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How To Keep Your Pedicure Pretty

How To Keep Your Pedicure Pretty

A relaxing spa pedicure is a welcome treat year round. However, getting that pedicure and keeping polish pristine, as fall takes over, presents a formidable challenge.

But never fear, spa-loving readers, I’ve got a few tips to keep toes polished to perfection no matter how chilly the season is! Follow these recommendations and keep toes warm in cool temps and perfectly painted from spa to home.

(Those who frequent inexpensive nail salons should be forewarned, the old plastic bag around the toes trick is sure to backfire, leaving your recently purchased pedicure wrecked. Be sure to refuse this treatment if offered!)

Tips for Making Sure Your Pedicure Stays Pretty

Keep Your Feet Smooth

Instead of spending a lot of money every few weeks having your calluses removed, invest in a pumice stone to regularly maintain your soft feet. You can purchase these relatively cheaply, and this will prevent you having to pay for those expensive treatments at the salon when it’s too late for a pumice stone. Plus, the better your feet look, the better your pedicure will look!

Moisturize (But Avoid Scented Lotions)

Moisturizing your feet on a regular basis can make your pedicure look brand new because it keeps your skin and cuticles soft and hydrated. However, if you’re someone who likes scented body lotions, beware! Synthetic fragrances of any kind can cause your nail polish to crack. Instead, just make sure that the lotions you are using to moisturize are unscented.

Don’t Forget the Base & Top Coats

Before having color applied, don’t let the pedicurist forget your base coat! It helps to give the color something to sink into besides your actual nails.

Then, once all is said and done, make sure to have a top coat applied to give your nails superhero protection against the elements! Not to mention, it also allows for a quick-dry, high shine, long-lasting pedicure.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil, commonly made of vegetable oil, vitamins, and citric acid, is a moisturizing product for your nails. It doesn’t just keep your feet soft and moisturized. It also keeps your nail polish from chipping and in cases of extreme damage and dryness, it can restore your nails to health.

Give Nails Time to Harden

I know that for some of us, it’s easy to get impatient once the pampering is complete, but take some time at the spa to allow fresh polish to dry. However, if you just can’t spare a few extra minutes, ensure that nails are dry by using a quick-drying spray.

And, not just any spray will do; one to try is OPI’s rapid dry ($10.95 at Ulta, here) — this product is used at many of the upscale salons and spas I have visited in my travels. Give this power-packed spray a spritz and then wait a minute or two to help strengthen the lacquer.

Go A Shade Darker

Looking for a pro tip? Be sure to keep a bottle of polish at home that is a shade darker than the original color you used for your pedicure. That way, when it starts to chip, you can go over your older pedicure with the darker color. This will help touch up your pedicure and lengthen its life!

Or, if you would prefer the color is the same, simply BYOB (bring your bottle) to the salon and that way you know for sure you’ll be able to touch it up in the coming weeks.

Invest in Pedicure Booties

Last, but certainly not least, make the best of a sticky polish situation, by keeping close-toed shoes far from perfectly pedicured toenails. Though it seems an odd choice for the coolness of late fall in Chicago, or other similar climates, sandals are best.

Pedicure Booties

Or, if pampering pedicures are your weekly or bi-weekly vice, invest in a boot certain to keep you warm and keep your polish intact, Bootie Pies ($58 to $78 at Designed with the spa maven in mind, this boot touts an open toe and a zippered back to easily slip pedicured feet in without incident. Once your toe polish is hard and dry, cap up your Bootie Pies with the patent-leather toe covers, turning your perfect pedicure footwear into your favorite boots!

How Do You Take Care of Yourself?

Do you make a point to find the time to do the little things that help you continue to feel vital and vibrant after 60? What are you nail care tips and tricks? Do tell!

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