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A Guide to Women’s Fashion According To Your Body Type

When shopping, do you go for a particular style or have you considered what things in fashion go with your body type? Recently, when I reorganized my closet, I realized that I tend to go for similar silhouettes. And that’s not by accident! I know what looks good on me and what I feel most confident in. Let’s explore style according to our body types together.

Honey Good contemplating women's fashion according to body type

When I contemplate women’s fashion according to body type, I like to consider the silhouettes that I know look the best on me.

I have always found it more than a little irritating that the fashion industry focuses so much on women with a particular body type. Why not instead recognize the full range of sizes that women come in? I have noticed that this is finally beginning to change with some companies. And it is about time that they recognized their entire customer base instead of remaining zeroed in only on a specific type of woman. Thus, I thought that now would be a good time to provide a guide for women of all body types to see how they should throw together an outfit for maximum impact.

Fashion According to Your Body Type – Identify Your Body Type

I know that it can be challenging to look inward as your first act of getting the clothes that work best for you. But I feel that it is well worth it. This is the first thing that they do at the Khalili Center. Identifying where you stand now can help you figure out what type of clothing might be right for you and what you will take a pass on.

I recommend that you start with measuring your hips, waist, and bust. These are the three areas that will be the most important to have measurements on when you are ready to buy some new clothes.

All Body Types are Beautiful

Before I get too far down the road, I want you to know that all body types are beautiful and worthy. There is no “right” body type as it were. Instead, the body that you have is the body that is right for you. When you feel good in your body, then everything is lined up just right. Please remember this and don’t try to change a thing about yourself, particularly not to try to meet some societal expectation that has been laid at your feet.

Even models have flaws with their bodies, and that is important for everyone to remember. The best thing to do is remember that your body has upsides and downsides alike. When you understand this, you can find the clothing that is created for your specific body type.


Honey Good hand on hip with books

No matter your body type, your smile is your best accessory!

Do You Have an “Apple” Body Type?

When considering fashion according to body type, let’s first think about the apple shape. About 14 percent of women have an “apple” body type. This simply means that their bust is somewhat larger than their hips or waist. You might think of this as being top-heavy. Indeed, this is the kind of body type that many women genuinely want for themselves. It means that their chest is more pronounced, and that is something that plenty of people prefer visually.

You can tell if you have an apple body type just by looking at yourself in the mirror. I recommend looking at the mirror with an objective eye. I can tell you that I had to be honest with myself to see if this category fit me. Personally, it didn’t fit me, but there are many women that do.

What looks great on an “Apple” body type?

  • A-line dresses
  • Empire waists
  • Bias cut styles

How About a “Pear” Body Type?

Another body type that I wanted to explore is the so-called “pear” body type. This is the exact opposite of the apple body, and it is shared by approximately 20 percent of women. This is the body type that I happen to have.

With this body type I can see that my waist and hips are larger than my bust. People typically describe me as having a “curvy” body, and that is how much of the fashion industry describes it as well. I don’t take offense to that description as long as the industry comes through for me and produces clothing that I can wear. Lately, they have done a better job of this. I usually have to look under their “curvy” categories to find what I am looking for, but it is generally there.

What looks best on a “Pear” body type?

  • Darker colors on bottom half
  • Off-the-shoulder or Bardot necklines
  • Bright colors and prints for top half

Straight/Rectangular Bodies

The body type shared by the most women (roughly 46%), is a straight or rectangular body. This body type features busts and hips/waists that are roughly the same size and shape as one another. This means that there isn’t a particularly dominant part of the woman’s body, and most clothing should fit women who have this body type. I admit that I am a little jealous of women with this body type simply because they are able to enjoy such a large selection of clothing to choose from. I don’t necessarily find that I have the same flexibility with the choices that I am forced to make, but I am happy for them that these options are available.

What looks best for a “Straight” body type?

  • Empire waists
  • Princess seam dresses
  • Wrap dresses

Identify Your Body Type and Choose Your Clothing According

I have found that the best thing that one can do is identify the body type that they possess and then look for the clothing that best serves them given that body type. I have done this for myself, and it opens me up to a wider selection of clothing than I ever had before. If that is the position that you want to be in as well, then please get to work measuring your own body for the answers that you need about how to dress in the best possible ways.

What’s your body type and what are your favorite styles to wear? Please share in the comments!


January 17, 2023


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  1. anniebridgie says:

    Okay, my bust and hips are the same size, so I am straight! 😉 Thank you for the clarification, Honey!

  2. Carey says:

    Can you help me find the gray and black leopard shirt you were wearing in the top picture? My mom would love it!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I would lead you to the exact place and salesperson except that I bought it years ago at Saks. It is Dior.How thoughtful and sweet of you to think of your mom. Have a nice day. Warmly, honey

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