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Common Foot Ailments That Come With Age

This article was written for by DJ Crino. DJ talks to us about common foot ailments that come with age, and how we can find relief. I hope you find this helpful, Darlings. 

Common Foot Ailments As We Age

Foot problems can crop up at any age. But many common foot conditions become more and more prevalent as we get older. While many people assume that foot pain is an unavoidable part of growing older, there are actually a number of ways to improve your foot health at any age.

This article will cover some of the most common foot ailments that are more common in older people. As well, we will discuss a few tips to improve foot health. Such as, why one should buy supportive sneakers. Getting started early can make a significant impact on your health later on. Even if you aren’t yet experiencing any symptoms, getting ahead of them is key.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciosis, often referred to as plantar fasciitis, is the most common cause of heel pain among individuals of all ages. It can be caused by a variety of factors. These include low and high arches, overly strenuous work or exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, arthritis, and more.

Doctors usually opt for mild treatments when caring for patients with plantar fasciitis. Although, surgery and other invasive treatments are used in extreme situations. People with these conditions should avoid walking barefoot in order to distribute pressure throughout the foot. Weight-loss can also be effective for people whose pain comes from increased heel stress.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails aren’t always related to age. But, they become more of a risk as we start to experience more swelling later in life. Other common causes include poor walking technique, badly fitting shoes, and trimming nails too close to the skin.

Sometimes it is easy to ignore an ingrown toenail and hope it improves on its own. However, they can be infected if left untreated for too long. Doctors may remove the toenail or perform a further investigation to determine whether the condition stems from other causes–particularly in older patients.


Onychomycosis isn’t as well-known as plantar fasciitis or ingrown toenails. But, it can be just as painful. In fact, as many as 14% of the North American population will suffer from onychomycosis at some point in their lives.

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that can cause discoloration in the nails. While it’s not usually painful, it can also lead to brittle or crumbly nails that start to separate from the skin.

In addition to increasing age, risk factors for onychomycosis include athlete’s foot, diabetes, immunosuppression, and being male. That said, it’s worth noting that anyone can be affected by onychomycosis regardless of gender. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have onychomycosis.

Shoes That Are Too Tight

One common cause of a foot alignment is a shoe being too tight. Because we have so many bones and nerves in our feet, having them squeezed with a poorly fitted shoe can cause many issues, most commonly corns, calluses and sore/red areas on the foot.  

In some cases, few might experience Metatarsalgia that causes foot pain in the ball of the foot. As well, one can experience Morton’s Neuroma that causes numbness, tingling, or burning in the toes. This happens because a nerve is being aggravated and then inflames, causing pain. 

This is just another one of the many reasons why your shoes, no matter what kind, fit you properly. If you are having trouble getting the right fit, visit a shoe store and have an expert fit your feet. You will thank yourself in the long run!

In Conclusion

Many health problems become more common as we age. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept poor health in our later years. These are just a few of the most common foot conditions to be aware of as you get older.

Remember, if you are experiencing pain from any of the above conditions, contact your doctor today for help before proceeding with the information given. 

Do you suffer from any of these common foot ailments? Let us know in the comments below what you’ve done to find relief! 


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