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Belt bags: Where function meets style

If style is not also functional then it is not style that works for me dear readers. On a day-to-day basis the accessories and clothing I find myself relying on are the the ones that are functional. I like to travel  light and so I have come to rely on a fabulous belt bag where I put my essentials as opposed to always lugging around a handbag.

I know what you’re thinking, but DON’T call it a fanny pack! My belt bag is sleek and it doesn’t hold nearly as much as a fanny pack would. Again, think “light.” I have often traveled with it and kept my essentials close and out of harm’s way. I walk the dog with it. I run out shopping with it. It is so much handier than a handbag, dear readers (even though I still adore my handbags!).

It also feels safer than a handbag. According to the FBI in 2016 there were 22,645 purse snatchings and another 27,617 incidents of pickpocketing!

I wanted to introduce you to this highly functional accessory and show you how they can be worn fashionably, so that if you do choose to utilize it you won’t feel as though it is a dated look.

My go-to is a Louis Vuitton Ponchette Belt. I love Louis Vuitton because it holds up so beautifully, but these do not seem to be currently in production. I personally bought mine several years ago.  You can buy a similar design here for $325.

There are however many ways to get the look that are not Louis Vuitton.

Stylish belt bags

Left: Herschel
Okay I admit this Herschel brand option is a little more fanny pack-ish, but this is for you darlings who are NOT light packers. This would fit beyond just a lipstick and a credit card. You could have a whole makeup kit in this!
Buy it here: $30 | Nordstrom

Center: Steve Madden
This Steve Madden bag belt has more of a utility look with the studs offering a statement that could add to an ensemble.
Buy it here: $45 | Lord & Taylor

Right: Matt & Nat
Matt and Nat’s Aki Faux Leather Belt Bag is just big enough to fit the essentials and is slim to avoid adding bulk to the midsection of your look.
Buy it here: $90 | Nordstrom

Left: FENTY Puma x Rihanna
If you know pop star Rihanna you know she loves to make a statement and this wallet and belt combo sure makes a statement! You can’t even tell that your valuables are hidden behind the giant bow.
Buy it here: $190 | Bloomingdale’s

Right: Vere Verto
Why have one pouch when you can have three? This Vere Verto Deco Bag offers three compartments and the shapes would add a unique element to any outfit.
Buy it here: $340| Need Supply Co.

Left: Ralph Lauren
While bigger than others on the list, this Lauren Ralph Lauren Winston Belt Bag from Ralph Lauren is still sleek. It also offers a thin belt for a streamline look.
Buy it here: $50| Dillards

Right: Stella McCartney x adidas
This is actually called a “run belt” and it’s a collaboration between designer Stella McCartney and athletic brand adidas. This could be great for an actual run( or a brisk walk as I prefer!) or a walk with the dog.
Buy it here: $50 | Yoosk

Darlings what are your favorite styles that are a combination of form and function? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. Can they be worn threaded through the loops of your jeans or trousers? I like this idea….Do you think they will replace the crossover bag.? Not a good look for me!

    1. Yes, most of them can and that is what I love about them. They are a belt with a small purse. Enjoy!!!! Warmly, Honey.

    2. Thanks for the “Fanny pack””look !!I’ve been looking for this style,that seemed to disappear from style for quite a while????You have a good selection and this way of carrying around what I need and still have my hands free was lost to me for a while and when I would inquire about them,I would get a WHAT??At my age,soon to be 73,I still LOVE all fashion and what makes sense,looks good,is comfortable,Beautiful and useful always works for me!Thank You again.Jane

  2. I love that you wrote about belt bags!!! I wish I had shown you ours…we make an all leather version that is on a chain, so it fits everyone. It also converts to become a crossbody. And it’s cute and called a hiptini. Hope its appropriate to add our website:, take a peek.

  3. They’re attractive, however,, I won’t wear one as was almost pick pocketed once. I had a front fanny pack and was on a crowded train in Paris…Know Paris is the place for pick picketers but sorry not for me. Be careful

  4. Love your new haircut…’s so becoming. I would like to try a cut like yours, but of course, hesitate. Is it easy to maintain?

  5. I needed a small bag to hold essentials for an event. The dears at Love Street Market on Cedarcrest recommended a HOBO brand bag. It has now become my go to bag for quick trips where I do not need to bring it all. It holds my glasses, lipstick, cell phone, keys and has multiple places for IDs. The rings on the side allow movement,so that I can wear it as a small shoulder bag. Whip stitching and a tassel add a touch of style that keeps it from being mistaken for a pack.

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