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Why community is so important over 50+

Darlings, I am a firm believer that community is invaluable to women over 50. Now, I want you to think outside the normal realm of “community” here. I’m not just talking about the houses on your street or the people that live in your apartment or condo building. I’m talking about the people that make up the entirety of your life – that is your community! And darling if you don’t have one, I truly encourage you to start building one. We need each other to get through the ups and downs of life; especially after 50. 

Why community is so important over 50+

Women Need Women

We are all made special in our own way. Every passage of life creates endless opportunities for newness, possibility, and purpose. It is time to set your fears aside and surround yourself with incredible women! When women come together, we are all able to grow in areas and thrive! I welcome you to embrace the joys and sorrows, expand your circle, and aspire for empowerment and enlightenment.

Women need to be in circles with other women of all ages. I learn so much from my friends from various backgrounds, life paths, ages, and cultures. They have all enriched my life so much! Darlings, be sure to seek out new companions and friendships. You never know what you’re missing out on if you only focus on age.


Who Is In Your Community?

It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to “community”. Our friends, social circles, obligations, and family ties change throughout our lives. Honestly, depending on what stage of life we are in determines what takes up most of our time! 

When I was younger with young children, my family was essentially my community. Then, I became a young widow and watched my community shift drastically. No one can anticipate the death of a spouse and how much your life changes. My children grew into parents themselves, I later married my Ultimate Concierge, and my community shifted again. 

Life changes often. I encourage you to seek out a community no matter the phase of life you are in because the phase of life we will all enter at some point is: loneliness. 


Loneliness After 50

Loneliness after 50 can come in a variety of ways. It can sneak up on you in the form of retirement. If you’ve spent the last few decades of your life working and focusing on your career, becoming a retiree is a very large life shift. Your entire community changes! You have to reevaluate your social life and support. 

A loneliness no one can ever prepare for is the loneliness brought on by becoming widowed. You truly learn who your community is when you lose the person you love the most. 

Here is where being friends with people of all ages come into play. If you have a social circle with women in various life stages, then you are able to find various types of support. It may come in advice from a woman who has been in your shoes before and navigated the path, it may be from a lady lending a listening ear, or it could be from a woman looking for insight into her future by chatting with you about your experiences. 


celebrate life after 50, Honey Good's private Facebook group


Let’s Celebrate Life Together

If you are looking for a way to build your community of women, then you need to join my exclusive Facebook private group, Celebrate Life. 

Community isn’t limited to your geographical area! This group is made up of women from around the world – from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. You’ll find women of various ages and life stages, women with a wide array of life experiences. Women are learning to navigate life after 50, and women that are just like you. 

In this group, women come together to feel empowered, embrace their uniqueness, and aspire to grow with one another. And I don’t know a single woman who can’t benefit from that!

I have found that life is far more abundant sharing it with women at any age and around the world. There’s something so empowering about coming together, where girlfriends become sisters and we embrace everything life throws at us. I’m a firm believer that women need other women!

In my Facebook group, we’ll come together to celebrate life’s beautiful moments and passages (and everything that comes with it). Express your feelings, share your stories, and grow alongside each other. 


REMEMBER DARLINGS, WE NEED EACH OTHER. Have you joined the group yet? Why or Why Not? Will we see you there? Click to join here.

November 4, 2022


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