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Hate shopping? Here’s how to make it better

Many of you darlings know I spend the winter months in Rancho Mirage, California. The lifestyle is laid back and lovely. It is a far cry from my delicious city life but nevertheless it has its pluses. I wear workout clothes and very little makeup during the day. Night life is casual. And though there are large evening events in this charming area, my husband and I have chosen to live a quiet lifestyle going to movies and dinner and theatre events were the dress is, anything goes. So, darlings, truth be told, I have no reason or desire spending my days in Rancho Mirage, shopping for clothes, handbags or shoes unless of course…on that rare occasion I am in need something. And today, is one of those days; I am dreading driving to El Paseo (the shopping area) because…I am missing the most important ingredient a woman needs in her shopping arsenal…a salesperson (man or woman) who has style and who I trust.

I am a very experienced shopper, because I am an experienced woman over 50 who knows “her look” though I admit I have made my blunders.

My most important tip: I have become friendly with my salespeople who know my style and my body type better than I and that my darlings is your most important shopping ‘find.’

Tips for finding an experienced salesperson when shopping

  1. Remember this:  a professional saleswoman who you make a relationship with is  an investment in “your look.”
  2. Converse with her before you solicit her advice; making certain you are on the same page. Ask her how long she has been in the business dressing women.
  3. Choose a person who loves her profession…a woman with enthusiasm. Shopping is not easy, darlings. Her enthusiasm should rub off on you.
  4. She should engage you in conversation asking you about your lifestyle, your favorite colors, and your favorite fabrics.
  5. You should sense she will be honest with her advice. You are past the age of 50. Trust your instincts.
  6. She should be a good finisher. Accessories are just as important as the new articles of clothing. Remember: accessories are the frosting on the cake!
  7. Look at her style. Does she exude confidence?
  8. The shop you chose matters not. It can be a J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, a beautiful boutique, Lululemon or a large Target. Good salespeople know their inventory. They will save you time. They know how items fit every woman’s needs.
  9. Last but not least, share! When you find the perfect salesperson share her name with your girlfriends. It is a special thank you to your “find.”

As I walk into shops today I will follow my advice by doing “a search and find” for that special salesperson. I will be able to help guide her because I know what I am not looking for. I will smile and be warm. I want her to like me as much as I want to like her. This will put both of us at ease.

I am always gracious. These people stand on their feet all day and put up with nonsense and rudeness from some customers. You want to always be gracious too. You want to leave the store with more than a wonderful material find … you want to leave the shop feeling your salesperson will remember your face the next time you swing through the doors. You want to leave knowing you bonded with a salesperson because you both did your part.

  1. Another stellar post Honey! I have two “friends” (the owners) in a little boutique where I buy all my favorite outfits–funny thing is, I hadn’t connected my favorite clothes with our relationships/friendships–but I think you are exactly right. I adore them as people and I adore time in their shop, they do know my style, they hand pick the most delightful outfits and steer me away from others. I love the “frosting” they bring–shopping there is like magic!

    1. Lucky you are to have the most important find when you shop. And you are double lucky because you are all friends. Thank you for sharing your happy story. Warmly, Honey

  2. I love that last comment: I am always gracious. My mom taught me that. My mom is always gracious. She is in her 80s, and she does as you do: she has a saleslady whom she absolutely adores. Mom will traipse around the store, looking at things, and this saleswoman will bring things over to her. It’s good for Mom.
    We have the same store in New York City. I do shop there, but not often enough to develop a relationship with any of the sales staff. Fortunately, I know myself, my shape, and my style well enough to get along on my own. It *is* nice when the look I have tried on catches the eye of an “older” saleswoman who comments that what I have on is perfect, and then asks me why or how (it’s usually that I’ve put on a piece two sizes larger than they expected, so that it drapes gracefully).

    1. To be gracious makes us feel good. We are lucky to have mother’s who taught us well. Thank you so much for your message. Warmly, Honey

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