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As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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This article is written by Peter Rossi

Honey Is a Successful Woman! How does she do it?

8 Tips Successful Women Use to Better Their Lives

Success can mean different things to different people. At the end of the day though, there are certain things that can be done to foster success in life. For successful women, there are certain things that they do on a regular basis to make their lives better.

While there are no guaranteed factors involved, some of the following tips can help to foster more success in life. Successful women have a habit of doing certain things to not only experience that success, but live their lives in a better, more fulfilling way.

Start Off the Day with the Right Mindset

No matter what one hopes to achieve in life, a good mindset is often at the core. Without that mindset, it can completely change the energy and direction of one’s life. Setting the intention, the mindset for the day, is important in achieving success.

Some even use meditation to help level themselves before the day starts. Clearing the mind, putting a focus on the day ahead, and clearing away stresses can be a great way to set the day up for success. Some successful women fully believe that having a positive mindset can have positive impacts on the day ahead. Don’t start the day off negatively.

Find Time for Health Care

Without a healthy body, the mind can only do so much. That is why it is so important to take care of our bodies. When they have the proper nutrition and energy, the sky is the limit as to what we can hope to achieve.

There are a number of healthy foods and beverages that can greatly improve energy levels throughout the day and allow the body to feel at tip-top condition. For instance, the nutritional properties of chia seeds that be beneficial to a busy day.

Teas also are a staple of successful, healthy women. Herbal teas have healing properties to them, making them the drink of choice for many. Without proper care, the body will wear down, lack energy, and impact the kind of success that can be achieved throughout the day.

A good, long soak in an inflatable hot tub has its benefits, too. A busy day can bring on aches and pains to the joints and back. Being able to treat that inflammation and mitigate the aches can go a long way towards having a successful day.

Forming a Bond with Coworkers

Success is often thought to be an independent achievement. But without the right support system, success is difficult to attain. That is why it is important to form good relationships with others in the office, company, or if you don’t work in a professional setting, the people around you. 

Forming a bond with others means creating a more relaxed atmosphere. This also means better communication; the foundation of success regardless of the industry. 

Most importantly, having others to lean on can take the stress out of the working environment. Knowing that you have someone to depend on can bring about a relaxed attitude, allowing for better ideas and more creativity to be had. Those are the foundations of success.

They Stay Organized

One of the most crucial foundations to any successful person, not just women, is a sense of organization. Without organization, details can be missed, items can be lost, and confusion and chaos reign supreme.

Keeping lists is a helpful thing, too. By organizing tasks or goals into a list, that makes it far less likely that something important gets missed throughout the course of a day, a week, or a month. Go even further by creating that monthly list. It can give you a greater vision for what is important and what needs to be achieved.

Planning for the Worst

The organization is all about planning. Planning is exactly what it sounds like: creating expectations and contingencies in case something goes awry. Unfortunately, with plans, there are things that can and will go wrong.

Successful people plan ahead for the potential downsides as well. This allows them to keep contingencies so that those negatives don’t completely ruin their expected outcome. They can also plan alternatives in the event that these negatives take place to ensure that the outcome is ultimately a successful one.

Visualizing Success

A big key for successful people is that they not only plan to be successful, but they can also see it. Being able to mentally picture the successes to be had can actually help to further overall ambition. Seeing yourself in your mind’s eye conquering the unconquerable can provide the extra boost necessary to achieve great results.

Visualization is also great when things turn tough. Even if plans go into the muck, using visualization memories can be used to help calm the situation. Successes aren’t achieved with hotheads; keeping a cool one is the way to go. Use visualization to keep a cool head in tough times.

The Branch Out

A major factor in limited successes is when women stay inside their comfort zone. This is easily understandable, after all. When we feel comfortable in the things we know and do, it becomes easier to achieve the results we want.

But staying inside the box can also limit the potential windfall. By branching outside of that comfort zone, it allows for greater successes to be had. Not only that, it means becoming more versatile as well. And when you can handle things outside of your comfort zone, it makes you a more flexible asset.

They Don’t Compare to Other People

A major hindrance of success is comparing to others. Far too many times, there is a case of “well so and so did this.” Instead of creating a bar for success, it is a limitation on the potential successes to be had.

Self-doubt can be a major hindrance to success. Comparing oneself to another person means introducing self-doubt into the equation. Keep the self-doubt at bay by focusing on the things in your life that you can control and not comparing the things that you do to others. It will simply keep you from achieving the things you want.

What are your tips on being successful either at work or in your daily lives? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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September 14, 2020

Passages After 50

8 Tips Successful Women Use to Better Their Lives

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  1. SJ Graff says:

    I call visualization memories “mental fox holes”, a place to regroup/get more positive.

  2. Elizabeth P. Dumas says:

    I am retired but each night I make a list of things I want to accomplish the next day, both small and large tasks. When I wake the next morning, I quickly review my list and mentally prepare myself for the day, looking forward to a productive day. My days include working on ongoing projects, volunteering, as well as keeping in touch with friends and family via texts, phone, FaceTime and Zoom. This all helps me keep a positive outlook on life and to stay fit and active mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A good walk through my neighborhood helps me stay active physically as well as mentally alert too. Otherwise I find myself becoming so sluggish and dull physically and mentally. Thank you Honey for all your good ideas in today’s article.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are taking care of you and I respect you to the moon. It takes discipline during these difficult times. You are a star. Warmly, Honey

  3. Susan "Honey" Good says:

    Of course, you are right. Warmly, Honey

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