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Get my look: Statement earrings

Many of you darlings over the years have noticed my signature choker necklaces( I wrote about where to find similar ones here). I really love chokers and they make quite a statement. What may be a little more subtle is my love for unique statement earrings. With the choker always stealing the show you darlings may not have noticed my love of earrings. Well, la di da, because today I’m going to highlight some of my favorite earrings from recent photo shoots and show you some comparable products so you can get my look.

I usually wear my hair down and it is never too much longer than shoulder length. This means my statement earrings really shine. Short hair is great for highlighting your earrings! If you have longer hair and want to show off your earrings make sure to style it pushed back! I often will wear larger earrings to make a statement and I love switching them out. I don’t have a singular pair of earrings that I rely on every day as I know some women are prone to do. I like to have fun with it! One of my favorite brands for statement earring is Ippolita but that is expensive and if you’re just trying out a new look or looking for something really bold that you might not wear that often do you really want to invest?  I can just as easily find something I like at Target to suit my fancy! So here are some of my recent earrings worn in photo shoots and similar looks you can buy to try out.

Pearl dropdowns

What is more classic than pearls, darlings? And this is a way to make a more fun statement with pearls than just pearl studs( don’t get me wrong though you can’t really go wrong with pearl studs!).

Left: Nakamol Design Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings- Buy it here: $40 at Nordstrom
Center: Angie Pearl Drop Earrings- Buy it here: $14 at Francesca’s
Right: Lauren Ralph Lauren- Buy it here:  $34.44 at Zappos

Almost a hoop

Hoop earrings are also a classic so turn them on their head to make a little bit more of a statement with overlapping circles in a chandelier style earring. Why have one circle when you can have many? Am I right, dear readers?


Left: Kohl’s Sterling Silver Triple-Circle Earrings- Buy it here: $50 at Kohl’s
Center: Karine Sultan Louane Multi Circle Drop Earrings- Buy it here: $34 at Nordstrom
Right: Made In Mexico Sterling Silver Multi-Circle Earrings – Buy it here: $19.99 at TJ Maxx


These Ippolito earrings in the picture above use squares for a more structured geometric look. You may already have circles and hoops, but do you have squares yet?

Left: Stately Steel Rectangle and Stick Drop Geometric Earrings- Buy it here: $26.95 at HSN
Center: Giani Bernini- Buy it here: $21.86 at Macy’s
Right: Kenneth Cole – Buy it here: $28 at Lord & Taylor

Jewel clusters

Getting a little color into your look can be done with statement earrings. Like these bold jeweled cluster earrings. A note on this: Watch the weight of the earring. Earrings like this can get heavy and you want to make sure it is comfortable on your earlobe!

Left: Anne Klein – Buy it here: $24 at Lord & Taylor
Center: Kate Spade – Buy it here: $58 at Saks Fifth Avenue
Right: Kate Spade- Buy it here:  $58 at Nordstrom

As you can see, darlings, while it may seem that I’m all for the necklaces, earrings are quite important too. Do you have any favorite statement earring looks?

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  1. You are so cute, and your joyous energy is contagious…or, at least I hope it to be!!
    I’m growing my hair out because of you. I want it to look just like yours! I love large earrings too. They really add that necessary punch!

    1. Oh, thank you for the compliment. I am anxious to hear how your hair looks when it grows out. Large earrings are the best. The frame and aluminate our face. Warmly, Honey

    2. Large earrings add a sparkle to our face and grey in our hair is ‘the frosting.’ Good luck with growing yours out. Yes, I am joyful most of the time. I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

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