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How To Keep Family Traditions Alive And Well

Keep Tradition Alive
Like many of you, I lead a multifaceted lifestyle. I awake almost every morning wondering if I should go left or right. It seems I never go straight ahead — too many twists and turns in the road of life. This morning proved different, and I am smiling because I thought about all the families around the world who spend Thanksgiving together and keep family traditions alive and well.

Continuing in thought, I envision each family having their unique Thanksgiving story with customs that are specific to their family. One family has pecan pie and another apple pie because it was their great-grandmother who set the tradition; one that has continued in the family from generation to generation. Sometimes, it’s the little things that create traditions that last many lifetimes.


I thought of some of my Thanksgivings as a little girl, remembering my loving grandmother. It’s easy to recall her in the kitchen basting the golden brown turkey. The sound of her laughter often filled the room, and I can still smell the aromas around my grandparent’s home.

I watched my mother, her brother, her sister, my father and his brothers-in-law as they talked together non-stop! They often took trips together, as well. I remember my mother and her sister, very different women, speaking almost daily by phone and my Uncle keeping tabs on his sisters. It was the tradition in my family.

Keep Tradition Alive


I was very fortunate to be chosen by Abrams Publishing to be the grandmother who wrote the prompts for grandmothers around the world to tell their lives’ stories. With pen in hand, each grandmother will forever memorialize an account of her family tree, nourishing the roots of heritage that will flourish for decades to come. Stories for my Grandchild will become a literary gift, an heirloom for her grandchildren filled with family tradition, heritage.

I am so happy this morning. My heart is full because I hope this book will make many grandmothers around the world and their grands happy. A story of the family tree told through the eyes of their grandmother.

It was important to me to be artistic and thoughtful in my writing style because of my desire to value every grandmother’s personal story. I wanted you to be excited and feel comfortable answering the prompts. I hope I did, darlings! Eighty pages for you to record your life story, your wisdom and your values as a lasting memory to your grands and your great grands, an heirloom to be shared from generation to generation.


I have shared my statement regarding the meaning of my book, a journal really, with many of you. It is, simply put, “This journal is not about me. It is about you.”

On reflection, I must add, “This journal is not about me. It is about you, your traditions, your heritage ….a forever keepsake.”

Stories for my Grandchild has eighty pages of prompts, quotes and an open letter to you. I am joyful because I know I will be making so many grandmothers happy. And because so many of you will be making your grandchildren happy by conveying your message of the importance of heritage, of keeping family traditions alive. It is about knowing, and honoring, who we indeed are for generations to come so that they may know who they are as well.

What are your favorite family traditions? How do you keep family traditions alive and well? Share your thoughts via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Because I had my children later in life…I can’t anticipate when I will have any..if any. I do understand the joy they bring though!! Honey! You are definitely a Glamma!

  2. We have adopted adult children and a very unique story. Not too many traditions because we have sons and only one grandson. Every year is different. Our biggest legacy is to teach them how to adapt.

    1. How old are they? You do have a unique story. Want to share it with us? What a great legacy to teach them. You are very special. Warmly, Honey

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