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Sharing is Caring – December Fashion, Accessories & Daydreams!

Sharing is Caring - December Fashion, Accessories & Daydreams!

Having spent the past twenty years of winter in sunny California, this winter season presents a new adventure for my Ultimate Concierge, America, and myself. Winter in my once upon a time beautiful Chicago, otherwise known as Elsewhere, will be different.

The first ‘to do’ on my winter shopping list was to purchase a warm winter fleece-lined coat and a few sweaters for our pooch, America. He is now the proud owner of one winter fleece lined orange coat, boots to keep his feet warm and dry, and three sweaters.

My Ultimate Concierge is his own ‘ultimate’ because, I swear on a stack of Bibles, he has more clothes than I have! He needs nothing. He needs nothing except me to keep him nice and warm this winter.

Shopping for My Home

Of course, being the woman I am I have done a little damage to our checkbook if you know what I mean. But, it is interesting because it is not all about clothing. I bought candles! Lots of candles! Some are tapered and nondrip and others are for my bath and office. Then naturally, candle-lit dinners for my Ultimate Concierge and me. I have scented ones and many with color.

I purchased a new Wok, had a cabinet and drawers built into a closet for fine glassware and china, napkins, silverware, placemats, etc. Then I purchased surprises for our kids and grands for Hanukkah, and always keep fresh orchid plants in our home.

Answering Comments

I love writing my stories and answering your comments (I am far behind in answering because of our move, but I promise you will hear back from me) because I love the emotional feeling I get when I give of myself to you and others. As well, I feel I am giving myself a gift! I get pleasure when I share my feelings and ideas or find that something special I know will make someone I care for happy. Oh! And, I almost forgot to mention I opened a new shop on my site,!

There is no better time of the year to give back to those you love than the month of December, my favorite month of the year.

Some Hot Tips

Guess what just came to my once beautiful Chicago? The luxury consignment store, The RealReal. And, it is two blocks from our home! Last Friday on my mile walk I stopped in because of my bunions! Yes, it’s my bunion’s fault that I walked out with a Dior jacket priced just right! Why was it my bunion’s fault? Because I want to sell some of my beautiful shoes that are killing my feet! I know I will make some women very happy. And, I will be giving a gift to strangers and that suits me just fine! The first hot tip… beautiful well cared for items bought at a discount and the service is perfection.

The Second ‘RealReal’ Tip

I asked my salesperson about the return policy. Two weeks and a credit back to my charge card. I wanted to make sure I would not get stuck with an in-store credit. I am a firm believer in asking the advice of people in the know, so I took my new find to a person who runs the Dior department in a store. She told me it was ‘a keeper.’ She knew it was three years old and even knew the woman who owned it because of the size! She called in alterations and I had my new find fitted. One last tip: The RealReal has an app.

A Tip for Shoes

Lastly, in the tip department, I want to share this prescription. Over the years I have learned how to keep my style and not be crippled because of my bunions! I purchase my shoes a size or two larger. Your shoe will not feel too large. The best brands have a large toe box. This relieves pressure and irritation. Of course, athletic shoes are the best and I recommend Altra, Adidas, and Brooks. I do also like Birkenstocks.

Now, let’s go for glamorous! Even though we are all unhappy living in Elsewhere, it is the holiday season. This season is all about a ‘picking ourselves up attitude’ and gifting it to others around you.

So darling, here’s to a bit of glam with attitude! I wear Prada, Miu Miu, Vivier, and Gucci boots; a big ‘yes’ to Saint Laurent and Prada for platforms. Here’s the thing, I splurge on my shoes for comfort and style. I treat every pair of my shoes like a necklace or a pair of earrings. They are an accessory. And, your accessories tell others a lot about the you in you.

Sharing Daydreams During the Holiday in Elsewhere

I suppose it is easier for some of us to deal with living in Elsewhere than others. It is hard for me because I am a very curious woman. I can’t say, ‘whatever’ and let the chips fall where they may. Darling, I am always frantically searching to figure things out by listening to all sides of the equation and ‘my gut.’ I tell my Ultimate Concierge what my gut tells me before it happens and so far I have been right. I wish I had been wrong. But, I am a daydreamer… so are you!

A Tip for the Mind… Daydreams

A woman’s ultimate style consists of more than her outer look. It is her entire demeanor. That means her mind, too. Actually, my definition of style is: Style is a woman’s total biography.

I daydream a lot, and as I said before, so do you. Everyone does! Daydreams are our thoughts but I prefer calling my thoughts, my daydreams, because I just like the word better. It is not as serious-sounding as the word thought.

Our daydreams are a gift because they ignite our ideas. Daydreaming expresses what you want, how to get it, or solve it. Unless you are aware of the importance of a daydream you are probably unaware that you should hold on to them and over time act on them because they are the real you in you.

I daydream about many things. Some of my daydreams are not good but many are constructive and some absolutely excite me. They are all realistic because they are my thoughts talking to me.

Make Your Daydreams Happen!

During this time in your life, daydream about something that is very important to you and make a promise to make it happen in 2021! You will be looking forward, not standing still and drowning in Elsewhere. The new chapter in your book of life will not be blank because you are going to fill it in with your daydreams. Write down your daydreams in a journal.

I know you want me to share my daydreams with you. OK. Here goes. I daydream about figuring out a better way to bond with my adult family and grandchildren. I miss them very much and I have a real need for them back into my life. So, I daydream about how I can reignite my sense of wonder, positive curiosity, and humor. I daydream of ways to stick to my program of being good to myself. As well, I daydream about my relationship with my Ultimate Concierge. I daydream about a move to the sea, part-time, and seeing the Silverback Gorillas in Rwanda. And, I daydream about exploring an added plan for Honey Good.

All of my daydreams encompass Elsewhere–a nightmare–because my daydreams are figuring out how to combat current reality to make them come true. But, I know I can do it…. and so will you!

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    1. I call the entire world Elsewhere because it is a place no human being wants to live under these conditions of COVID 19 AND isolation. Can you wear high heels after your bunion surgery? Warmly, Honey

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