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Make Your House a Home This Fall with Designer Trends

Make Your House a Home This Fall with Designer Trends

Make Your House a Home This Fall with Designer Trends

Whether you’re settling into a new home or merely wanting to refresh your current one, the fall season provides us with plenty of design inspiration for our homes. It’s the perfect time to bring warmth into your space, which plenty of people will be needing after the last few months.

From golden accented ornaments to cinnamon spice scents, there are a number of updates you can make that are both easy and cost-effective. For many people, though, a total home update may be in order. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you read on for some fall interiors design ideas.

Prioritize Comfort

Fall is all about warmth and bringing loved ones together by the fire. It’s a time where comfort reigns supreme- something most interiors designers would agree with. Contrary to popular belief, placing comfort high on your list doesn’t always mean sacrificing style.

When it comes to your basics- like beds, couches, and dining chairs- there are lots of options for families wishing to combine the two seamlessly. It’s true that good couches are hard to find, but checking out reviews can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Invest in Timeless Soft Furnishings

Once summer is long behind us, it’s time to bring out all the soft furnishings. Blankets, cushions; everything. If you live in a colder climate, this step is essential for adding a cozy feel to your space- for both practical and design reasons!

To compliment your new couch, use these softer furnishings as a chance to add some color into a room to match the season. Choose from burnt oranges and earthy greens to chocolate browns and muted golds. You can store these away when the weather begins to improve in spring and swap in your lighter colors for an instant refresh. Remember not to buy too many soft furnishings or you’ll run the risk of your home looking cluttered.

Choose a Warm Color Scheme

 We have already hinted at using warmer colors with soft furnishings, but those looking to add a lick of paint should also follow this rule. Sticking to colors with warm undertones will give a more homely feel to any room, and will make guests feel welcomed when they visit. In fact, green is the color of the moment for many designers. It matches fall runway color trends and will also see you into Christmas. Its ties to the natural world make it an excellent choice for those living in urban settings as it may have positive effects on your wellbeing. Just make sure to invest in some golden lighting to work in harmony with your new color scheme.

Dress Your Fireplace

Some households are lucky enough to have their own fireplace. Whether you live in an old colonial-style build or a luxury apartment, there are ways you can bring your fireplace out of retirement for the fall season.

It’s a time where you’ll need to use your fireplace to keep warm, and this will also add a lovely glow to your living area. Accent your fireplace by placing some frosted glass candles on the ledge, or by adding a mirror above it. Mirrors will help reflect the light from the fireplace to the darkest corners of a room, which will bring some much-needed light into the home for those who struggle during the darker nights.

In the run-up to Christmas, make sure to leave space on the ledge to hang Christmas stockings for everyone in the family. Bring the family together by making your own.

 Take Inspiration from Online

Where people used to get their interiors inspiration from magazines and seasonal book launches, people now turn to online forums to seek the design trends they are looking for. It can be an overwhelming place to start, but it can help you to follow the best interiors accounts on Instagram and Pinterest. Though there will be plenty of design inspiration for fall, you can also count on accounts like this to bring you year-round trends from all around the world. These accounts might also inspire you to try something new.

For more practical design advice, try searching for craft videos on Facebook and YouTube. With tutorials on everything from carving pumpkins to knitting your own bed throw, you’ll find lots to keep you occupied indoors this season.

 Consider Seasonal House Scents 

When people think of dream homes in fall, they think of fluffy socks, hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and the smell of cinnamon cookies. And, scent is as important to your home set up in fall as how it looks. Without it, your home won’t quite feel as welcoming as you’d hope.

It’s an easy step to follow; for those short on time, head to your nearest home store to see their seasonal selection of scented candles and wax melts. For people with a creative spark, why not make your own home scents inspired by fall? The smell of roasted marshmallows, pumpkin, and soothing sandalwood are all easily located online. Just drop them into your next candle creation and scatter about the home. Or, keep your mental health in top shape this season by checking out essential oils that benefit your mental wellbeing.

Bring Out More Personal Touches

Summer is s time where many families rid their homes of clutter to maximize their natural light. In fall, the darker days and nights mean you’ll need to make your home feel as comforting as possible. Having some new scents can help with this, but you should also use this as a time to add more personal touches to your living space. From snow globes to handcrafted cushion covers, this fall, families need the reassurance more than ever before, so don’t skimp on heartfelt tokens.

How do you decorate your home for fall and winter? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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November 6, 2020


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