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New Year, New Achievements – How to Reinvent in 2020!

Can You Believe It’s Already 2020?!

Darlings, first I want to say Happy New Year!

Can you believe we’ve entered a new decade? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the year 2000. Now, here we are, already in 2020!

With the beginning of each New Year, transforming ourselves into a newer and better version is always on our minds. It seems we can never be satisfied with ourselves, which as you know, can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

The way I look at it, we should be setting new goals for ourselves in the New Year instead of putting ourselves down for the things we either don’t like about ourselves or things we didn’t do. 

Being An Achiever 

Instead, I think to myself… What would it be like to be an achiever? What if every New Year we instead made a list of goals we’d like to achieve and dreams we’ve never seen come true? 

Now, Darlings, I want you to remember that I am not saying resolutions are bad. I think the heart and intention of them are so good. I just want you to believe in yourself!

We can always grow emotionally, mentally and physically as people, in fact, I believe we all crave it. Just like we crave food and other pleasures! 

With that being said, health is important, just like any other type of wellness. But what if in 2020, instead of saying “Gee, I need to lose 10lbs!” we say, “I want to be fit and strong in 2020? I want to box! I want to go on more walks!” 

Doesn’t that sound more kind and loving? 

We Can Do It! 

Now, I propose that this year we go out and achieve! What do you say my, Darlings? 

What will you add to your list of achievements this year? 

p.s. Make sure you watch the video of Shelly & I above! My Ultimate Concierge is definitely an achiever. Just like myself!

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  1. You are so right! We tend to make all these resolutions and then feel guilty not keeping them. I think your way is more positive and we will feel good by achieving our goals! Happy New Year!

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