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My personal hustle, Honey GoodElsewhere has been overbearing in the ways it restricts my lifestyle as well as its ability to burden my life. There are the masks, lack of family, fears, homeboundness, and anger. Not to mention the madness in our political system and the mess with vaccines. Above all, my loss of faith in the sincerity and kindness of the human race. It’s to the point that I wonder about all the people in my life… are they or aren’t they what they profess to be? But, as in all cases, there is a positive lesson that comes out of all stressful situations.  

Here is mine and why.

Elsewhere taught me to… pause… to reflect and define what happiness, such an elusive word, means to me. 

Spending time alone with the ‘hustle’ of life on hold, led me to go inside myself and reflect on what is really important. I have had two years, like you, to ‘just be’ and I like it, ‘just fine.’ Elsewhere gave me that gift.

I decided I wanted to live a quality life over a quantity lifestyle; one that is emotionally and physically healthy. I need to feel my personal hustle to feel emotionally exhilarated. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love an energetic and exhilarating hustle but on my terms.


I took advantage of the isolation, caused by Elsewhere. First, I turned inward. I decided on what was honestly important for my happiness. Then I downsized my hustle to fit my needs. No longer would I live in a straight jacket that hindered my needs and happiness. I no longer wanted to go with the flow. 

I love my work with its bad stress that ultimately turns into good stress. Additionally, I love my family, pilates and spending time with my pooch America. Also planning family travel, reading, and keeping my mind involved with world events and my personal lifestyle. And, a hustle with my ultimate concierge suits me to a tee!

For example, I heard the same question 100 times. “Susan, where are you going to live in Florida? When are you going to buy a place?” 

My answer after months of thought in Elsewhere. 

“I (we) don’t want to buy a place in Florida now.”

“Why not?” Asked my friends.

“Because my hustle is to be a free agent, to explore options.” 

The above answer set me free and I felt a wave of peacefulness come over me. 


It is all about your private thoughts on how to live your hustle successfully.  It is different strokes for different women.

I ask myself, “Why do women waver back and forth when they  instinctively know their happiness hustle?”

They have to keep up with the Joneses and prefer that instead of being honest with themselves.

I think many women of all ages get lost in the hustle of thinking their happiness has to come from outside their doors, monetary and emotional… and don’t acknowledge what is really important to them.

Admittedly, two years ago I was one of those women. But, not anymore. I’ve limited my wants and concentrated on my needs. 

You can and should do the same.  Downsize your hustle and live your life on your terms and you will have a life of peace and happiness. 

Take the time to think about your personal needs and goals. Consider your hobbies: great books, artfully crafting a sentimental scrapbook for your grandchildren, cooking or gardening class online. Go it alone to a museum or listen to the Dossin give a review. Watch interesting documentaries, share quality time with women who mirror you. Listen to what gives you a feeling of tranquility yet a hustle.

I am a doer. No doubt about it. I certainly do not want to live a life in isolation. What I do want and am striving daily to achieve is a calm and modest life; not a life in pursuit. I no longer have the desire to chase anyone for emotional or monetary success. Nor should you.

I have found my hustle and happiness to pursue my life in complete…freedom. OMG it is the greatest hustle of my life!

What’s your idea of hustle? Please tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Elsewhere! Your article was very enjoyable and informative and most of all comforting. You really hit that nail on the head. We are all individuals and what’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. I personally could not understand when I was in my 50’s and worked in administration of a seniors residence why all the resident went to Florida every Nov. Till end of March. I thought then that it was a waste of precious time that was left for them to experience and enjoy more than just waiting for God. When we shut down and stay stationary we in a way give up and loose our hustle so therefore leave room for that grim reaper to sneak into our body looking for another victim. Stay active, go places if you are still able to travel, and see anything as long as you enjoy what you are looking at. There’s no second chance unfortunately as far as we are aware so even if it’s going to a coffee meet or a museum just don’t settle. Your journey has come to an end so take what you can from it how little it may be so you leave with a smile on your face and peace in your heart and soul.

  2. I lost my best friend through death and I honestly felt 6/8 months ago lost as everyone else around me still had their best friend. But I’ve learnt that I don’t necessarily need a best friend (she can never be replaced) to have a fulfilled life. I have friends, which aren’t best friends but that’s ok. I’ve learnt what is now more important to me now and that’s what I had all along – my loving husband and daughter. I now live day to day and let those friends I take part in my life when it happens and the rest of the time I just live my life. I treasure the best friend I had for 30+ years but I no longer mourn the loss of it.

  3. This was a great one Honey! Also this is how I think now after Lockdown! I am following my heart now. Less stuff and more life .

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