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Spa Secrets of 5 Celebrities Over 50

Have you been to the spa lately, darlings? Will you be rewarding yourself with some pampering after completing your list of spring cleaning chores? I just might! But whether you’ve made an appointment or not, these five celebrity women over 50 are sharing their secret beauty treats that are spa-worthy any day of the week!

Spa Secrets of 5 Celebrities Over 50

Barbra Streisand Spa Secrets

Image via W Magazine

Barbra Streisand

At 75 years old, nothing can hold Barbra Streisand back as she still tours while working on creating her memoir and an album. The do-it-all singer and actress, who has won numerous Grammys and Golden Globes, reportedly loves a good anti-wrinkle facial to keep her skin in tip-top shape. This facial works by making sure that the skin is rehydrated and given a deep skin exfoliation to reveal the new skin below. Did you know that after 50 exfoliation is crucial? “The outer layer is a roof of dead skin, and it thickens as you age, so you need to exfoliate to see more of the fresher skin,” said New York City plastic surgeon Steven J. Pearlman, in Ladies Home Journal.

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Viola Davis

The “How To Get Away With Murder” star gets away with looking gorgeous at 52 years old. Her haven is the spa, reportedly, and her favorite treatment is an alkaline water and mineral bath, which gives the benefit of detoxifying the body through the use of alkaline water (especially in consumption) and increasing blood flow and metabolism through mineral baths.


Insiders shed a “Ray of Light” on Madonna’s skin care routine. Madonna reportedly doesn’t travel without her Intraceuticals Oxygen Machine. This machine is priced over $14,000 and provides oxygen facials that infuse vitamins A, C, E, green tea extracts and hyaluronic acid with pressurized oxygen. This gives the face a hydrated glow while also removing wrinkles and puffiness from the skin. Although this particular machine is rather expensive, you can get this treatment at a high-end spa near you if your at-home budget doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Christie Brinkley

This three-time featured Sports Illustrated model is a mother of three and, as of today, she’s 64 years of age. Brinkley is reportedly religious about taking good care of her skin with sunscreen and maintaining a vegetarian diet. She’s also a huge fan of deep tissue massage, which she gets on a weekly basis. Deep tissue massage helps realign the muscles and target muscle pain so one can remain limber and fit.

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Demi Moore

As of late, Demi Moore, 55, has been embracing her natural locks of grey, and her skin looks great as well. Maybe she’s freezing her skin in time? While that may have seemed like a joke, I recently found out that’s not too far from the truth, as she has been said to dabble in the latest craze, cryotherapy. The therapy essentially exposes your body to frozen nitrogen, similar to a quick ice pack application, to encourage muscle relaxation, improve skin tone and reduce blood constriction.

What’s the one beauty treat you swear by? Do you have multiple? Do tell! I would so love to hear from you either in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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