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Happy Grandparents Day!

happy grandparents day!

Memories and Lessons From My Grandmothers

Happy Grandparents Day, Darling. My story today is in memory of our grandmothers who held our hands and kissed away our tears. To our grandmothers who were the provider of treats and unconditional love!

I knew my grandmothers for more than kisses and comfort. They handed me on a silver platter their stories, their values, and their caring manner. They were extremely important role models in my life. I was lucky and blessed to have had these delicious grandmothers pass on their positive values and love of family to follow.

As you read my words I think you are thinking back and recalling visits with your grandmothers. And, I think if you were lucky to have one of your grandmothers live with you, you had a double blessing.

Though my grandmothers did not live with me, I truly treasure what they left me… their stories and lessons in my head.


My mother’s mother, who I called Gramma, had a family beach home (that is still in our family) on Lake Michigan. I spent many happy days of my childhood and adulthood in my grandparent’s summer home. As a little girl, I helped my grandmother in the kitchen prepare delicious corn on the cob fresh from the fruit and veggie market. She taught me to add just a pinch of sugar to the water! I would stand on a chair next to her as she poured a little sugar in my hand. Then laughing, always laughing, she would watch as she instructed me to pour it into the boiling water telling me the corn would be as sweet as I was. She told me I could lick the remaining sugar on my hand as she hugged me to her.

I remember the days I would race out the back screen door down to the beach where lunch was waiting in big wicker baskets that she had prepared for the family. My grandmother would sit under a huge, brightly colored umbrella, laughing, as she watched her grandchildren build huge sandcastles near the shoreline and frolic in the water. My grandmother was joyful and to this day her laughter permeates through my thoughts.

She showered me with love. She showed by her example the important role a grandmother plays in a family.

Unfortunately, my Grands are far away, but they know I love them. They know I will protect them. They know I have a listening ear at any time on any day or any night. This I ‘felt’ at all times from my grandmother. So today, I recognize her with all of my love and respect and thank her. I am certain you feel the same.

Grandmother Sarah

My father’s mother, my Grandmother Sarah, who I am named after, died at age forty-nine. Then, my grandfather remarried a wonderful and loving woman. My grandfather had fourteen grandchildren and none of us were allowed to call this loving woman, Grandma. We had to call her Aunt Clara. I loved her so much and I remember one day whispering in her ear, “I wish I could call you, Grandma! I love you.” There is no better tribute I give to this woman.

Her great lesson was showing me, by example, how to be a nurturing and loving grandmother in a blended family. Today, I recognize her with all my love and respect.

On this Grandparents Day, I ask myself: What do I want to leave in the heads of my twenty-plus Grands who call me Honey?

These are my thoughts…

Grandparents can teach lessons to their grandchildren

Traveling with a few of my Grands in Europe

My Honey–Do’s

I  teach my Grands through my actions because visualization oftentimes speaks louder than my words.

Therefore, my laughter teaches them to see the glass half full.

My inquisitiveness teaches them to explore life.

My problem-solving shows them where there is a will, there is a way.

Hugs and millions of kisses teach them loving ways.

My desire to help others teaches them empathy and compassion for others.

Giving my time and money as a volunteer teaches them charity.

My Hony-isms

“See the glass half full. Make lemonade out of lemons.”

When they leave me, I say, “Watch your backside.”

Family First.

Don’t expect others to do it for you. Do for yourself.

Happiness is not here for the taking. Go out and create your own through self-accomplishment.

Value yourself and you will be valued.

Live outside the box!

Take the high road.

Life is all about showering love to others.

In my heart of hearts, I hope as you hope, a little signal will flash into our grandchildren’s heads when confronted with life’s hills and valleys and they will think: My grandmother said this or my grandmother showed me that. That is our ultimate gift.

I know we are living in Elsewhere and most of us are separated from our Grands. But, do not despair, because you have technological tools at your disposal. Your Apple MacBook and Apple Watch, your iPad and your iPhone are tools to open a loving and laughing dialogue with words, photos, emojis, and Zoom. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Thank goodness for technology! Enjoy Grandparents Day, darlings!

If you are looking for a way to leave your stories to your Grands in a thoughtful way, consider purchasing Stories For My Grandchild – a Journal to keep your memories, lessons, and thoughts. I am smiling!

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September 13, 2020

Passages After 50, Relationships

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