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Marionette Lines & Women Over 50: How Can They Be Treated?

Beauty writer Nicole McCray wrote today’s post on marionette lines and how to treat them. Enjoy, darlings!

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Marionette lines are a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve their appearance if we wish!

What Are Marionette Lines? Can They Be Treated?

Marionette lines are wrinkles that form between the mouth and the chin. These vertical lines are natural and occur as you age. They typically start appearing when you hit your 40s, but signs of these lines may appear sooner.

These wrinkles form around the mouth where the skin is thin and may result in sagging of the lower half of your face. Gravity also plays a role in contributing to the sagging when your skin is weak and has wrinkles.

Marionette lines are caused by a loss of collagen in the skin, just like any other wrinkles. Collagen is an essential protein to your skin health. It decreases due to age, exposure to UV rays, stress, and poor nutrition.

Genetics are also believed to play a role in the development of marionette lines. This is why you find some people will get these wrinkles while others won’t.

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Can Marionette Lines Be Treated?

Yes, you can reduce the appearance of marionette lines and improve your skin. However, since marionette lines are a natural part of aging, you may not completely eliminate them. Some marionette line treatment options will do an excellent job concealing the wrinkles for longer than others.

So, you need to consider what you want to achieve while approaching your marionette lines. Of course, botox for marionette lines is a great choice if you want a more long-term option. But if you’re looking for a short-term solution, then marionette line fillers would be great.

You also have other options to consider when how to treat marionette lines.

A Note From Honey:

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She recommended a single product and I decided to try it. S.T.A.R.Light Retinol Night Oil is amazing and I have never looked back. If it’s good enough for Lauren, it’s good enough for me! I sincerely believe it has minimized my marionette lines.”

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Marionette lines treatment: If it’s good enough for gorgeous Lauren Hutton, it’s good enough for Honey Good!

What Are the Best Options for Treating Marionette Lines?

Skin Treatments for Marionette Lines

Skin treatments like micro-needling, chemical peels, and laser treatments are great options to help reduce the appearance of marionette lines. Microneedling is an excellent option because it stimulates the skin’s natural wound healing process.

It allows your skin to heal, resulting in a boost of collagen and elastin. Collagen will help improve the appearance of the wrinkles ensuring the marionette lines are not too visible. Chemical peels are another option that helps exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

When dealing with chemical peels, you’ll find that they feature different acids that target various skin issues. Therefore, it is advised to consult with your dermatologist to ensure that you choose a chemical peel that will fit your skin’s needs.

Dermal Fillers for Marionette Lines

Dermal fillers help smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, mimicking the effects of collagen and elastin. In addition, these fillers feature the use of Poly-L-lactic or hyaluronic acid that helps plump the skin resulting in a smoother look.

Dermal fillers using hyaluronic acid result in instant improvements to the skin, while Poly-L-lactic may take a few months. So, consider the time it will take to get results for either treatment option.

The best part about dermal fillers for marionette lines is that they can help reduce sagging in your face. However, there’s a risk of having an unnatural look, primarily when you use too much filler.

Topical Treatment Anti-Aging Creams & Serums

Tropical treatments are an excellent option for preventing wrinkles over 50 and should ideally be adopted early on. However, they can also effectively reduce the appearance of marionette lines and restore smoother and clearer skin. These are usually anti-aging creams and serums.

A quality anti-aging serum will help treat your marionette lines and improve your skin’s appearance. Any anti-aging serum you use should feature a combination of ingredients to help improve your skin’s health.

These ingredients include:

  • Retinoids
  • Antioxidants
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin B3
  • Botox Treatments

Botox Treatments for Marionette Lines

Botox treatments are a go-to solution for most people, especially when dealing with wrinkles. Botox treatment involves injections in the affected area. In this case, the injections would be around the mouth.

The injections help relax the facial muscle underneath the mouth, allowing the skin to smoothen while reducing wrinkles. However, you may need more botox treatment appointments to address your marionette lines effectively.

Your dermatologist will advise on the number of sessions and frequency you’ll need to follow to ensure that you treat your marionette lines. 

Retinoids for Treating Marionette Lines

Retinoids are synthetic vitamin A derivatives accessible over the counter. However, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor for stronger retinoids. This option will help treat marionette lines by stimulating collagen. 

However, when using retinoids, you’ll also need to add more SPF into your skincare routine after 50. This is because they can lead to sensitivity to the sun and may negatively impact your progress with treating your marionette lines. 

Surgery for Treating Marionette Lines

The most permanent solution to marionette lines and other wrinkles is surgery. Your dermatologist may suggest this option when different approaches fail. However, it should not be the first option for treating marionette lines. 

Your surgeon may suggest a mini facelift to help you address your marionette lines by removing or transferring fat and lifting the underlying tissues upwards. Doing this helps tighten the affected area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Have you done anything to minimize the look of your marionette lines? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! 

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About the author: Nicole has been obsessed with beauty and fashion since she was a young girl, always flipping through Vogue and stealing her mother’s cosmetics bag to experiment. She’s a former wedding makeup artist who loves spending her free time trying new products and staying up to date on the latest beauty and style trends. While Nicole’s days are now spent contributing to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sites from home while raising her kids, she can still always be found putting looks together, even if it’s just for a trip to the grocery store! 



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This article was first published in September of 2022. 


May 19, 2023


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    Hi Honey, thank you for the valuable info of eliminating those marionette lines. If anyone is interested there is a new breakthrough product which contains glutathione which protects your body ‘s cells and slows down the aging process. It is especially good for your immune system along with kidneys and liver. Your skin glows with health by just swishing in your mouth every morning. Honey, if you are intrigued I can share more with you. Pauline

  2. Arlene Wirth says:

    My awesome skin care specialist says Botox does not work on marionette lines. Is there a different Botox or something new we just don’t know? Thanks!

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