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How to Listen to and Follow Your Heart

How to Listen to and Follow Your Heart

So many people think that their minds are responsible for decision-making. But before you “make up your mind,” are you aware of the importance of listening to your heart?

Your heart is your alter ego, your secondary or alternative personality, and, if you let her, she can also be your trusted friend. If you listen to your heart’s messages, your path through life will be less bumpy. It is a truism that the mysteries of the heart send our minds our true feelings. Your first goal is ‘to listen to the beat.’

I must admit that, as a young woman, it did not dawn on me that my heart gave me ‘a heads up.’ Isn’t that ironic? As I blossomed into womanhood, I realized that my heart was the barometer of my true feelings.

My Heart Serves Me Best

As the years went by, I became wiser as I continued to navigate through the rainbows and storms of life. I realized that when I listened to my heart, I was happiest with the outcome.

After reading one of my favorite books by Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist,” I figured it out…

My heart is my interpreter, my teacher, my personal messenger. She delivers, through her rhythmic beats, my authentic feelings. My heart is truly prophetic… and so is yours! Learn to become aware of her beat because it will always guide you in the right direction.

I notice my heartbeats quietly when I feel I have a good topic for my musings, signaling contentment.

She beats rapidly when something wonderful occurs, like finding a beautiful new perfume scent, signaling happiness.

She flutters when I lay eyes on my husband, Sheldon Good, signaling feelings of deep love and respect.

I remember she seemed to stop and then restart when my doctor told me I had cancer, sending a message of fear throughout my body.

I felt the sigh of despair in my heart when I lost my late husband, as I did when I lost my father.

And, of course, all of us feel a rupture in our hearts when disappointment strikes and we feel we are being wronged.

My Philosophy

Dear readers of mine, we are all at times confronted with making important decisions. I know it takes courage. Maybe you are considering a big move, thinking about a divorce, facing a seemingly unsolvable situation with your child, breaking off a relationship with people who have disappointed you by their unkind actions, or trying to choose the right doctor because you are faced with a serious illness.

First and foremost…listen to your heart. She is the true barometer of your feelings. Many times, there is a contest between your heart and your mind. My philosophy: Go with your heart. She is your guiding light in making the right judgment call. Be brave enough to listen to her and she will reward you with true inner peace.

Have You Mastered the Ability to Listen to Your Heart?

How has she best served you? Please share, darling.  I would so love to hear from you either on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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