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Happy National Girlfriends Day!

National Girlfriends Day

Happy National Girlfriends Day! It may be true that there is a holiday for everything nowadays but I couldn’t be happier about an excuse to celebrate my many girlfriends and the richness that they bring to my life.

As you know, I’ve shared before — here and here — how I feel about the importance of girlfriends, especially later in life.

But, why? Why are girlfriends such an essential ingredient in the recipe to a happy, relevant, and vibrant life after 50?

Here’s the scoop…

Girlfriends listen without solving!

Some people say you should not embrace stereotypes, but let’s be frank, darlings, stereotypes exist for a reason! For example, some of them are quite true. 😉

One stereotype that I have found to be rather true throughout my life, is that if you tell a man your problems, he will try to solve them.

It’s really quite kind and gracious of him to try to be your hero, but sometimes what we’re looking for is a shoulder to cry on rather than a big arm to help us up!

This is where some of my best girlfriends fill a void in my life that perhaps my Ultimate Concierge is not naturally designed to fill.

If I have something I want to talk through, I can do so with my girlfriends. They won’t solve problems for me unless I ask them to, and they’re more than happy to delve into the details of any situation… even repeatedly if I so desire.

Honestly, the best way to solve a problem is often just to talk through it and, as I like to say, live into the answer.

So, a big thank you to all of my girlfriends who have listened to me talk, patiently allowing me to get something off my chest or even allowing me to arrive at a solution on my own.

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

When it comes to talking about men, whether about sexual situations or even just the small nuances of long-term relationships between men and women, there’s nothing like going to my girlfriends. Don’t you agree?

We can laugh about the things that our lovely husbands have in common, the good-natured mistakes these guys make, and the fact that they seem to turn on their “man eyes” every time they try to find something in the fridge.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we’re necessarily complaining about our husbands; as you all know, I absolutely adore mine. No, this is more about good-natured camaraderie and sharing common stories with a laugh. Understanding each other’s occasional frustrations and finding a common ground in the many positives — but occasional negatives — of sharing your home, your heart, and your life with another human being for decades.

Variety is the spice of life!

My husband is my rock. In the over two-decades-long marriage that we share, he always excites me, often surprises me, and yet, he has remained steady and true. He is truly a guiding light in my life. And yet, I love my girlfriends because of the variety and spice they add to my life.

I have often said that one of the most valuable things about my marriage is that Shelly and I share values. This is true and I think it’s essential! But, I have friends from many different backgrounds with many different political views and I enjoy the challenge and growth that can be found when spending time with people whose views differ from my own.

Thanks to a rich roster of girlfriends of all races, creeds, and nationalities, I am lucky to live a life that is full of color, enriched by vibrant and visible women after 50.

I would be remiss to end this story without thanking all of you, my Honey Good community of nearly 200,000 girlfriends.

On an Internet that is not often kind, we have built a community of vast and varied women who support and lift each other up. You are my virtual girlfriends in the real world and in a very real way. I am blessed because of you.

Happy National Girlfriends Day!

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  1. Happy National girl friends Day! Thank you for the wonderful letter. You are refreshing to hear from. I love your take on life. 🌸

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