geniuses. Thank you creators!  

Click Here to Shop the Zuvi Halo

Use my code “Honey5” for an extra 5% off

Save a total 30%, the best deal of the year is here!




November 3, 2023

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