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The Buzz: I’m Feeling Lucky

Feeling Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, darlings! I mentioned it earlier this week, but I feel so lucky to have such a loyal and dynamic group of strong women over 50 who have become my community and extra support system here on You, my dear readers, mean more to me than I can express, and your continued support has me feeling golden not just today, but all year long. What are you feeling lucky and grateful for on this beautiful Saturday morning?  

The Week in Review

What Are Your Secrets to Aging Gracefully?

For those of us women over 50, the physical and emotional realities of aging sink in. There are many life-transforming forces pulling at each of us as we try age gracefully. We have exciting triumphs and experiences, but we also suffer loss. I am not saying it easy for women to embrace aging. In fact, for many of us, it is not.

But I hope you know that I always write to you openly and from my heart. Aging is humbling for everyone, and we have to work hard at embracing aging gracefully. To help ease this transition, this week I shared my perception of how we can embrace our age with five essential tools. However, they may not be the conventional tools that first come to mind.

Find out what they are here. 

Worry-Free Housing… Are You Interested?

Have you always dreamed of traveling to exotic places, living in a different country, or embracing a new culture? I think we all have at some point, but thoughts of how we might afford it or manage healthcare, transportation, and even our safety in a new place can quickly make us turn our backs on the idea. But why not open your mind to the options that are available to you at this time in your life? After all, there is no time like the present! What do you have to lose? This week, HoneyGood contributor, Akaisha Kaderli, shared the overwhelming benefits of living in an Active Adult Community. Never heard of one?

Read what it’s all about here.

My Secret to Surviving Widowhood

I recently received an email from a woman asking me to tell my story. More specifically, she was interested in learning about the road I chose to travel down the first year of my widowhood. It was an intensely personal live interview, which was then made into a podcast, and this week I shared how the entire thing came to be.

You can listen to the podcast here. I would love to know your thoughts! Would you like to hear more podcasts? 

A Silver Lining for Rainy Days

Spring showers bring May flowers and, as most of you know, I love them all, from Orchids to Peonies. But Spring showers can also bring a multitude of fashion dilemmas, including how to stay chic when the ground gets boggy.

This week I rounded up several pairs of must have rain boots for women over 50, from the classic — and pricey — Burberry to some absolutely amazing bargains from Liz Claiborne, Nordstrom and Tommy Hilfiger.

These boots are made for walking… in the rain!

What’s Your Shade?

Lipstick is a beauty must! When we’re young, it’s often all about the color of the moment but as we mature, a great lipstick needs something we already have… staying power! Does that mean you need a pricey lipstick? Not at all, darlings. Quality comes in all types of lipstick cases so think of price like we think of our age — it’s just a number!

This week I rounded up the best lipsticks for women over 50 at a variety of price points. You can view and purchase my personal picks for spring here. Do you have a go-to color year after year or do you like to switch it up?

Act Two… As Promised

Many of you commented on the first half of this story entitled, Peer Pressure after 50: It does Exist and You Can Make a Difference. So where did we leave off…

After the incident, Zelda was reeling with disbelief. She was angry at herself for not leaving the card game after Bullyista’s verbal bullying, and she was shocked that Geraldine, her close friend, was the harbinger of bad news. She, Zelda, was asked to leave the game for two weeks until Bullyista, a snowbird left for the season.

Out of the blue, four days later, Zelda’s phone rang. It was Geraldine calling to congratulate her for an accomplishment. Geraldine suggested getting together for dinner with another couple. Not a word of the incident was mentioned…

Find out what happens here. Have you encountered a similar situation? How did you handle it?

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