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Post-COVID Travel Bucket List: Top Places and How to Make It Work

Post-Covid Travel Bucket List: Top Places and How to Make It Work

Hopefully, in the New Year, we will see some of the lockdown rules slow down and the situation with the virus will get better. This means we can all start planning our international trips—travelers, rejoice! While we can dream about the world we once lived in, in our new reality, the pandemic still exists. So, we can really benefit from planning our adventures with it in mind. Thus, all our trips have to be mindful, safe, and filled with social responsibility. Luckily, there are some destinations that are safe for post-COVID travel! Want to put a few on your travel bucket list?


Even though it has been hit by the virus hard from the beginning, this iconic travel destination didn’t lose any of its charm. It’s still at the top of everyone’s bucket list (with the right precautions). Italy has a variety of cultural and historic urban landmarks you have to visit, but don’t forget to enjoy its natural beauties if you don’t want to spend too much time in the city.

Additionally, visiting Italy can be a very socially responsible thing to do since millions of people there depend on tourism. Your trip can help the economy and provide a livelihood to many people, especially those in more secluded authentic villages. Hit Campli or Monteverde and enjoy the best Italian food, wine, and spirit.


If you think shorter trips are your safest bet, put Southern Vietnam on your list. During a one-week trip, you can discover many secrets of Saigon and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta and its slow and relaxing life. Destinations like Unicorn Island are famous for fruit farming, hospitable people, and infectiously slow pace of life. You can explore the river delta from a traditional boat and cruise through the channels while discovering pagodas, markets, unique landscapes, and the people of the river. If you need a change of scenery but want to avoid stress and the hustle and bustle of the cities as much as possible, this Vietnamese adventure will be just what you need.

Dusky Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) leaping out of water, New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand and their government took exceptional care of the pandemic in their country, so it’s already a pretty safe destination for travel. This island nation is an all-time favorite of all nature enthusiasts and people who invest a lot of time and money in their health and wellbeing. And what’s best is that New Zealand has hundreds of ways you can explore the destination and get a completely local experience while following all social distancing rules.

If you’re planning to visit this country after the pandemic, make sure to choose a good base for your exploration. Queenstown is a good central hub from where you can explore nature, hit beaches, and visit many sights. For additional safety, you can skip public transport and opt for practical car rental in Queenstown so you can organize a road trip. Having a car in New Zealand will allow you to explore both islands yet remain safely away from crowds.


This weirdly shaped country (it’s more than 4,200 km long from north to south, yet just 350 km wide) is one of the most underrated destinations of South America. Why? Well, it has such a variety of things to offer—every climate and landscape imaginable from high and dry plateaus of the Atacama Desert to rainforests and deep fjords of Patagonia. And in the center of Chile lies its capital, sophisticated and cosmopolitan Santiago. There, you can find some of the best wine in the world and enjoy amazing dining, coffee, and shopping in bohemian Barrio Bellavista with its many restaurants, quirky shops, and plenty of coffee spots.


This North African gem is a perfect mix of sea and sand, ancient cultures, and vast diverse natural beauties. Tunisia is a perfect post-COVID destination since it’s pretty compact and can be explored within a week. If you’re a hardcore culture vulture, you will love to explore the ruins of Carthage, but there are other (more precisely, seven other) Unesco World Heritage Sites that survived Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans, and French rules and influences. Tunisia also has beautiful beaches for when you want to freshen up and just chill out a bit—it’s a full package!


This former Soviet republic is balancing on the very edge of Europe. Georgia is a small country filled with beautiful scenery and picturesque cities and towns. Tbilisi, the capital of the nation, is a colorful city with dreamy squares and romantic riverside locations all surrounded by dramatic mountains. A cradle of Christianity, this destination has more churches and monasteries than is reasonable for a country of this size to have. So, if you’re into cultural and religious exploration, you’ll love Georgia. Additionally, it’s one of the oldest wine regions in the world and its cuisine is blowing up all around the world.

Are you itching to travel again? Well, start your post-COVID adventures with one of these destinations and you’ll remember why you fell in love with traveling in the first place.

This article was written by travel blogger, Lilly Miller

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