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Best Ways to Plan Your Travel in 2020

Making chocolate in Belgium!

I know many of you are well-traveled, savvy women. You know very well that packing and closing up your home, preparing for your pet, and leaving important lists for your family takes time, thought and a good disposition. The unexpected always occurs. The suitcase zipper gets caught, you misplace something important, you’re upset about your haircut, one of the kids is unhappy. Or perhaps you’ve been relegated to late check-in upon arrival at the airport. This is life, Darlings! Here are my ideas for the best ways to plan your travel in 2020.

As excited as we are to fly off into the wild, blue yonder, until we arrive at our destination, we know there may be blips in our emotional behavior. While we continue our life at home, we also prepare for our trip. With the same number of hours in our day, however, we’ve now added double the tasks! How well we handle our emotions and how well organized we are for our trip is entirely up to us. Therefore, I’ve decided to discuss two types of travel: Daily emotional travel and Globe-trotting, to help you discover the best ways to plan your travel in 2020.

Positive Emotional Travel in 2020

Oh, the marvelous places I’ve traveled and the interesting people I have met! Oh, the thrill of living outside the box and the curiosity to want to explore. The joy I experience from visiting family I treasure, as well as learning interesting cultural tidbits—these are what make travel so worthwhile! Yet I think of the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I reflect on the gratitude I feel and the ability to see through most people, as well as the hurts I have experienced and the fears I’ve faced. My resilience and desire to see my glass half full is indicative of how I travel down the emotionally sunny and positive side of the street. I won’t have it any other way. It is my power to decide my life!

Daily Travel – How to Travel a Smooth Emotional Road in 2020

Secrets: Before you confide in someone, remember that your secret is no longer your secret when you tell someone!

Style: I believe a woman’s style is a combination of many ingredients. A woman’s style is her knowledge of who she is. It is her look, her taste in books, in her friends with whom she keeps company, her home, her joy of life…. her very essence.  As she ages, a woman should continue to move with grace.

Friends: Friends share your values. Period. If they don’t…delete.

Children: We give our children their roots and their wings. One mother can take care of ten children. Ten children cannot take care of one mother.

Conversation: Talk less…listen more.

Aging: Exercise your minds, Darlings.

Health:  Be proactive. Yearly check-ups save lives.

Career: Go for it! If you don’t try, you will never know.

Marriage: A wife is the elixir of her marriage. Make a list of your priorities and stick to it.

Personal Happiness: Own your self-respect. Have a purpose. Love much. Laugh often.

Family: Family, first.

Life:  Live in the present. It is truly a gift. 

Globe-trotting – Best Ways to Plan Your Travel in 2020

There are a million pieces of a puzzle to put together a well-planned trip. Start with a good travel company that has a well-traveled agent to help you. Never use a one-person travel company or an agent who “travels only over a computer.” You want a travel agent who has had the experiences first-hand to help plan your travel in 2020.

Next is your choice of luggage. I am a world traveler who has had wonderful success with my choice of luggage. As frequent travelers, our bags are constantly packed, ready to go. Choosing the brand and style of your luggage and carry-on is an investment.

Tumi Luggage:

Let’s begin with your choice of luggage. Twenty-seven years ago, we bought two, large Tumi bags. One of the bags lasted a full 27 years and the other bag is still on the go with us!  As such, I recommend this brand with pride to everyone. Tumi also provides amazing customer service. Last summer I bought one new piece of large Tumi luggage, and I expect it will last for at least another 28 years! Divide that by the cost and you will agree. Tumi is the ultimate in luggage and my #1 choice recommendation for planning travels in 2020. It is the world’s leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand.

Tumi carry-ons are also one-of-a-kind.

TUMI T-PASS® cases allow you to keep your Ipad, laptop, jewelry, and cameras inside as you go through security. They are approved by TSA and come in a wide variety of styles, from briefcase to backpack.

TUMI ADD-A-BAG feature allows a briefcase or cabin case to be attached to larger luggage for one-handed carrying. Smaller Tumi bags can also be slipped over the luggage handles so you can stack multiple pieces. There are more to choose from, Darlings! I just noticed Tumi is also selling in many retailers, including: BLOOMINGDALE’S, NORDSTROM, FARFETCH, and more.



Last summer I attended a woman’s luncheon. The gift was a set of three travel bags, or cubes as they are called. Each bag is a different size and can hold anything your little heart desires: underwear, nightwear, sweaters, shirts, belts, etc.…The brand is eBags. They are light-weight, breathable, and come in an array of colors. I choose the colors pink and green; pink for myself, and green for my ultimate concierge. This is my third trip using this brand and I can honestly tell you; I recommend it! Ebags is my #1 online retailer for travel bags and accessories. If you need luggage and travel sets, either go to their website ebags.com or search for them on Amazon. Please do your homework and check this brand. You will not be sorry!

Ultimately, I can give you my opinion, but YOU must be the decision-maker. Enjoy discovering the best ways to plan your travel in 2020!


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December 8, 2019


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