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Letting Your Inner & Outer Beauty Shine

Letting Your Inner & Outer Beauty Shine


Lately, I have been reassessing how I spend my time and and how I take care of myself. This made me realize, I miss maintaining me!

I have been so busy maintaining so many other things that I lost track of taking the time out of my day — or even week — for myself. It is not a selfish act to want to take care of the inner and outer you. It is an upper! For lack of a better word, let’s call it… maintenance!

Maintenance, Darlings, Maintenance!

Let’s face it, darlings, at our age of over fifty, it’s patch-patch-patch. And patching takes time. We deserve to anoint our bodies and souls with maintenance so that we can stay vibrant in every way.

Take pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I taking the time to be a vibrant woman over fifty?” If you are not, it is time to reassess!

I did! And here is why…

My life consists primarily of spending my time maintaining my family as a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter; maintaining our good credit because I pay our bills; overseeing two homes; maintaining the care of my pooch, America; making all of our social plans so that we can maintain friendships and our reputation in our communities. And that is just for starters. Add to the mix, I oversee my company,, and spend several hours writing my blogs. 

That is a big chunk out of my day! Something had to suffer and unfortunately it has been me. I have put my personal maintenance on the back burner, unintentionally, but nevertheless on the back burner, darlings!

Have you?

And the honest truth of the matter is, I have not been one bit unhappy because everything I am doing fulfills me but… over the past few months I missed picking up the great novel that has been sitting, unopened, on my night table. I’ve missed the experience of slowly thumbing through the pages of womanly magazines; Architectural Digest and Vogue. I missed taking my time to shop till I drop, and I don’t mean groceries. Maybe most of all, I missed what I have always loved, the joy in having time for me. I decided that I wanted it back!

Don’t you?

My Defining Moment

I had an appointment at 10:00 am for a manicure. I was late! Driving to the shop, I got into a deep conversation with my computer person over a problem with my laptop. I became so involved in the conversation that I drove past the shop not once, but twice. Noticing that I had passed it, I turned around… only to pass it again!

I arrived fifteen minutes late, raced in, tripped over a customer’s feet, almost falling and making a comical scene.

“Oh Jennifer! I am so sorry I am late,” I cried to my manicurist apologetically, dropping into her chair, totally weary.

“Don’t worry Susan, sit down, close your eyes and relax.”

“Relax,” I said, “I don’t know how to relax!

“I have time to wax your eyebrows and give you a facial. Would you like that?”

As I sat there with one hand in warm water and my eyes closed, I very calmly said, “That would be wonderful, just wonderful.”

And that was my defining moment, darlings! I could not remember the last time I treated myself to a facial, so I went home and re-assessed my needs.

Since then, I have given myself adequate time to patch-patch-patch!

I have given myself time to read and go to my weekly Torah study class.

There is time to shop till I drop and I don’t mean at the market!

There is time to workout at the gym and go on my treadmill!

And I figured out how to do that without giving up everything else I love.

My Goal For You

My goal is to make you think about giving yourself time to maintain your beauty, health and mind. It is so important to appreciate you. I want you to take action. Plus, the cooler months are the perfect time!

Go to the gym. Hire a trainer. Get a weekly manicure. Take a cooking class. Treat yourself to a facial, an eyebrow tint and a wax. Read to keep your mind alert.

I know you must be wondering what I am going to do to remain vibrant over fifty.

I am going to hire a college intern. He or she will free up my time. In every city and town there is a University or Community college. College kids work for you for college credit or experience. Their gain is not monetary. It is to learn. Your gain is an added helper with very little or no out of pocket expense.

How Will YOU Remain Vibrant?

I hope I have reacquainted you with the wonderful world of you!

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  1. Honey, what you are sharing today is SO true! Every once in awhile I will stop and take a look at my hands and my feet and my face and say, hey Connie, you need to take the time and do some maintenance, and you will feel100% beautiful again. So I do, and it does make me feel like a princess. It affects my whole attitude, about everything and it’s long-lasting. I wonder why I don’t make this a regular practice. After reading your story, I will! Thanks again Honey, for your great thought provoking and practical advice! Have a great day!

  2. I feel vibrant when I do something for others. Being over 85, I have accepted “the things I can not change” but my volunteer work keeps me alive. I am particularly active in an organization that makes sure our town residents have oil in their furnaces these cold winters. This brings me joy.

  3. This email came at the right time. I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow for some botox and i definitely need it but I thought last night about cancelling it because of trying to fit it in with work and everything else. Also i have not had a massage in over two or more years. It is sad that we let lives get in front of taking care of ourself but this is what women do, we feel that we need to be the strong one and take care of everyone else. Thanks again for this blog i really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Thank you Honey, I have been overwhelmed with working, being mom, grandmother. I went back to acupuncture and I am going to take a yoga class which I miss because it works. Thanks again for reminding me about self care.

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