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12 Days of Holiday Shopping: Honey’s Ultimate Gift Guide

holiday shopping guide

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I adore holiday shopping and this year I’m ready to go all out. I’ve been plotting and planning ways to make this holiday season special. A big part of that, of course, will be where I am and who I’m with. But another part of it will be knowing that I’ve put the thought into getting the perfect gifts for the loved ones in my life. I’ll know I have the right thing when I have that ah-ha moment, that is the joy of holiday shopping

If you’re stressed about the go-go-go aspect of this time of year, here are the five tools I use to soothe my soul for spiritual well-being. And if you’re getting together for a holiday party (yay!) here’s what to wear.

No matter how well we know the people on our lists, sometimes we’re just plain stumped. (Especially for the younger ones.) If you’re stumped on the perfect gift — or what to add to your wish list — you’ll find some inspiration here.

Day 1 Shop Honey’s Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things. If my true love gave to me any of these items, I’d be very happy.

Day 2 Holiday Travel Finds

As I plan this incredible group trip next year, travel seems to be all I can think about it. So when I began compiling my holiday list, I gravitated toward travel items first. Pamper the traveler in your life with these finds.

Day 3 Holiday Pet Picks

I could not possibly love my pooch America any more. He makes me happier than I could have thought possible. Who better to spoil this holiday season? He deserves it for all the joy he brings me.

Day 4 Winter Wardrobe Finds

Anyone would be happy to receive a stylish update to their winter wardrobe. Even if they don’t live in a snowy, winter area, they’ll be sure to find an occasion for a beautiful sweater or jacket.

Day 6 Winter Footwear Finds

Winter footwear is where fashion meets function. Step out in style (and keep your toes warm) in these sneakers and boots. i’m sure you’ve heard of Hokas, they have an absolute cult following. I’ve gifted them a time or two — they’re like walking on a cloud. Treat your feet, I say. 

Day 7 Holiday Gift Jewelry Picks

All that glitters is not gold — sometimes it’s platinum. These picks are guaranteed to spark a smile.

Day 8 of Holiday Gift Picks: Stationary

There’s always that one person in your life that appreciates the feel of the perfect pen in their hand, and the most beautiful book to capture their thoughts. Be their gifting godmother with these holiday gift picks. 


Day 9 Tech Picks for Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of connection. Years ago I found my Apple Watch (it was serendipity and I’ve written about it several times!) and I truly think they’re the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Day 10 Gifts for Entertainers

They take care of us, it’s time to take care of them.


Day 11 Coffee Lover Finds

Something most everyone can agree on —coffee is king. Treat your favorite coffee guru.

Day 12 Glam Girl Finds

These holiday gift picks are for all the the girl-girls (like me!).

There you have my favored finds of the season. I hope I’ve inspired you, dear reader, to find the perfect gift for that special person on your list. Happy shopping!

Have you found the perfect gift? Let me know in the comments below.

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December 1, 2023

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