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With Liberty and Justice For All

My mind continues to try and cope with the last year. I know many of you were productive in Elsewhere. I read article upon article written by women who told stories about personal self-growth in one or more areas of their lives. These women were able to involve themselves in projects and new hobbies. They redid a room or their entire home! They tackled the art of disciplining themselves to reach their desired goals. They grew an indoor garden, bought a Peloton bike, and hit the road indoors. They sorted through their closets and gave clothes and accessories away, they read specific books, listened to educational podcasts and documentaries, and one of my friend’s friends built an outdoor greenhouse!

Negative Thoughts and Feelings

In comparison, I must confess I was unable to nourish my curious mind with gusto. I went through the motions because my thoughts were held captive by the negative things going on in a society of woke and cancel culture. To sum it up, the last year I have felt like a displaced person living among the mad. I shake my head in disbelief even though I’m very aware of their game plan.

Therefore, I went through the motions of self-growth with little enthusiasm because the fact that my American brothers and sisters would turn on their culture and their fellow Americans in such a hostile way left me mortified.

Negative into Positive

I believe that negative happenings in a woman’s life can have positive outcomes. We fall down, we lick our wounds and question and try and process ‘why’ this occurred. Then we make a shift, pick ourselves up, and feel reinvigorated and stronger. Many women miss the last step, they understand what is making them uneasy or unhappy, but they can’t shift! My advice is to shift, darling, for your benefit.

And, herein lies my dilemma…

What do you do when the problem is so vast you are incapable of shifting?

When I look back on the last year, I did stretch myself to grow. But as I mentioned, not with my normal enthusiasm. Every day I felt weighed down by what was taking place in my beloved America. I couldn’t and can’t toss these feelings away. I can’t pretend when before my eyes I am witnessing a calamity.

My down-and-out feeling comes from witnessing man’s inhumanity to his fellow man and to his country. This is surreal. Yes, I know there were World Wars, but fortunately, I did not live through any. Yes, I have listened to people make horrible comments and watched them commit horrible deeds against one another but never in such masses as they encroach today across every state of my beautiful America!

I am Not Afraid

I have always believed in the goodness and sincerity of 99% of people, but now, I will pivot and be on my guard. I believed in always taking the high road without a care but now I will be careful in how I handle my dealings with another person(s.)

I am not afraid to take a stand when I believe strongly. I have taken strong stands on many issues alone when it felt right. What I learned this past year is to be wise to the 1% whose intent is to harm and take my stand before they do damage.

What I Will Do to Feel Productive and Satisfied

I asked myself what can I do to feel positive and productive through these difficult times in Elsewhere. My answer is…I will give back and “woke up” others with my culture before they are indoctrinated by cancel culture.

I will preach to the younger generation (that includes my children and grandchildren) and indoctrinate them to stand up with pride for their country. I will talk to people with no fear. And I will talk to people I know or just meet who are naive to what is taking place in Elsewhere. I will take the opportunity to tell true stories of a positive America and compare her to countries where populations are suffering. I will send out gifts, such as books that tell stories of my country along with George Orwell’s book, 1984, so they can read about two ways of government. I will write my stories and I will join groups that preach, “With liberty and justice for all.” Won’t you join me?

As always, I encourage you to comment your personal thoughts and feelings at the bottom of this musing. I want to hear from you. 

Warmly, Honey

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April 25, 2021


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  1. Pauline Cambridge says:

    My feelings exactly. ❤️

  2. LENA S ADAMS says:


    Thank you for the encouraging comments. It was the perfect seminent, as this is a most trying time.


    Lena S. Adams

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