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Accessorize Your Life: What to Wear and What to Serve For Dinner

Accessorize Your Life: What to Wear and What to Serve For Dinner

I have had almost one year to strategize what to wear when I walk into my overstuffed closet and what to serve my Ultimate Concierge for dinner six nights a week (we dine out with friends one night a week.) So, what is the best way for me to tackle my lists of to-do’s, and how do I stop my mind from seeking answers to questions that peak my fancy on the DuckDuckGo app? If I had the time to wish upon a star right now, I would wish for a fairy organizer to drop into my condo in the sky and help me organize and streamline my overly busy and somewhat disorganized life.

It is partially dark in my freezing cold but beautiful Chicago. It is 6:30 a.m. on the minute. I light a candle with a scent of cinnamon, and I sigh as I realize I have to chart my own course; in other words, take charge and become my own fairy organizer.

Less is More (Closet Wise)

I love everything in my closet. I have my mother’s wide leather belt that is 70 years ‘young’ and my ‘new’ Dior Saddle Handbag. No, I am not a saver, I am a collector. I have an eye for knowing what to keep and what to toss. When Chanel reintroduced the chain belt with pearls, stones, and charms, I went into my belt drawer and pulled out two Chanel chain belts that I bought when I was in my 30’s. Now, I could sell them for a pretty penny at The RealReal. But, I would never do that because they are keepers.

My problem is probably the same as yours. “How do I curate what is hanging in my overstuffed closet and enjoy my clothes?” In other words, cut out all confusion.

The first two things I do know and I would advise is to dispose of multiple items while you think along these lines, “What is my personal style? What is my lifestyle? What stops me and what causes my impulse to buy?”

I buy tailored clothing with an edginess to the style. For example, most women will buy a black Moncler jacket that is knee-length. I know this because I observe. Then, I will buy the same brand in silver. I will buy a white blouse by Jill Sander with a drawing on the front and a plain white one with bows that I tie loosely on each wrist. I will buy a Dior Saddle Handbag and add a wide Dior strap that I can wear on other Dior bags, too.


I would say my lifestyle is 75% on the casual side and 25% on the dressier side. This is where my accessories come into play. I adorn casual with dressy accessories and voila, I have a new look. I consider shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, a Chanel flower, or a fashionable flower for $20.00 a perfect accessory. As well, my glasses, designer socks, a fur hat with a cloth coat, bright-colored leather gloves instead of the traditional black can all be items a woman uses to accessorize. Darling, accessories do not have to be expensive. Tie a scarf around your handbag and you have a look of your own!

As I look at my winter closet, I have to admit it is a mess. Why? Because until this very minute I have lacked the desire to do anything with my wardrobe. I have been busy trying to organize my computer! Suddenly, I am energized to act. Darling, I will admit I called California Closet a few days ago to help me redesign my closet. I have no idea if they will be able to because I cannot push out walls. We shall see if they have a solution for me.

Cooking for my Ultimate Concierge

My heart belongs to my Ultimate Concierge. And for that reason, I have prepared dinner from scratch for him six nights a week. I had no choice but to adapt to this lifestyle because I don’t like delivered meals (even from the best restaurants.) So, going from eating out six nights a week to staying home six nights a week has not been a piece of cake. However, it has been rewarding. I have had two small dinner parties for the holidays and I invite my mom for dinner twice a week. Otherwise, I serve dinner for two.

After dinner, my Ultimate Concierge clears the table and rinses the dishes and I load the dishwasher. He is the ultimate.

My Favorite Meals to Cook

My favorite meals always consist of a beautiful tossed salad, except on a cold winter night. Then, I may serve a hot soup. Believe it or not, I make fresh homemade soup. As well, I serve New York strips that I slice with sautéed mushrooms, Brussel sprouts sprinkled with coarse grain salt and olive oil, then baked in the oven. And, I make either a baked potato or pasta. I often serve pecan pie for dessert. Another favorite dish is my ‘raved over’ roasted chicken with crispy skin and fresh carrots and wild rice from scratch.

