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In Honor Of Orchid: Life Ends, But Love Goes On

My dog, Orchid, made my heart sing.

She spent many of her waking hours with me.

She was always at my side when I wrote my musings. She was my little partner.

She died in my arms, with her huge black eyes looking into mine, kissing my hand as the doctor ended her life, in our home on April 20, 2018. There are no words to describe our grief.

Orchid Good gave us, for eleven and one-half years, unconditional love and constant joy. She was a breath of fresh air.  Her beautiful spirit will always remain in our broken hearts.

God bless you, Orchid Good. We know the angels have wrapped their arms around you. How could they not?

The below is a story that Orchid “wrote” many years ago on this blog. It brings me so much comfort to remember a time when her little life was filled with such daily joy because she filled mine with joy until the last breath left her sweet body.

Good morning to all of my Mistress’s readers,

My name is Orchid Good. I am a Soft-Coated, forty pound, Wheaten Terrier. My mistress, Honey Good, wants me to look “very girly” so she keeps my hair very long. I am one feminine Wheaten!

I am eight-years-old and a city girl! I live in a high rise building on the 71st floor that allows me to overlook the beautiful city of Chicago and Neiman Marcus where I shop with my mistress.

I love riding the elevator  in my building four times a day because everyone pets me and tells me I am beautiful and sweet. I am a people-person pooch and I respond to all humans with my wagging tail and kisses. I am not bragging when I tell you that I am the favorite dog in our building because everyone tells me including, my master and mistress that, “Everybody loves Orchid.” You probably did not know that the average dog understands two hundred words and I am not average! So I pick up on what is going on.

I lead a very full life and believe me, not a “dog’s life.” (I really find that phrase very insulting!) I have many dog friends as well as people friends. I spend happy time outdoors in the park with other doggies and my mistress.

My mistress and I window shop and stop in at the doggie store for something new and stylish!  On our daily walks in the city all the doormen see me coming and offer treats because my mistress has taught me my manners and I never leave without giving them a kiss.

I know how to ride the escalators and am a pro at riding the elevators. I go into shops with my Mistress and know all the sales girls , who admire me.

I also lunch with my Mistress, in the summer, at little outdoor cafes! I am a service dog so I fly with my Master and Mistress. I love the hustle and bustle of airports, the Admiral’s Club and the sound of the airplane engine. I lay at my Mistress’s feet and sleep the entire trip, only to get up for water, which the flight attendants offer me. The passengers cannot believe my perfect behavior and the flight attendants want to take me home! I guess you could compare me to “Eloise at the Plaza!”

I consider myself a very knowledgeable dog because I have been exposed to life! I have the “GOOD” fortune to be my Mistress’s co-partner at We blog together daily. I am her sounding board and it does not matter where she blogs; I am always by her side. She talks to me and I can sense her every move and every word.

If her voice is happy because she has thought of a great topic or sentence, I look at her approvingly with my huge black eyes! If I sense that she is thinking too hard, I kiss her several times and feel her body relax next to mine. And if I hear her overjoyed, I wag my tail and she leans over and rubs my head, back and tummy and tells me that she loves me to the moon.

I am her anchor. I always have a positive disposition and we both see the glass half-full. I am so proud of her and she knows this by my protective and loving attitude. We are partners through and through!  It is called love.  I hear my Mistress calling, “Orchid, Orchid, lets go for our walk.”  Did you notice she did not say, her walk or my walk…but ‘our’ walk. We are best girlfriends. Bye for now.

Tons of licks,

Orchid Good

Better Together

I know that life ends, but love goes on.

I appreciate the wisdom and truth of those words and yet, I grieve. No words lessen my grief but I have suffered a loss before, and I know that time lessens pain.

The only way out is through and so that is the direction I will walk… forever missing having Orchid by my side.

Have you suffered the loss of a family pet? How did you get through it? Please share your story either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Together we are stronger.

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