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6 Ways to Protect Your Brain and Thinking Power As You Age

This is a paid partnership with Loona Wellness. 

When you think about ways to protect your brain and thinking power as you age, what do you imagine?

Are you at all worried about the loss of memory and thinking power as you age? Well if you are, it’s because dementia cases increase around the world each year. Though all of us lose some neurons with age, dementia patients lose more healthy neurons than normal.

So, what causes the loss of healthy neurons? Aging, lack of exercise, immense stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can cause some serious risks to brain health. That means the protection of the brain is key. Everyone should adopt some strategies for experiencing healthy aging and healthy aging of the brain.

Let us have a look at some key tips for protecting the brain against diseases like dementia and enhancing the thinking power in the long run:

1. Your Brain and a “Good” Night’s Sleep

The importance of sleep for our brain health and wellness cannot be overstated.

You spend adequate time in bed but you cannot seem to calm your mind down long enough to get a good night’s sleep. You find yourself lacking energy and focus. Deep down you know you could be a happier woman. You wonder where to turn because you know it has been proven that happiness is directly related to your health.

I already knew that CBD could help with this, and after some research, I found a company called Loona Wellness. Loona Wellness’s CBD products can come to your rescue because they came to mine.

After a thorough study of the company, I decided to embark on a 30-day trial using 3 Loona products. Rest assured I am a woman who does her homework before putting anything into my body. 

The founders (a team of women!) of the company’s motivation stemmed from a desire to inspire women to heal holistically and support their wellbeing in the most natural possible manner. Facing their own life struggles she discovered how well CBD complimented what she desired; a routine of balanced clarity that ultimately produced calm.

I was impressed with Loona Wellness because the company tested and reviewed numerous CBD brands for efficacy, purity, and transparency. They found many contained pesticides and heavy metals. They dove into the manufacturing processes and lab testing of several companies and found a  better way to utilize safe, effective, and pure CBD products.

I believe in Loona because I feel medically safe using their vegan and holistic products. Trust me, I did my homework.

After the trial of 30 days, I can attest that I am sleeping sounder and longer; I am happier because I am well-rested. My tasks are less stressful because my thoughts have become increasingly more organized and intentional. 

I followed this successful Loona Wellness 30 day trial routine: 

Breakfast: One soft gel (Sunshine (for stress)) capsule. These promote your body’s natural stress fighters and set the tone for the day.

Lunch: One chewabe gummy that is vegan and without any artificial color or flavors and is USDA certified organic. These gummies help me gain clarity and focus for the second part of my day. Often the most challenging stress-wise!

Bedtime: One droplet of CBD oil tincture under my tongue for better sleep. A tincture is designed to be taken under the tongue. It’s absorbed before making its way into the bloodstream. This helps avoid the need for the oil to make its way through the liver and digestive tract where a lot of beneficial compounds in the oil are actually absorbed before making it to the bloodstream! This is something I never knew! I notice a subtle calming effect within 15 minutes. 

Loona Wellness’s story deserves my compliment and endorsement. I am proud to represent a company that prides itself on achieving its goals to be the best in its industry and a passion to spread and share natural wellness to all women.



2. Your Brain and Exercise

Besides being beneficial for cardio and blood pressure patients, regular walking reduces the risk of brain-related illnesses, including dementia. If you don’t have time for a long walk for one hour daily or divide your walk into smaller chunks throughout the day.

Another option is to join online gym classes or practice aerobics. You can also go for yoga or pick other easy to do exercises like skipping, squatting, jumping, etc. The key is to not consider it a burden, and make it fun for yourself! I love boxing and pilates!

Because your brain will get more oxygen with exercise, your body will produce healthy chemicals for the brain. As a result, chances for memory loss, cardiovascular disorders, and other brain problems are greatly reduced.

3. Reduce the Risk for Heart Disease

Next, we should discuss heart disease. Various heart problems are associated with memory loss and the inability to solve problems. Conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes can cause heart issues. Therefore, protection from such diseases is required to ensure a strong memory.

To improve your memory, you include foods like leafy green vegetables, fish, beans, and whole grains in your diet. Avoid meals rich in cholesterol. Red meat, cheese, and high-fat dairy should be consumed infrequently.

4. Manage Your Blood Sugar Level

Another culprit for the decline in brain function? High blood sugar. Alzheimer’s disease, a common brain disorder, can be caused by a high blood sugar level.

As well, keep track of your body’s sugar level, and consume a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Always drink plenty of water, and never skip meals.

Additionally, eat a good portion of berries and melons, raw vegetables, and protein for sustaining healthy blood sugar levels.

5. Your Brain and Stress

The next tip is easier said than done! But you should still try. When stress levels are high, our body produces one hormone called cortisol. This hormone makes it difficult for older adults to recover from episodes of distress. Cortisol affects our memory negatively, and therefore, one way to maintain brainpower is to avoid stress.

My Loona Wellness CBD gummies have really helped me manage stress.

Therefore, we should develop healthy ways to cope with stress. Prolonged stress can also cause other diseases like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. When you are under stress, try various stress-relieving therapies like having enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, getting a steam bath, practicing yoga, and enjoying an early morning walk.

I’ve got some great tips here, on How to Manage Stress.

If you are still under stress even after trying all these tips, reach out to a therapist. Remember, every stress relieving therapy takes time to produce results. Thus, be consistent in your efforts. If you are taking therapy sessions, consistently take the sessions for at least a year.

6. Stay Protected Against Hearing Loss

Have you considered the connection between your brain health and your hearing? This surprised me but hearing loss can is a risk factor of brain illnesses, such as dementia. Therefore, avoid all those things that might lead to hearing loss. Use noise-canceling headphones when performing loud activities such as running the blender.

Visit an ENT specialist if you suspect any hearing issues. Use a hearing device or take medications to treat the problem. Do not isolate to stay away from the noise. Loneliness and isolation can also become a reason for cognitive problems.


In short, the connection between your brain health and aging is evident. Thankfully, the adoption of several tactics can protect our brains effectively. Loss of memory, inability to resolve complex problems and language issues are directly related to the brain.

If we practice exercise regularly, keep track of our blood sugar, practice a heart-friendly lifestyle, reduce stress levels, take precautions for hearing impairment, and get enough sleep, we can reduce the chances of brain-related diseases. These practices can also contribute to a strong memory besides enhancing problem-solving skills.

What are your suggestions for taking care of your brain and thinking power? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 


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May 23, 2022

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  1. Pauline says:

    Read, learn a craft, learn how to play an instrument, do puzzles, socialize, volunteer.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I totally believe in exercise and a proper diet (which I practice). In addition, I play Scrabble online with two friends in different states. There is a chat window that you can “talk” during the game which makes it fun. Staying in touch with friends is so important in this land of elsewhere that we are experiencing.

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