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How to Have Happiness and a Plan in 2021

How to Have Happiness and a Plan in 2021

How to Have Happiness and a Plan in Elsewhere

I walked into the kitchen, turned on the television, and as I was making coffee, I heard the following report. “A poll released by Gallop stated that men and women’s happiness level has dropped over ten points in 2020.” This was followed by a doctor’s report that the unhappiness level is far worse than Gallop’s report. I was not surprised. However, I did feel a bit relieved that I was not alone. Unhappiness is the state of mind of everyone, except those in power, in Elsewhere. I wonder if that includes the powerful individuals who are creating the unhappiness millions of people are experiencing…

Winston Churchill is my male hero. People thought he was self-righteous, and if he was I say, “Good for him,”  because he saved the world from Hitler. He was funny and just and believed that all people are happier in free countries than in state-controlled countries. But because he was wise he added a caveat: “A problem arises when the freedom to pursue material wealth is replaced by obsessive greed and inner power to govern others.” This is what is happening in Elsewhere. No person on Earth wants to be controlled, live in fear, distrust their government, and live in isolation.

Happiness Can Come In All Sizes

As a citizen in Elsewhere, it is paramount you concentrate on recognizing your ultimate currency: inner happiness. Ask yourself, “How can I raise my quality of life during this difficult time?

I think happiness is giving myself a present that I will enjoy working on in the now, that I know will bring me joy and happiness when I reach my destination. Truth be told, I feel happy with thinking about the pursuit and the outcome of my mission. Which leads me back to two words: positive attitude.

I know the missions I have in mind to tackle for personal happiness in the year, 2021. I will share them with you to get you thinking about your own.

Self-Preservation, A New Beginning

Since COVID-19, I have not been the me in me. That means trouble. It goes without saying neither you nor I have brought on the situation we are living in. Nevertheless, in 2021, we should no longer allow the happenings in Elsewhere to distract and disrupt us from finding personal happiness.

Darling, I know I am happy when I am creative, stylish, and productive. I know I am happy when I have control (I am not controlling) over my well-being; which is my safety, health, and lifestyle. I am certain we are on the same page but take different avenues.

So, off the top of my hat, I will just expound on a few tidbits of information to spur you on to think about your own path.

My Red Lipstick

First, I think of my red lipstick. Darling, I miss my red lipstick and cannot stand to wear a mask! I miss putting on my red lipstick with a little hand mirror over lunch. As well, I miss when the wheels touch down on our flight to Paris (boy, am I daydreaming!) and I open my 20 plus-year-old Louis Vuitton makeup bag that looks like new and take out my red lipstick to give me a mega boost because my lipstick defines who I am. After an application, I feel like a million bucks!

I have my eye on a few healthy non-smear lipsticks that I will purchase in 2021. Darling, I will never leave home without one or the other on my lips under my mask. I am already smiling and happier because I am going to enjoy the process from the beginning, and I will look forward to the end and my reward. Remember the goal is to enjoy the entire process.

A New Beginning

I am going to mark a ‘due date’ on my new day planner because when I set goals I am forced to focus. My project is planning a trip(s) to a winter hideaway, a safe haven away from the cold weather. I envision treating this trip as an event because I enjoy planning events from day one to its completion; always remembering: The goal of being happy is to enjoy the process and the destination.

Our Foyer

For three years I have wanted to redecorate our foyer. 2021 is the year. I enjoy my creative side so I have no doubt this will be a win-win for happiness.

Connections and Education

I am a life long curiosity-seeker. And, I am always asking questions. I miss, miss, miss exploring wonder-filled places, people, and things.

I am going to do a deep study on Rwanda and Tanzania, and East Africa so my Ultimate Concierge and I can talk to the Silver Back Gorillas and visit the Serengeti Planes. And, I am going to read Chef AJ’s books and listen to her videos on better eating habits and continue my two-day-a-week Yoga class; both for my overall growth. As well, I have to figure out a formula for better connecting with my friends.

Work At Honey Good

I want to expand Honey Good. And, I see the path. Darling, I love the path. I have created my plan in my head and put it on paper. It will be very difficult to implement because of my lack of knowledge in Internet applications. The Internet will be my greatest challenge and hardship. I envision my emotions on this project riding a wave between heaven and hell! That is healthy, I suppose. My creation is heaven. The Internet is my hell! Oh well. La De Da! Nothing will stop me unless I am stopped for good reason.

Do you have a longing project that is a toughy? If you do, now is the time to work on it in Elsewhere. Remember, your ultimate currency is your personal happiness. I found that finding mine was right in front of my eyes. So is yours. Working on the formula is doing it with joy and reaping that joy upon completion.

Isn’t that a joyful project?!

Let me know what projects you will be starting in 2021. I would love for us to be able to support each other through the process. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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  1. PLEASE share those non-smearing lipsticks!!!! ASAP!
    I am learning the app CANVA… I will I will I will!!
    And… I will launch a http://www... put myself out there!!!
    Have a GR8 week!

    1. OMG you are making me so happy.You are on a positive terror. Here are some lip sitks brands for you to consider: Nars liquid with a matte finidhq, Maybelline Super stay 24 Ink Lipstick,Laura Mercier Velour’s lip color and L’oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick.Hope one of these works. Warmly, Honey

  2. I enjoyed and agree with your story today. Even though it will be difficult to find a new normal, it’s necessary to our mental and physical well being to give it our best shot. Four years ago my husband and I moved from a state touted as a winter wonderland to a southern state of sunshine. This meant moving away from family but it was a move my husband really wanted in order to escape the long, snowy and icy winters. Needless to say I very much miss my children, grands and great grands. So, during this pandemic, we have been planning where our next home will be. Although we want to remain in a “no snow” area, we will going north of our current location which will enable us (when travel is safer) to reach family with a 4-6 hour drive. This will replace a plane flight or a very long 20+ hour drive. I’m anxious to make this happen soon but for now we are researching areas via the internet so when the time comes we will know where we want to explore and look for our new home. This project is keeping us happy and looking forward to new beginnings. Aside from my home organization and purging projects, my personal goal is to get back into my art work. I love to draw, do watercolors, colored pencil and pastels but with this pandemic I have had trouble finding the motivation to do so. My vow to myself is to return to my art and regain the joy this hobby brings to me. Thank you, Honey, for keeping us entertained and giving us food for thought.

    1. Looking forward is a positive and so is doing your homework. This project is positive on all fronts. Keep me posted. Your art will give you private pleasure and the time to think as you create. Warmly Honey

  3. I have actually started on what will become my project in 2021. I am purging and organizing my guest room closet. Soon it will become what it was meant to be – – a “walk-in” closet. I have struggled with this chore and I’m finally coming to terms with getting it done which will make me feel lighter and accomplished.

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