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Weekend Musings: Summer Destinations, Beauty & More!

Happy Weekend to All of You!

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far, my darlings. It’s been very, very hot here in the Midwest. I hope you are all staying cool. I find myself dreaming about my cruise in August. My ultimate concierge and I, along with some good friends, will be setting off from the south of France. From there, we will cruise across the Mediterranean–I cannot wait!

Winter Locations for Great Summer Travel

As we know, many travel destinations have on and off seasons, which are especially true for places like winter ski resorts. But as this article states, “there is no such thing as ‘off-season’ for these winter destination towns.”

Now, I know what you may be thinking–a ski town in the summer? Would that not be boring? Trust me, darlings, these travel hubs are not solely for winter fare. Places like Aspen are home to art centers, internationally-celebrated restaurants and are a natures-lovers dream at all times of the year

Discover more “off-season” travel destinations HERE.

New York City Blackout

Last Saturday night, there was a New York City blackout. Half of midtown Manhattan was in darkness, causing several restaurants to shut down and many Broadway shows to be cancelled. However, the spirit of NYC came alive when the casts of the cancelled shows took the streets to give their audiences a true show.

I hope this lifts your spirit and makes you smile as it did for me!

Watch the performances HERE.

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