Darling, I make a mean hamburger! But, I have tried making french fries so I buy the Yukon gold potatoes (so soft inside) and yummy. I bake them in the oven after I roll them in olive oil and coarse grain salt. I enjoy making Chili from scratch (I have two great recipes that were given to me) and I cook in my Wok from my Hawaii days.

My collection of Fornasetti plates

Make Cooking Enjoyable

My kitchen life is pleasant because I surround myself with what I love, my accessories! I cook with colorful cooking utensils in shades of pink, yellow, orange, lavender, and white. I adore our huge poster on the wall, our large LG television, our Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, and our SMEG toaster. I hung my favorite Fornasetti plates on the backsplash and I have that nosy Alexa playing my favorite background music while I slice and dice and sauté and bake and broil. I make cooking meals a happy experience.

Searching for the Perfect Day Planner

I have spent more time and more money looking for the perfect day planner. I have not found it. Try as I might, and spend till it is becoming absurd, I just cannot find what will suit me to a T. I play so many roles. I know you do as well so maybe you can advise me on a planner for a woman on the go! I would be so appreciative and grateful.

DuckDuckGo App and My Dictionary

I am curious about everything and the DuckDuckGo app is a private app that answers all my questions as does my dictionary. Darling, I can spend hours searching and researching. I am on overdrive. So, I stop now instead of continuing after I find my answer. I recommend the app because I feel safe asking ‘the duck’ questions.

I just reread my story and I think I can manage to be my own fairy organizer. You can too. Where there is a will, there is a way. And when you don’t have the answer you can ask! Just as I asked you about advising me on a day planner. Women need women, always.

What are some of your favorite items in your closet and around your home? A woman always needs more accessories! Don’t you agree? Share in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. Regarding a planner, I recommend DayTimer–they have a variety of planners and accessory pages. I have used their planners for years!

    What to wear? Turtlenecks in all colors, especially bold colors, with large accessories on both your neck, wrist and fingers!!! (Think Iris Apfel!)

    1. I am in love with Iris! I have her book. If you love her, too, watch her documentary on Netflix and buy her book. You will not be sorry. Thank you for the tip. I shall check it out today. Warmly and with friendship, Honey

  2. JUST the “blog” piece I needed to read on this COLD snOwy SUNday morning~ I have TONS of TOO much “favs” to give away~ (like my mini wedding dress in the closet) YES.. MINI

    Feeling JUST like you right now~

    In friendship-

    1. Our memories are a part of us. Without them we would not have a story of our life. I love that you have your wedding dress…I have mine. too. Sending warmth, Honey

  3. Hi, Honey,
    I probably love accessories more than I love actual items of clothing. I am attracted by all things sparkly, so I have accumulated all types of interesting pieces of jewelry, both vintage and modern. Some pieces belonged to my mother, some I acquired on E-Bay because they caught my eye, and some of my most fabulous jewelry has been gifted to me by my wonderful husband. Even though I live in a small rural town and don’t get out much, I try to wear some of my jewelry every day. I’m also drawn to beautiful dishes–china, teacups, glassware–you name it. I inherited my Mom’s china when she passed, and instead of packing it away we enjoy using it every day. Why not? Who will use it after I’m gone? Sadly, our children and grands probably will not want most of our stuff, so I’m going to use all of it. By the way, I tried to check out the Real Real. Doesn’t it annoy you that every website wants you to submit your email and/or create an account before you are even allowed to access the site? I like to preview websites first to make sure I’m even interested in receiving their emails and promos.

    1. We have so much in common, even the annoyance of the Internet. The Real Real is real, so I do suggest you take a big breath and sign up. Thinking about my daughters keeping my things, I think they will because they are very sentimental. But, I do agree with using everything from our moms and grandmothers and aunts. Their possessions are in every room of my home. And,so our my daughters and grands.Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Warmly, Honey

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